Nagato, who was currently going by the name of Pain, felt like slamming his head(s) into the nearest wall, all seven of them. Normally, he wasn't anywhere near this masochistic despite his current name and the odd piercings in his bodies, but then again, it was always this way when Madara sent the other Tobi over to deliver orders because he couldn't be bothered for whatever reason. Fortunately, the other Tobi was willing to take orders from him as well as deliver them to him. So, if he gave Tobi some sort of task, the nuisance would leave rather than stay and wait for Madara to come back and order him around like he had done the first few times he was here before he'd learned the trick to getting rid of him.

Unfortunately, while the other Tobi was here though, dealing with him was a headache and a half, and Pain's day was shot to hell as he watched his village descend into chaos. Hence the desire to slam his head(s) into the wall if only to have some other pain to focus on in order to distract himself from the massive headache that had started forming the instant he realized that the other Tobi was in Amegakure.

The problems with the other Tobi had started when the accident-prone moron who'd obviously suffered some serious brain damage at some point had somehow become convinced that the Akatsuki was an evil organization, and that since he could nominally be considered to be a member, he had to be evil too in order to fit in. The problem with that was that every time the other Tobi tried to be evil, it ended in disaster. About the safest evil activity that the other Tobi could engage in was kicking puppies, and even that had a fifty-fifty chance of going straight to hell. Like during that one time when the damn puppy he'd been kicking had bit him and he'd knocked over that food stand in his frantic attempts to remove the animal.

Now that he thought about it, just about everything the other Tobi did ended in disaster. But, considering the fact that the other Tobi was a disaster magnet, that was to be expected. He'd checked at one point because he'd been half convinced that the other Tobi had been destroying everything around him for his own twisted amusement, only to discover that most of the destruction the other Tobi had caused had really and truly been done by accident.

Another reason for the headache that was rapidly growing worse as Tobi ran around Ame destroying things was Tobi's personality. With Madara-sama, the idiot routine was just an act that he could and did shut off at any time. With the other Tobi, well...That was actually him, and there was no shutting it off.

Sighing, he sent the Human Path over to the market district to fetch the other Tobi so he could give him orders that would get him the hell out of Amegakure before he completely trashed the place. He didn't expect Tobi to actually carry those orders out, but what he did expect was that Tobi would unintentionally trash someplace else while he rebuilt his poor abused ninja village once more. Knowing Hoshigaki Kisame's abilities and his reason for joining the Akatsuki, he knew that the swordsman could and would return at any time. Until then, the other Tobi could destroy Konoha to his heart's content. Let them shoulder the burden of rebuilding after the other Tobi has blown through for once. It's not like he cared, he hated Konoha and the bastard ninja who lived there.


As Kisame was signing his life away to the village of Konoha, knowing that one day he would be able to get free and help Madara-sama with his grand plans, the Godaime Hokage was pacing amongst the ranks of new shinobi that had been discovered when Danzo had been arrested for handing Naruto over to a potential enemy. He recognized one or two of the ROOT shinobi who ranged from being Academy aged children to being middle-aged as being former students who had bombed out of his class for no apparent reason. Before they'd vanished, they had been in the upper middle of a rather competitive pack, which was why their departures and the fact that he hadn't seen them again until now had so greatly surprised him.

Now that he knew where they had gone, and something of what had happened to them, he was beyond pissed. Children should not be made to do missions that even seasoned ANBU would balk at, and even if they didn't have clans or families to protect them, they shouldn't be used as a disposable commodity either.

Virtually all of the blank-eyed and emotionless children and adults that surrounded him were orphans. Orphans who had been made by the wars, orphans that had been made by the Kyuubi attack amongst other things, orphans who had vanished from the public eye and been subsumed into the ranks of Danzo's private forces without anyone noticing or being the wiser. Had he not called so much attention to himself in those days after the Kyuubi attack, had he not caught the Hokage's eye and therefore the eye of the public, there was a good chance that he could have vanished into these ranks long ago.

The saddest thing of all was that when they were returned to Konoha proper and taught to be human again, they would all be alone.

Danzo would be suffering for this. In fact, when he got back to his office, he would be signing the order to have Danzo skinned alive. Then, he would be freeing up the rest of the day and cancelling any number of non-essential appointments so he could carry out his own orders.


Tobi frowned as he raced towards Konoha so he could rescue Kisame. He didn't know why, but every time he got near Konoha, he got a headache. That was why he did his best to avoid the place if he could. He didn't know much about his life before the Akatsuki, but he figured that Konoha had been involved in it somewhere. Try as he might though, he couldn't figure out how since his earliest memory was of a cave with a big statue, and tripping and falling, and landing headfirst on a rock.

Whatever the hell happened before then must have been very bad since half of his body looked like it had been replaced by one of those Zetsu tree people.

Sighing as he approached the gates, he popped a couple of aspirin despite the fact that he knew it would be absolutely useless and adjusted his scarf. The rather bored looking silver haired gate guard who was reading an orange book as he waved people through looked familiar to him for some strange reason. He couldn't be bothered to figure out how or why as there was a pressure building behind his eyes, and making its way to being a full-blown headache.

"I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you to remove your mask." the silver haired guard said as he walked past the table without even bothering to sign in.

Sighing, since he knew the sort of reaction he usually got when he showed his face, he cast a mild Genjutsu that would blur his features a bit to anyone who wasn't trying to look directly at him over the area so as not to cause a disturbance amongst the local populace and popped the mask off.

Rather than looking at him in disgust like many people did when he removed his mask, the silver haired gate guard looked stunned for a moment, then elated, then something else. Before he knew it, the man was kneeling in front of him with his arms wrapped around his waist and crying into his shirt. About the only thing he could make out of what the stranger who wouldn't let go no matter how many times he tried to pry him off was saying was "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

What is it with Kakashi's teammates coming back from the dead? Maito Gai thought as he took in the scene in front of the Western Gate as he made another lap around the village. At this rate, we should be expecting Rin back sometime next week.