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Chapter 1: The beginning

It was an extremely normal day at practice. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Niou was playing a trick on Marui by switched his pack of bubblegum with another that had a cockroach inside, Marui was chasing him around the court, Sanada was "Tarundoru!"-ing the two and the others were either laughing at them or trying had to get back to practice. Oh, and the most annoying, the fangirls were yelling. They were screaming things like:

"Yukimura-sempai!! (Insert squeal here) OH MY GOSH! HE SMILED AT ME! (Insert scream of joy here)" screamed fangirl number one.

"Marui-sempai is so cool! ~" said fangirl number two

"No, Yanagi-sempai is so much cooler! He can walk around with his eyes closed! And even play tennis like that!" argued fangirl number three.

"So? Marui-sempai can eat lots of sugar per day without getting diabetes!"

Yeah, I think you get the point. So anyways, in a distant court far, far, far away from the boy's courts, was the girl's court. Well, it wasn't exactly far, nor was it popular, but there was still a lot of girls who joined. And out of that percentage, only a handful was the ones who really wanted to play tennis. And guess what? That handful of girls… was actually really good. Yep, those girls could actually rival the boys. They just haven't shown their true potential yet.

Now, our story begins when Marui chased Niou, which in turn was being pursued by Sanada and his never-ending rounds of "Tarundoru!" (Which no one seemed to pay attention to) ran towards the girl's court … or should I say territory…

"OI NIOU! GET BACK HERE!" yelled Marui.

"I'll think about it!" replied Niou over his shoulder.

"Both of you! Tarundoru!" yelled Sanada.

When suddenly, Niou stopped, turned around and walked over to something sticking out of the ground. Marui caught up with him, panting.

"Why you…" he began. When suddenly, he noticed the pole. It said "Girls tennis courts, keep out unless invited."

"What…?" The two tennis players were confused. Sanada finally caught up to them.

"Hurry up, you two, get out of here before-"

"Hey, you."

Sanada was cut off before he could finish his sentence. The person responsible for that was a fierce-looking girl. She wore the Rikkaidai tennis regular outfit- pretty much like the boy regular's outfit except with a white knee-length skirt with shorts underneath it instead of pants.

"What are you doing on our territory?" she asked, her amber eyes flashing with anger. Her hair was red, dyed with some streaks of yellow and green.

"H-Hey! We just wandered here, that's all! No need to get angry about a small thing like that! Besides, what's so wrong about it?" said Niou, a little surprised by the girl's reaction.

Sanada stepped forward. "Gomenasai Kaida-san. We won't trespass here again."

With a satisfied grunt, the girl turned and walked back towards the bench she was apparently sitting on and continued watching the matches going on in the courts. Suddenly, another girl walked out of the courts and tapped Kaida on the shoulder. Immediately, Kaida stood up and walked onto the courts while the other girl sat down on the bench.

Niou and Marui looked questioningly at the girls, but before they could ask questions, Sanada dragged them back to the boy's court.

"Whatever you do, don't you ever, go back there again, understand?" Sanada said to them.

"Fuku-buchou, do you know that girl?" asked Marui.

Sanada suddenly flinched a little. "She's… a friend," he said, "Now get back to practice! 20 laps around the court for disrupting practice! "


"All right, everyone! As you know, tomorrow is the ranking matches you all have been waiting for! 12 of you will be chosen to take the regular spots! You all, including me and Ito Kaida, will participate!" said a silver haired girl.

"Eh? But what if you and Kaida- sempai lose?" asked a girl with dark blue hair. Her dark violet eyes-usually mischevious- had now turned curious and concerned at the same time.

"Do you doubt our abilities, Chieko?" asked Kaida, giving a fierce glance at Chieko.

Now, Chieko was annoyed. "I was just asking…" she muttered.

"No, Kaida, its fine." said the silver haired girl, smiling. "If me and Kaida lose, role of captain will be given to the girl who has the most potential of all the regulars! Also, she has to have used her potential at least a little bit during the ranking matches!" The girl raised her voice so that everyone on the courts could hear her, "All of you who want the role as captain or vice-captain, try you're hardest!"

