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Kate's Pov

I've been sitting on the couch, reading magazines. Nothing interesting there. On my left, Slam was stuffing his face, and I merely rolled my eyes in a playful manner.

"Hello? Superhero Costume Discount Warehouse? Ive been trying to place an order. Hel- Hello?" Duck said through his phone. I swear, he's been trying that for the passed hour and it's beyond annoying by now. Slam munched on his food loudly beside us.

"Slam, I'm trying to hear!" Duck said. This time, I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Ah, there you are. I'd like to order the perforated swayed superhero's cape in robins egg blue?" there was mumbling on the other line before Duck leaped from his seat and landed right next to Slam.

"Just trying to jazz things up a bit, give the costume a little flare, stand out more in front of the boss lady" I snorted.

"As if your ego isn't enough to attract attention?" Duck huffed and glared at me in response.

"And you tell me to be nicer?" I merely shrugged. Ace and Lexi entered the room seconds later.

"He's so into the meditating thing." Lexi gestured to Tech who was on Ace's meditation pad.

"Ever since I showed him how to do it, not'in destoibs him" Ace said. We heard a groan.

"This is ridiculous! It's the 28th century! We've got jetpacks, hovercrafts, computer synchronized latte makers, but I still can't get a good cell signal from the 134th floor!" To prove his point, Duck set his ringer off, causing Tech to jump slightly. I expected him to snap at Duck, but he turned to him and calmly said,

"Duck, shut that ringer off" I cocked a brow in response.

"At least the ringer works, the rest of it is junk"

"Have some respect. I'm clearing my mind here" Tech said. I tossed the magazine on the couch and walked up to them, before placing my hands on my hips.

"What's the point on talking to him about clearing minds, Tech? He probably doesn't even have one" Tech snorted.

"For your information Missy, I do have a mind!" Duck glared at me then turned to Tech.

"And you'd need a hazmath team to clear the junk out of your head, Tech" I nodded.

"Yeah, while yours doesn't have anything to clear at all" Duck opened his mouth to retort, when his phone rang. He answered it, but all he met was a dial tone.

"That's it, I've had it! No more technology for me. From now on, I do everything the old fashion way" This time I cracked. I broke into fits of giggles.

"Yeah right!" Before breaking into another giggling fit.

"No phone? No VMP-3 Music Blaster 5000?" Lexi added.

"And no high tech weapons?" Ace finished.

"Who needs 'em? My bare hands are lethal weapons" He said, conjuring up his fire eggs. I stopped giggling, but held my grin.

"Yeah, lethal weapons against some toast and a cup of coffee" By this time, Slam and Rev were snickering.

"I agree with Kate. you couldn't go one low tech week without high tech stuff" Tech said.

"Oh ho ho, really? Well I'm not you, Mr. Techno Geek" Duck retorted. We backed away a couple of steps as Tech stood, making him taller than Duck.

"Make you a bet, if you can go through one week, I'll but you that new cape myself. And if not, you buy it for me."

"I want the matching, knee high boots" Duck pointed out.

"No problem" They both shook on it.

"By the way, I'm a 13...wide" Duck glared at him before storming out.

"Well, this would be interesting." Lexi said after a moment of silence. I nodded in agreement.

"It's not gonna last a day"

"Actually I think it would."

"The usual bet, Lex?"

"You're on Kate"


We were all seated in our usual spots around Zadavia's hologram.

"Gather around Loonatics, we have a major crisis, besides duck's costume requests" she announced and I snickered. "Begin the holographic imaging feed."

The screens around us showed videos of recent break ins. Apparently the woman was called Black Velvet and she stole the Acme Dopolis 5 radar system.

"That system directs all air and space traffic in and out of Acmetropolis" Tech stated. Lexi sighed.

"So much for my weekend getaway to Acme Pulco" Lexi added.

"I'm afraid it gets worse. They've also taken the Acme Super Computer" zadavia stated. I could see Tech's eyes widen a fraction.

"That's the most advanced system on the planet! I should know, I built it for them" Tech said. Duck stood up from his seat as this was said.

