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"Hi everyo- what's up with you guys?" asked Marui as he looked at the girl's team. Their aura was dark, as if something had infuriated them and they wanted vengeance.

"We just went back to take a look-see at what the team was doing while we were gone," started Chieko.

"And they completely turned our tennis courts into some kind of fangirl headquarters!" finished Kaede.

"We left Aiko, a trustworthy non-regular who is not a fangirl in charge," Tsukiko was speaking calmly, but the boy regulars saw that even she was finding it hard to keep her cool.

"And when we asked her what happened, she told us that ever since we left, the whole team has been causing trouble!" fumed Kaida. If looks could kill, they would all have died approximately three thousand times by now.

"And what's worse, our coach has gone off somewhere and hasn't returned!" Kyoko yelled.

"And that's why we're going to have matches with you guys!" Yoko said.

"What does this have to do with us?" asked Niou.

"We're angry. We'll take it out on you." Kohana said matter-of-factly.

"That doesn't-" Niou started, but before he could finish his sentence, Yukimura cut him off.

"Will you play all out?" he asked them. A very loud "YES" was the answer he got.

"Alright then. Who will be playing on your team?" asked Yukimura.

"Doubles 2, Kohana and Haya, Doubles 1, Chieko and Kaede. Singles 3, Amaya, Singles 2 Kaida, Singles 1 Tori," Said Tsukiko. "The rest of you can play against each other."

The girl regulars had gone to get their rackets and warm-up a little.

"Who'll play on your team, Yukimura-san?" asked Tsukiko.

"Hmm… Doubles 2, Marui and Jackal, Doubles 1 Niou and Yagyuu, Singles 3 Yanagi, Singles 2 Sanada, and Singles 1 Akaya." He said.

"Great. Lets have a good match. Kohana, Haya, Your on!"

The game had started quite good. Both teams had scored points against each other, but neither was going all out.

"Game, Okamoto-Fujita pair! 3 games all!" shouted the boy referee.

"You know, I've had enough of warming up. We'll go all out when you do." Said Haya, looking at the boys with a fierce gaze.

"We thought you'd never ask." Marui and Jackal took of their wrist weights and left them with the rest of their team.

"Then we won't hold back either." To the boy's surprise, they took off wrist weights and ankle weights just as heavy as theirs. Seeing their shocked looks, the girls smiled.

"We want to win against every team in the country. That includes the boy teams of every school." Said Haya.

"And to do that, we train even harder than them." Kohana shook her wrists."Alright then, lets do this, Haya!"

Kohana served a normal serve, but when Marui tried to return it, the racket flew out of his hands.

"Man, she's strong." Marui muttered to himself.

"That won't stop us. Come on, let's go all out." Said Jackal. Kohana served again, and Jackal returned it once more. They began rallying until Marui used one of his special moves and scored a point.

"Eh, so that's Tsunawatari." Said Haya, smirking. "Well then, lets use one of our moves!"

Kohana nodded and served again. But this time, the girls had scored. Marui was shocked. His racket had touched the ball when it sort of rolled to the back of his racket.

"What was that?" Marui stared at Kohana in disbelief.

"That was my rolling serve, people have tried, but all failed to return it." Kohana smiled proudly.

"Che, we'll see about that." Marui mumbled, blowing a bubble.

Kohana served again, normally. And soon, they were locked in a rally that seemed to go on for ages. And suddenly, the girls had scored again.

"Sorry, Marui. I'll get it next time." Said Jackal.

"Okay, but what's with you? That was a pretty easy ball." Marui looked at his partner in confusion.

"How did Jackal-senpai miss?" Akaya looked at Tsukiko, hoping for an answer from the girl. Tsukiko didn't reply for a while, and Akaya was about to give up and ask one of the other girls when she suddenly spoke.

"Do you remember her nickname?" she asked him softly.

"Yeah, the flexible otter. Why?"

"Her first ability is to adapt to the opponents she plays against. She figures out their blind spots and uses it against them. That is what they mean by 'flexible'."

"And what about 'otter'? Why not something else?" asked Akaya.

"Because like how an otter uses a rock to break open the hard shells of clams, her tennis is so strong and unwavering that she forces down any kind of defense thrown at her. You could say she is the opposite of Jackal. Him being the ultimate defense, her being the ultimate offense." Tsukiko said.

"And Haya-senpai?" asked Kirihara, watching Haya's expression change drastically.

"Ah, her. I'm afraid that she won't hold back now."

Suddenly, Haya's tennis became even more aggressive. She returned every shot with a viciousness that slightly scared their opponents.

" Haya is called the 'vicious snake' for a reason. Of course, she could not match up to the ferocity of Kaida or Kyoko, but she, combined with Kohana's unwavering tennis, is enough to make their opponents feel trapped in a corner, with nowhere to run. She doesn't usually use special moves, but when she does, your finished." Tsukiko cast her gaze to the boy regulars.

"This is why we've been holding back; to catch you by surprise. If you thought we were fangirls, you were wrong."

Yanagi frowned. There was only a 20.96% chance that they were holding back. If all this were true, then he would have to rethink the possibility that the girls might equal them, or even beat them.

Yanagi turned back to the match between the pairs. It seemed as if the girls were tiring. With some stamina training, they might just beat the boy regulars. However now, there was no chance that the girls would win. And the final shot just proved his point.

"Game, Kuwahara-Marui pair! 7 games to 5!"

"Great game. I really didn't know you guys could play so well." Marui smiled as he shook the girl's hand.

"Oww…. I think I got another blister…" complained Haya as she looked at her palm.

Tsukiko handed her a Band-aid and smiled. " It was a great match. It seems you two had fun."

"We haven't played like this since last year, at the Nationals. I have to thank you guys. We've been itching for this all year." Kohana smiled. Her mood seemed to have lightened, much to their relief.

Returning to the stands, Marui saw that all the girl's moods seemed to have lightened. They were smiling and laughing with each other.

"Well, at least they're cheerier now." Jackal remarked.

"Mm. I hope that doesn't stop them from going all out, though." Said Yukimura. "I was hoping to evaluate their skills."

"Don't worry, your team has proven to be good enough for us to go all out." Tsukiko smiled along with the rest of her team.

Then, Chieko and Kaede picked up their rackets and faced Niou and Yagyuu.

"I hope you guys are ready, because we won't lose." Chieko said, suddenly smirking.

"We'll see about that." Niou smirked back at her. With that, he and Yagyuu went to their side of the court and got ready to serve.

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