Authors Note: This story will mostly take place in the season three version of the real world. I for one am not as big of a fan of 03 as I was of 02, however when I saw the third season, a crossover story started to form. I surely don't own digimon, because if I did, I would know the name of that blond girl that sits back to back with Riley and Henry's Dad's name (Please e-mail if you do know). Also, in the episodes, I thought Yamaki acted ruthless so that's how he will be depicted in this story. Now that's said and done, enjoy the story.

Other Worlds

Chapter 1

With a large crash, another spire fell. The digidestined were spending their day, as usual, fighting the digimon Emperor.

"And another one bites the dust." Davis said. "Take that, Emperor."

"I'm so scared. The twits took down another spire." A sarcastic voice said from behind the digidestined.


"Digimon Emperor." Ken corrected in an annoyed voice. He was on the shoulder of a Tyrannomon. Five other Tyrannomon were behind him.

"Flamedramon, get him." Davis said.

"Tyrannomon, go." Ken said, almost lazily.

The two digimon started to battle. However, Flamedramon was the better fighter and easily defeated the Tyrannomon.

"Ha, what do you think of that, Kenny." Davis teased happily at his enemy. Ken, getting mad, jumped down with Wormmon at his feet.

"I think that you think too highly of your self, Motamiya. Tyrannomon, att-" Ken was saying, but an incredibly bright light came from the right side of the battlefield and no one could see. There was a huge wind, like a vacuum coming from the spot and everyone shielded themselves. Then, as quickly as it came, the light was gone.

"Well that was weird." Davis said.

"TK? TK!" Kari called out, realizing the blond boy was not next to her. Patamon, who had just been Pegasusmon a few seconds earlier, looked around frantically.

"Master?" Wormmon said

"They're gone!" Cody exclaimed

"Great the Emperor's gone." Davis said joyously. "Now we just have to rid of his henchman." He glared at Wormmon.

"Davis, don't you realize that TK's gone too?" Kari said sharply. "Now is not the time to worry about the Emperors digimon."

"Listen to me!" Wormmon said desperately. "I want to find master as much as you want to find that blond boy. You must take me with you in search of them."

The digidestined looked him queerly. Then Yolei shrugged.

"Fine, but one wrong move and..." Yolei left the fate to the imagination of the poor digimon.

*Hypnose observation deck, different dimension*

"Sir, I'm picking up a digital field." Riley called to her boss Yamaki from her station.

"Give me something I don't know." Yamaki said, clicking his lighter in annoyance.

"Sir, the reading on the field is very strange." Riley said. "This is unlike any wild one I've ever seen." She pressed a few buttons on her keyboard. "This must not be right."

"What are you talking about?" Yamaki demanded.

"It may be a glitch, sir, but I'm picking up on human bio-signs from within the digital field."

"You mean those kids? Those... what do they call themselves?... digimon tamers?" Yamaki said.

"No sir. These signs are coming from within the field it self. And they will be bio emerging in less than ten seconds!" Riley explained.


*At the field*

Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka raced towards the bright light that indicated a digital field. Terriermon was on Henrys neck and Renamon was nowhere visible. Both tamers put on their sunglasses and calmly walked into the dense fog.

"I cannot believe Takato made up such an excuse." Rika said angrily as Renamon jumped to her side.

"Go easy on him, Rika. If the guy says that if he doesn't finish his homework, he'll fail, then by all means let him do his homework." Henry answered.

"Whatever." Rika shrugged. She took out her D-Power and waited for information on the digimon that was supposedly coming out of the digital field. None came.

"Rika?" Renamon said in her patient voice, looking down at her partner.

"No data. Which means this is another Deva. Get ready for the worst, Renamon." Rika said, a hint of excitement was evident in her voice. She still liked the thrill of a good fight. Both tamers waited, watching for any signs of danger. But it wasn't until Terriermon spoke up that any of them realized something was there.

"Henry? I hear voices." Terriermon said.

"Are you sure? I don't hear anything." Henry said, trying to hear what Terriermon had heard.

"Yeah." Rika interjected with a slight laugh. "It might be the voices in your head that you're hearing."