"See what happens when you rely on technology? Utter chaos!" he sat back down. "I'm so going to win this bet" That's when I glared at him.

"Would you just shut up about the bet and pay attention before I turn you into a duckcicle!" I growled at him. He shrunk back in his seat muttering a 'yes, maam'.

"Thank you, Kate. I'm uploading security footage now. " Zadavia said, and the pictures on the screen changed to recorded security videos.

"Get us a closer shot of those raiders, Tech" Ace asked, and Tech did as followed. Suddenly, Black Velvet passed the screen. Slam grumbled as if he had just seen a super model.

"She's not that pretty" Lexi said.

"No, he's right. She's hot" I heard Ace say next to me, and I felt a slight bitter feeling in the pit of my stomach. I glared at the yellow rabbit.

"Keep your eyeballs in your head" I warned him and he flinched. At the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw Lexi smirk a tad.

"Attractive or not, she's bad to the bone and you have to figure out what she's up to. Good luck, Loonatics. Zadavia, out."

"Alrighty gang, let's jet!"


We began to board the jet, but before I could get on, Lexi stopped me. I looked at her, confused, but she gave me a knowing smirk.

"What?" I ask, utterly clueless.

"Is there somethin' going on between you and Ace?" My eyes widened at her question. Was there?

"What are you talking about?" Lexi's smirk widened.

"Don't play dumb with me, Kate." she said, but I still couldn't get what she was trying to imply, so I gave her another one of my clueless looks. Her smirk dropped and she just sighed.

"How can you not see it?"

"Kate! Lexi! You two comin'?" I heard Ace call. I shrugged before boarding the jet, Lexi right behind me.

"What kept you two?" Ace asked from my left.

"A rather confusing conversation."

As we took of, I could see Lexi giving me pointed looks, and Ace looked between us curiously.

"Did something happen between you two?" I raised an eyebrow at him

"Honestly, I don't really know." I replied. Ace shrugged and continued to steer the jet.

"Uh, Ace? Aren't we going the wrong way? The space port is east." Lexi pointed out.

"Yeah, but we're goin' where de action is. Checkout da skyline, just like it was before da foist attack" he replied. I'd have to say he was right. Really dark clouds floated above the Acme Tech University. Tech even said he went to school there, no surprise. And I had the sudden urge to whack Duck upside the head about his comment on geeks, dwebs and brainiac nerds. Scratch that, I wanted to punch him in the face.

"Really Duck?" I glared at him.

"Do you have to do that every time I say something?"

"Yup!" I said, popping the 'p'.

"Does dis puppy have a hyper drive?" Ace said and pushed the controls forward, making the ship speed up.

"I'll take dat as a yes"

We landed and got out of the jet. Sure enough that the dark clouds still loomed above the building. Then suddenly, it went dark. And I mean pitch black.

"Mommy. Someone turned out the lights!" Duck squeaked.

"Failed again by technology" he added. I took a few steps backwards until I could feel Lexi behind me. We were back-to-back and both held a defense position.

"Tech, any toughts? Any suggestions?" Ace asked.

"Right now, Rev is gonna be our eyes, and Kate could be able to detect a few movements" I focused on the movements, which was easier since I couldn't see.

"No-problem-Tech,with-my-built-in-GPS-I-got-a-lock-on-'em" Rev said.

"Watch-out-Kate,Lexi,you're-surrounded" I could detect a few movements around me. I aimed for the closest one and gave a swift kick, hitting the person square in the chest. Another one tried to come up behind me, but I did a spin kick, and hit him on the head. Another came up on my left, then on my right, and it just kept going.

"Back off boys!" I said as I grabbed an upcoming enemy and threw him against another.

"45-degrees,46-degrees,47-degrees,48-degrees" I kicked and punched as Rev said, as did Lexi. One tried to take a swipe at me, but I did a small back flip to avoid it and gave another kick before moving back to my defense position. Then I felt one moving behind Lexi.

"Lex, watch you're back!" I called. Lexi turned around just in time before elbowing the guy, and gave a good kick.