"Tsukiko, you can't be serious." said Kaida, her eyes wide. "What if we seriously lose?"

"Kaida," said Tsukiko, who was looking in another direction. "I have a feeling that even if my role as captain is stripped form me, this team will be led by a strong person."

Kaida looked in the same direction as Tsukiko; at a girl with short light brown hair and chocolate-colored eyes. "So that's who you have you're eyes on… Kojima Tori, eh? I'll admit: she has potential that could surpass us. Even if she is a first year."

Tori laughed at a joke her friend,Yoko told her. She suddenly felt someone watching her and turned to look. She saw her captain and vice-captain looking at her with expressions on their face she couldn't read. She smiled and waved at them. They smiled back. Well, Tsukiko did anyway.

"By the way, Kaida." said Tsukiko, turning away from Tori to look at her vice-captain. "Who was that you chased off our territory just now?"

"Sanada Genichirou and his two teammates," Kaida muttered.

"Ah… I see…"

Meanwhile on the other side of the court, a commotion had broken out.

" Hayagawa Chieko! Why did you paint the back of my shirt white!?" shouted a brownish-red haired girl, running after Chieko. Doesn't this remind you of a certain incident just now?

"Well, look on the bright side, Kohana! White's your lucky color! And it goes well with the skirt. And you're hair is white too, by the way." laughed Chieko, racing through the courts with Kohana hot in pursuit.

"You painted my hair?! I'll kill you! Murder you! Fry you! Bake you! Boil-"

"Calm down, Kohana!" yelled a pink haired girl, running after the two.

"She painted my shirt white, spiked my drink with something disgusting and I don't even get me started on the state of my hair, Nami!" yelled Kohana. True enough, the tips of Kohana's hair was white and it was in a messy state. A four-inch long chunk of hair was cut neatly from a hank of her hair. All of this, as you might have guessed, was done by Chieko.

"Nami's right, Kohana! You both should calm down!" yelled a brown haired girl.

"Fine, I'll stop if she stops!" yelled Chieko.

"And I'll stop if she stops!" yelled Kohana.

The girl sighed. "Hey look. Is that a chocolate chip cookie?" she said lamely.

Chieko stopped "Where? Where? Where, Kaede-chan?" Chieko looked around.

Since Chieko stopped, Kohana, who was true to her word, stopped. "Hey, I want some!"

Kaede sighed. "There are no chocolate chip cookies here, you two…" she said.

"Oh, really? I have some right here." said a green-eyed girl with orange hair that had white tips.

"Really? Thanks, Amaya!" said Chieko. Kohana and Chieko munched their way through their cookies.

"There's plenty more where that came from. Come on, everyone!"

Two girls came over and sat down. One of them had green hair and blue eyes, while the other had short cinnamon colored hair.

"You play well, Yoko," said the green haired girl.

"Thank you, Haya-sempai!" replied Yoko brightly. "Ooh! Are those cookies? May I have some? Please?" Amaya nodded.

"Thank you! Hey, Akina! Kyoko! Cookies!"

A black haired girl and a dark brown haired girl came over and sat down, as well as Tsukiko and Kaida.

"Kyoko, you still owe me five hundred yen," said Amaya to the dark brown haired girl.

"Ah, yes. Here, take it," said Kyoko. Kyoko handed Amaya the money,which Amaya pocketed.

Akina, the black haired girl, took a cookie and ate it happily.

Oh yes and before I forget about them, the other girls who joined the tennis club swooned over their favorite boy regular. Their courts were visible from the girls, but the boys couldn't see the girl's tennis courts. Well, they would if they ever tried.

Soon, practice was over. The girls had practiced a little and were now getting ready to go home.

"All right girls, practice is over! Rest up and get ready for tomorrow's tournament!" yelled Tsukiko, Her voice echoing throughout the tennis courts.


Meanwhile, at the boy's team, Yukimura smiled.

" The girl's team ranking tournament huh?" How he found out, we shall never know.

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