"Well," Terriermon said haughtily. "That's your opinion. But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't trust those puny things you call ears in a million years. I hear something and I'm going to investigate."

With that, Terriermon jumped off Henry and started running deeper into the fog.

"Terriermon, wait." Henry called as he ran after his digimon.

"Idiots." Rika mumbled before she too went after the rabbit digimon with Renamon at her side. After a few seconds, Rika found Terriermon and Henry staring dumbfounded at something. Rika heard snippets of dialog.

"You're dead!"

"Where are we?!"

"How the hell should I know!?"

"Because you brought us here, you digimon slaving jerk!"

"Wow, the rabbit was right." Rika commented, slightly impressed. She was looking at what seemed to be two boys, around her age if not slightly older, throwing punches at each other on the ground. The first boy was wearing shorts and a green and yellow jacket with blond hair sticking out from under a white fishermen's hat. The other boy was dressed strangely, but some how it was familiar to Rika. He was clad in a white, blue and black jumpsuit and a cape that seemed to resemble fly's wings.

"Shall I, Rika?" Renamon asked calmly.

"Yeah, you better break up the fight before they hurt each other." Rika said flatly. With the liquid swiftness of a snake, Renamon grabbed the two boys shirts and separated the. She then spread her arm out and dropped them on opposite sides of her and stood in the middle to keep them from going anywhere.

"All right. Who are you and wha... WHAT!" Henry suddenly stammered. He was looking at the blond haired boy. He then looked at the other boy and grew pale.

"What is it now, genius?" Rika asked, annoyed but didn't bother to look at what made Henry stammer. Henry just pointed.

"R-Rika? Do you realize who that is?" Henry said. Rika looked at the blond boy. He was glaring unblinking at the other boy.

"What? I...don'" Rika said slowly. She moved closer to get a better look, but by doing so the blond boy snapped out of his stare and looked at Rika.

"Oh, hello. Sorry you had to see that fight. My name is TK." TK said politely. Rika then looked over at the other boy. TK scowled. "And he's an idiot."

"Shut up, Takashi." Ken growled angrily at TK. "My name is the digimon emperor. But unlike you, I realize that we're back in Japan, so you'd know me as Ken Ichiljouji." He stood up and brushed himself off; TK also stood up. "Now then, where are we."

"Umm... well..." Henry started to say.

"You're in east Shinjuku. But I doubt that you'll find home or even be able to open a digi-port." Rika said, obviously not in the startled condition her comrade was in.

"East Shinjuku, huh. That's almost an hour out of Odiba. And... wait, did you say digi-port?" TK said, surprised.

"Yes. And even though you're back in Tokyo, I don't think you're in the same Tokyo that you think you're in." Henry said. "In fact, you're not supposed to be real!"

"What are you talking about?" Ken laughed. "You're completely insane. Now if you don't mind, I have an empire to run."

Henry's mind raced as Ken started to walk away. Then he remembered the info he had gotten off the web on Ken.

"Ken, you had a brother by the name of Sam. Umm, you hated him and wished for him to disappear then he got into an accident and did. You went to the dark ocean and your digivice turned black." Henry called rapidly to the emperor. Ken stopped in his tracks and whipped his head around.

"How do you know that?!" Ken demanded angrily.

"Because you're a character on a TV show. Will you listen to me?" Henry said.

"Well, you've got my attention. Just make it snappy, I've got a schedule to keep." Ken said.

"That's right. My friends are going to worry about me, so please tell me what's going on. I don't know how long I can stand being around him." TK snarled at Ken and was met with the same expression.

"I'm calling Takato. We have to get them back and he may be of some help." Rika said casually and took out her cell phone. "Hello, Takato. It's me Rika. We have a bit of a problem."

*Hypnose Observation Deck*

Get me those government officials!" Yamaki yelled at Riley. Riley quickly pressed a button and a screen came up, showing a well-dressed man at a desk.

"This better be good, Yamaki. I have a conference with the ambassador of China in a few minutes." The man said impatiently.

"I know this isn't the most optimum time, but I need your approval for something."

