This is just a little information on the characters. Sorry if you don't like my OC but I try my best to make the story good.

Disclaimer: I don't own Loonatics Unleashed.


Ace Bunny

* optical enhancement

* laser vision

* guardian strike sword

* martial arts

* leader

Katelyn Siren

* high senses

* ice vision

* sonic scream

* stealth

* new member & soon appointed second in command

Lexi Bunny

* super hearing

* brain blast

* brain waves (underwater)

* plant control

* agility

Danger Duck

* power orb randomizer

* quantum quack

* aqua dense

* knight of planet blanc

Slam Tasmanian

* super strength

* tornado maximizer

* thunder mode

* big fighter

Tech E. Coyote

* magnetism activated

* molecular regeneration

* genius

* team technician

Rev Runner

* flight

* super speed

* global posotioning

* fast talker


Sorry if you don't like Kate being appointed second in command but I need her to be close to Ace, so this is the best bet.