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Chapter 14: Renesmee Servas Volturi

RPOV (Renesmee)

"My blood will make the change painless as well as combine with your venom she shall be reborn, physically and by her gift. My blood and Your venom, she shall be mine and yours, our friend, our sister, our daughter. Alice Mary Cullen is dead and gone. Renesmee Servas Volturi lives. Rebirthed to be loved and redeemed." Her voice flows through my mind tell me and him of the changes that are occurring.

Darkness. I see nothing. I feel nothing. Wait… I feel free. My mind is my own at long last. I remember my captivity, how I was reduced to being a puppet to a mind reader how my power was not mind to control how even my emotions no longer mine to express. I woke up with no memories of my past as a vampires. I had vision of a future, I saw myself with the Cullens and happy I didn't know my power had misled me.

The moment Edward saw my power work I was in a haze. I was muted to world, stuck as an observer, a puppet guided to fulfill the desire a monster. I was an accessory to the murders he commit. A tool as he used my power to hunt his targets and to plan his escapes; I was locked in this continuous circle for decades. I was unable to change anything,neither to stop him nor to escape. He know my thoughts and mocked my futile attempts to regain control. I was forced to play a part of a loving sister to him and to mate with a man I loved as a friend.

It was hopeless, till she came. I had a vision of her way where Edward ever met her. Bella Swan. When my power as focus on her I was able to gain the slightest control of it. I hid the visions from Edward and manipulated what he did see I saw that my slight adjustment would be my salvation. I saw that she would free me and change everything.

I begin to notice the darkness fade. The arresting haze vanquish from my mind, leaving it alert and different from how it was before. I feel myself coming back to my body. I take a breath and breathe the air scenting it under my own control. I open my eyes and sit up I see gold and silver eyes.

I smile.

Alice Cullen is died a puppet, but Renesmee Servas Volturi lives free.

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Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan (Human) →Belle "Odette" Volturi (Vampire) - Powers· Power of Knowledge, Shifting, Shield

Power of Knowledge- Mind· able to know what is, what has been ,as well of what can be and can also know whom is involved and all other that are related with to what has, what is , or what will occur. This power also gives Odette an intuitive aptitude of people minds through eye sight enabling her to copy their powers and how they are used and can be used.(mate bond allows power to work without eye sight being needed) Weakness: Odette's mind can be overwhelm by a massive amount of information and can cause her to faint. She can't be read Jasper can only sense his presence and she can't copy Jasper, Beau or Bella's powers.

Shifting· able to change her own features and body, even become human. Can copy her own senses and give them to others. The changes can be permanent if desired. Weakness: can't shift into an animal

Shield- Meta physical· can stop all powers and contact from everything under her shield even time. Weakness: doesn't affect Bella, Beau, or Jasper

Kita (Shifter/Part vampire) → "Bella" Aurora Volturi (Vampire /Part shifter) - Powers· Power of Knowledge, Shifting, Shield

Power of Knowledge- Heart· she knows what others feel and why, what caused their feeling. She is able to project her thoughts, feelings and memories though touch, which also enhances her powers gives her a deeper reading Weakness: some feeling are deciphered till physical contact is made

Shifting-can change into any creature or person, there is no limitations to her change any of her features. She can also change other people features as well as pictures, photographs Weakness: she must touch photos/pictures to change them, and she can only change one thing at a time in others' features

Shield-physical· can prevent all physical attacks she wants and reflect mental abilities back to sender magnified. Weakness- doesn't affect Odette, Beau, or Phillip

? (Human) → "Beau" Sterling Volturi (Vampire) - Powers· Power of Knowledge, Shifting, Shield

Power of Knowledge-Body· knows the passage of time, the beginning, the end, and the amount of any object, person, or place. Can know when something is going to happen, has happened, or will happen. Weakness- Loss of sight blocks ability, ability gets stronger and more detailed as Beau ages and could overwhelm in the future

Shifting- Can control the changes of his features and shift into any creature. Weakness- can't change his feature to reflect human or affect others

Shield- mental· disables all mental powers affect when shield is engaged. Weakness-physical attacks aren't disabled, doesn't affect Odette or Bella

Triad Mates

Jasper "Ares" Whitlock (vampire)-Power-Empathy

Empathy-can control and project emotions on others (mate bond allows him to not be effected by the emotions of others and improved his control)

Phillip Neil Dwyer (vampire witch) - Enhanced Witch Heritage- Can control the elements, with fire being his primary element with instinctive control

Witches are people born with an elemental core enabling them to wield the elements. If a witches core is used and trained they stop aging once they reach their prime if their core is not disciplined of if it burned witches will die. Witch are divided into seven great covens that separated the elements they control. One coven control all of the elements while the other six control only one of the six elements: Wind, Water Earth, Fire, Light and Shadows. Each individual coven is further divided into different division based on skills set and each division is govern by an council of elder, who are second in command to the coven leaders. Each elder represents a division in the coven as a either a warrior, healer, governors, caretaker, protector, or mentors. The seventh coven the Head Coven governs over the coven leader and is the protector of all of witches' coven. This coven is able to wield all of the elements with practice.

Division of Witches

Warriors Healers Governors Caretakers Protectors Mentors

Earth Rock Herb Mountain Plant Stone Tree

Fire Flame Warmth Lava Heat Steam Ash

Wind Storm Melody Air Breeze Cyclone Sand

Water Frost Rain Ocean River Lake Ice

Light Lighting Day Sun Dawn Life Spark

Dark Shadow Night Moon Dusk Death Haze

Natasha Dwyer is the current head of witches and she has absolute control of all of the element. Phillip only was absolute control of fire and wind while still able to use the other elements

Leah Diana Clearwater (shifter)

Shifter- changes into a grey silver wolf (Beta of Quileute Pack)

Shifters- the Quileute pack is the Head the Council in the Northwestern Hemisphere. An alliance was formed between the shifters of wolves, bears, lion pack and the Quileute Alpha was decided the spokesman for the council. The Lost Tribes of shifters of falcon, eagle and hawk are said to be housed in the Southeastern Hemisphere. The council has seen them in hundreds of years. The True Shifter, those not limited to one form, (Kita's Tribe) are rumored to dwell in the coastal mountain of British Columbia. They refuse to take part in the alliance


Aro- Tactile Telepathy

Marcus-Relationship Identification

Caius- Extrasensory Perception(able to acquire information by means independent of any known senses or previous experience)

Sulcipia-Mild telekinesis

Didyme- Aura of Happiness

Victoria- Enhanced Self Preservation

Volturi Guard

Jane- pain illusion (able to target individual body parts or multiple target at once)

Alec- sense deprivation

Chelsea- relationship manipulation

Felix-surpass strength

Demetri-tracking sense

Heidi-siren's call/ physical attraction (works on all human and unmated male beings)

Corin-addictive contentment (cause others to feel emotional attachments)

Renata-physical attack diversion

Randall-shadow manipulation

Kate-mental electrical current (can sense electrical currents in others and manipulate them)


Beau's Guard (pale silver eyes)

Jason-molecular combustion




Bella's Guard (pale gold eyes)

Henry - Telepathy

Heather- Telekinesis

Daniel- Invisibility

Ana- Illusion Cloning

Odette's Guard (pale lavender eyes)

Javier –flight/ weather manipulation

Kris- animal control

Lei-mind control

Rachel - Geokinesis

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