"Yamaki," The man said, annoyed. "if this about you and getting rid of those digimon, you can forget it! You're already in enough trouble as it is with the Juggernaut test."

"But sir. A new problem has occurred. It seems a digital field has been able to bio-emerge some form of human. Instead of trying to delete this development, I want to investigate. It might help figure out how to destroy the digital world from the inside." Yamaki explained.

"Fine, do whatever you need to do. But keep it small and quiet. I don't want to hear anything about it. Good day Yamaki." The man said and turned off the screen. Riley looked down at her boss for a second. She quickly went back to the keyboard as he turned to look at her.

"Sir, I cross-referenced all available data on what we witnessed. There are two bio-emerge organisms and both it seems are male. Their exact age is uncertain but the range is between eleven and fourteen." Riley informed Yamaki.

"Fine. I want special operations unit three on this. Tell them it's their top priority." Yamaki ordered.

"But sir... are you sure you want SOU 3 on it. I mean, these humans are just kids." Riley started to object, but Yamaki cut her off.

"I don't care if they're ninety five-year-old women. These humans might hold the key to destroying these digimon once and for all. Are you questioning my orders?" Yamaki said angrily.

"No sir." Riley said quickly. She pressed a button and called into a microphone. "Special unit three, report to observation deck for debriefing on an assignment."

Mr. Wong, Henry's dad, watched as five men raced up the stairs. But he just shrugged and turned back to his work. It wasn't before long that the men went down the elevator to the parking lot.

*Just outside the digital fog*

"Strange. I guess the fog connects to the digital world, because now that we're out of it, your clothes have turned to normal." Henry stated, looking at the gray suited Tamachi genius. All of them had decided that there was no point in sticking around the digital field, since the opening had closed, so they all walked out. Now the digimon emperor was sitting cross-armed on a bench and TK was opposite of the bench's position on the park path, leaning against a tree.

"Run this through me one more time. We're cartoon characters? And Digimon is a game?"

"Yes, at least in this world you are." Henry said. Ken rolled his eyes at the idea that the digital world in his dimension was, in fact, real.

"Where's goggle head?!" Rika demanded at no one. She then turned her head to the sound of the blond haired boy racing down the park with Guilmon. "Where have you been!?"

"I got here as soon as I could. Do you know how hard it is to sneak past my mom?" Takato Matsuki said, gasping for a breath.

"Never mind that. We've got a problem." Henry said and pointed TK, who raised an eyebrow at all three of the digimon tamers.

"Huh?" Takato said and turned his head. The young boy's face light up like a light bulb. "Whoa! That's TK Takashi! I knew they were real. Everyone said that they were a TV show, but I knew they weren't fake."

Takato then proceeded to walk up to TK and attempted poke him to see if he was really there, but was met with much resistance from TK and he pushed the other boy's hand away.

""Idiot." Rika muttered.

"Takato, this is no time to be playing around. The portal's closed and it's not like these two can walk around Shinjuku without being noticed." Henry said seriously.

"OK, I get dibs on TK." Takato said excitedly. Ken looked up when Takato said that statement and gave a short laugh.

"You're Takato, right? Well, Takato, it not like we're toys or something. Even if what you say is true about us not being real in this world, it's not like you can't proclaim ownership on us... not me at least." Ken said through narrowed eyes. Takato gulped at Ken's cold voice.

"I-I was just thinking that, you know, since you have no place to go, maybe you could stay at one our houses." Takato stammered at the emperor. The young ruler raised an eyebrow and was about to say something when Renamon literally dropped in on the group.

"Rika," Renamon said, not bothering to acknowledge Takato. "Some men are coming our way. I advise that we steer clear of them. They look like employees of that strange man we've seen."

"Right. Well boys, make up you're decision quickly. We don't have much time." Rika ordered. Henry looked at Ken, then at TK. TK nodded and walked over to Takato. Ken, on the other hand, shook his head and rolled his eyes, but he too complied with going with the Tamers. Then they ran and were gone as three of the five men from the special operations unit came to investigate the digital field that had now vanished.