"Thanks Kate!"

"Slam, they're ready for you. Spin straight ahead!" I could feel the vibration from Slam's tornado, it was heading straight for Tech.

"Tech, watch it!" I called just as Rev yelled for Slam to stop, and they slammed into each other.

Lexi and I positioned ourselves again, before we heard someone speak.

"We have what we came for. Crush them!" I looked up and I saw a black figure which was obviously Black Velvet, escaping with a huge machine.

"I see dark days ahead Loonatics!" We all gathered together and kept our defense positions. I could feel the enemies inching closer then, they just vanished. We were all confused. Suddenly, it was bright out again, just in time for us to see a huge metal structure beginning to crumble down on us. We dived out of the way, but Duck just stood there. Then the building came crashing down.


"Oh no!"

"Dig 'im out!"

We all began to look through the pile of scrap metals for Duck. When he teleported next to us, we all glared at him. I walked up to him and hit him upside the head, earning a satisfying yelp of pain.

"What in the world were you thinking?" I hissed.

"Catch me if you can Loonatics!" We heard above us, Black Velvet's ship was getting away.

"C'mon! We can't lose her now!" Ace said and we all boarded the jet and took off after her.

"Time to pop this balloon"

"Pickin' up anything Tech?" Ace inquired.

"They must've applied some sort of cloaking device" Tech replied.

"You feel anything Kate?" He turned to me.

"Nope. No air vibrations, no heat waves or sonic waves. Nadda." I replied. He turned to Rev.

"Anything Rev?"

"No-trace-no-sign-no-mark-no-trail-no-heat-no-scrap-no-leak-no-spec-no-particle-no-nothing." Rev replied and I sighed in frustration.

"These guys are really getting on my nerves" I growled out.

"I hate being left in da dark" Just as Ace said this, it was pitch black again. I heard someone yelp.

"Who turned out the lights?" A few seconds later, it was bright again, and Tech was missing. Lexi gasped and pointed above us. Tech was being brought into Black Velvet's ship.

"Alright Loonatics, she's got somet'in to loirn. You take one, you take us all."

"Ace-I'm-picking-something-up-straight-ahead!" Rev said.

"I see 'em!" Ace said as the Zephlin came into view. It disappeared into some clouds and three ships came firing at us. I gasped and Lexi yelped. Ace steered the ship but they were still on our tail.

"We can't shake these things!" Lexi said.

"We're doomed, doomed!" Duck added.

"Alright Slam, dey give us no oder choice. Prepare for menouver 180"

Ace did a few spins, until the attackers were right in front of us. Slam fired three missiles, but the ships were heading back for the Zephlin, and now the missiles were heading for it as well.

"But Tech's up there!" Lexi said and Slam grumbled an 'uh oh'.

"Den we gotta stop dose missiles, now!" Ace turned to me.

"You t'ink you can steer 'em off course, Kate?"

"Not from here" Ace nodded.

"Foist one's yours Rev" Rev flew out of the jet and chased after the missile, while Duck teleported on top of one and tried to meddle with the controls. Rev managed to throw his missile off course.

"Eh, we're runnin' out of sky here, Kate!" I nodded.

"On the count of three" My eyes began to glow a familiar blue.

"One... two..." We drew closer to the missile.

"Two and a half..." The jet's windows opened.

"Three!" I gave a sonic scream, energy waves hit the missile full force. The missile looked like it was short circuiting. I stopped screaming and the jet's window closed as we watched the missile explode.

"Dat's what I call a Sonic boom!" Ace said. But the explosion sent back sonic waved that caused us to lose control of the jet. Ace, Lexi and I screamed. But as soon as Ace got control over the jet, we saw the Zephlin reappear.

"Alright Kate! You knocked out their cloaking! But where's Duck?" Ace said and we all looked around. We found Duck still fumbling with his missile.

"Grab the wheel, Kate!" I took over the controls and Ace got out of the jet to grab Duck.

"Hey, I was just learning how to fly that thing! A few more seconds and I would have been-" Duch stopped mid sentence when the missile exploded.

"Roasted duck?" Ace said and got back in the jet.

"Check the compartments, I'm sure Tech packed us somet'in just in case"

"In case of what?" Lexi asked.

"You know, the usual. Mutant vikings, giant fuzzballs" Ace pressed a button on the gadget he was holding and it transformed into a blaster.

"The Ninjizer 500, and nightvision goggles too!" I opened the jet's doors as we reached the Zephlin and Slam ripped out a piece of metal from the ship so we could enter. We all hopped on board and like before, it was extremely dark.

"Activate night vision opticles" Ace said. We blinked to activate the goggles.

"Activated!" We all replied.

"Let's go crush some Velvet!" Then we split up. Ace went with Duck, Slam with Rev, and me with Lexi. Lexi and I ran to where the huge machine was. (A/N Don't know what it's called. Sorry) There were minions guarding and Lexi and I looked at each other and smirked.

"Piece of cake."

We were going for a sneak attack but they went at us. After a few kicks and punches, they still kept coming.

"Guys, tell me you're ready" I heard Ace's voice in the communicator.

"We need another minute" I replied into the communicator, and elbowed an enemy coming from behind. Two more tried to swipe at me, but I did a few flips to avoid it then gave a powerful kick. A few other tried to corner me, but I gave a few spin kicks, and round house kicks. I saw Lexi knock one guy to his knees. But there were more coming at us. Lexi picked up the guy and threw him against the group, knocking them down. I flipped forward and kicked as another guy tried to swipe at me, And did another spin kick as one attacked from behind.

"They just keep on coming!" Lexi said.

"Kate, have you reversed the polarity?" I heard Ace say through the communicator again.

"Not yet, Ace!" I said as a few guys tried to corner me. I knocked one down. I picked the guy up and threw him against another approaching enemy. Finally, I flipped out of the way to avoid a blow, and kicked the guy square on the stomach. I approached the machine and pulled the switch.

"Got it!"

The next thing I knew, the whole place began to crumble. Lexi and i met up with the guys, and we all escaped on the jet just in time.


Everything was finally back to normal. Or at least, as normal as it could get for us. Rev was playing air hockey with himself again, Slam cheering him on. Ace, Lexi and I were having a friendly game of billiard. Then, Duck marched up to us.

"Has anybody seen Tech? I think he has something he might want to say to me." Then Tech walked up to us. He was wearing a long blue cape, and matching boots.

"Thanks. I went ahead and ordered them. Nice huh? They're sending you the bill" he said. The look on Duck's face was priceless.

"But those are mine! You were supposed to buy those for me!" Duck argued and Ace stepped in.

"Eh, you used your phone Duck, we all saw ya" I smirked at Lexi who pouted in defeat. No one had noticed our little exchange just yet.

"But I only used the phone to save him!" Duck pointed towards Tech.

"If it weren't for me, he'd still be walking around 'whatever you say oh velvety one'." Duck said, making a weird impression of Tech as he did. I walked up to him.

"A bet's a bet." Then I turned to Lexi.

"Don't forget, Lex" Everyone looked between Lexi and I.

"Fine" she muttered.

"What exactly do you get out of this?" Tech asked me and I grinned.

"Lexi gets to pay for ice cream" And we laughed just as Zadavia's hologram appeared.

"Good work Loonatics, Despite Black Velvet's disappearing act, the Shrall Caster has been dismantled and all the parts have been returned." Then she turned to look at Tech.

"Oh my Tech, don't you look heroic"

"Why thank you Zadavia!"

"very impressive indeed" she said, ignoring Duck's muttering.

"Zadavia out"

"Wait, come back! I picked out the cape, and the matching boots, I'm the heroic looking one! Be impressed with me!" Duck cried.

"Maybe you can call her back on your cellphone" I said.

"If you can get a signal" Ace added. Duck turned back to us and glared.

"Oh, you're all despicable"

Well this was a very eventful mission...

Hope you guys liked this! Sorry if it took so long.