By: CSI-Panther


Pairing: InuyashaXSango

Summary: While fighting a demon, Inuyasha gets hurt pretty badly and turns into his demon form! Story is better than summary, I hope.


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The Battle Field,

The group had been walking on the road like usual when a huge tiger/panther demon showed up, demanding the shards as usual. And like usual, they said no and they begin to fight the demon, Inuyasha and Sango leading the group.

Sango struck first, throwing her Hiraikotsu at the demon, while riding on top of Kilala. The tiger/panther demon saw the weapon coming at him and swipped it away like it was just a stick being thrown at him. Hiraikotsu went into the trees and got lodged in one of the trees' branches.

Inuyasha slashed at the demon with his sword. The demon swipped it's huge claws at the Tetsusaiga away and clawed into Inuyasha's chest and injuring the half-demon, but not greatly. Kagome then shot her arrow at the demon and got him in the side, but that only angered the demon. Miroku ran up to the demon and struck him with his staff, but just like with Kagome's arrow, it only angered him.

The tiger/panther demon used it's tail this time and wrapped it around Miroku's waist and tossed him into one of trees that was behind him (Miroku) and the force was enough to knock him out. Sango had retreived her weapon from the tree's branches and threw it at the demon once more, this time it hit the demon, aiming at it's side, while the demon was distracted, but the demon had bent down, when it heard the weapon coming and only got grazed on it's back as Hiraikotsu went past him and straight for Inuyasha!

" Inuyasha! Watch out! " Kagome and Sango shouted at the same time. Inuyasha saw the weapon coming and quickly went face down in the ground, ( like when Kagome says sit, but his head was turned to the side, instead of facing the ground. ) and Hiraikotsu misses him by mere inches. But as Inuyasha was getting up, the tiger/panther had went to his side and bit down on him, it's front K-9's went past Inuyasha's back and closed down on his other side and bit down, but not all the way.

" AAAHHHHAAAH!!! " Inuyasha screamed as he felt the pain of the tiger/panther bitting him in the middle, he dropped the Tetsusaiga when the tiger/panther began to shake him like a rag doll for a moment or two and threw him to the ground and picked it's head up, Inuyasha still in it's mouth and was about to shake him again, but a battle cry from Sango stopped it and it swung Inuyasha out of it's jaws as it's felt a sharp pain in it's side and going to it's under belly as Sango came out from under it and back to her feet. She jumped and rolled to Inuyasha's side when she saw the demon try and bring her feet out from under her when it's tail came around and towards her legs.

" Inuyasha?! Are you alright?! " Sango asked worriedly as she came to a stop beside him. Inuyasha didn't answer her, that only worried and scared her more. ' Please don't let him be dead! ' Was the thought that ran through her head as she checked his pulse, relief filled her heart and body greatly when she felt his pulse moving. ' Thank the gods he's alright. ' She thought and smiled gently at him, then her face harden back as she faced the tiger/panther who had hurt her friend and secret love.

" Sango! Is Inuyasha alright?! " Kagome and Shippo asked from their spot away from the two and beside the still unconsious monk.

" Yes! He's just knocked out! " She replied as she stood and faced the tiger/panther. Kilala was behind the huge cat ready to attack. For a moment, they all three stood there, none of them moving, then, the tiger/panther lunged at Sango and swipped it's claws at her as Kilala jumped behind the huge cat and sunk her teeth and claws into it's back and sides just as it's claws swung and struck Sango at her collar bone and stomach. Since it's claws were so big and spread out like a human's thumb and fore-finger they missed her breasts by a few inches. When Sango hit the ground, the tiger/panther rolled and Kilala was knocked out from the weight of the demon rolling on her and breaking a few ribs.( sorry kilala fans! )

" Kilala! " Sango cried out as the demon walked to her on all fours, teeth bared and still bloodied from where it had Inuyasha in it's mouth, it's claws digging deep into the earth. And usually Inuyasha, or one of the others would come in just time and save her or one of the others in danger, which is what happens just as the huge cat was about to bit into her like it had done with Inuyasha.

When it got with-in reach, something stopped it. It was Inuyasha, who was now awake and protecting his friends, but unlike ususal, Inuyasha was had a red glow to his body and he was growling deeper then usual as well. And Sango, Kagome, Shippo, and now Miroku knew what that meant,

Inuyasha was now full demon and angry as hell.

Inuyasha lifted his head and he looked at the tiger/panther with his blood red eyes with blue pupils and light jagged mangta stripes on each of his cheeks, longer fangs and longer and sharper claws digging into the demon's throat. The demon was suddenly scared of the half-demon, but that didn't stop it from still trying to kill Sango, it raised it's big paw and was going to crush her, but Inuyasha used his free hand and grabbed the paw, digging his other set of claws into the paw, his growl got even more deeper.

The demon, still frighten, but more determined to kill the slayer, raised it's other paw, since Inuyasha had, literaly, his hands full, but the demon forgot about the fact that Inuyasha also had two feet. Inuyasha let go of the demon's throat and grabbed the other paw and jumped up and kicked the demon in the face with both of his feet. His claws dug through the big cat's paws as the force from his kick sent the demon back several feet and up against a boulder that was in the battle field and the force broke the demon's back, making it unable to move.

But like before when Inuyasha was full-demon, it wasn't enough and he charged at the demon and proceeded to claw and gut the demon in a crazed blood lust. After he was done with the demon, he turned to Sango and started to walked towards her, but Kagome rushed to him and hugged him, trying to get him to change back. Demon Inuyasha looked down at the girl and put his clawed hands on her arms and pushed her away from him, still in his demon form.

He still had his sights set on Sango, who was still on the ground and clutching her stomach, the flesh near her collar bone was a thin cut, but blood still came from it. But her stomach was bleeding more so she kept a firm hold on it.

Miroku then went to action and got in front of Sango, prepared to attack Inuyasha if he continued. Miroku still saw the blood lust in Inuyasha's eyes and stood firmly in front of Sango, Shippo stayed away, he was too scared to move from his spot. Kilala had woken up when the demon was killed and saw what was going on and went to stand by Miroku as a back-up, even though she was hurt herself, Kilala still wanted to protect her mistress.

Kagome tried again to bring Inuyasha, but this time, she used her plan B. " Inuyasha! Sit Boy! " She shouted. The necklace around Inuyasha's neck glowed, but he never went to the ground, he continued to walk towards Sango, Miroku, and Kilala. Kagome tried again and this time, Inuyasha went down with a big bang and the ground shook. While he was down, Miroku helped Sango up and she leaned on Kilala for a bit of support.

Kagome walked over to Inuyasha, along with the others, but they approached cautiously and slowly. As soon as Kagome and Miroku reach him and Kagome placed her hand on his shoulder, he comes up fast and swinging his claws left and right, injuring both Miroku and Kagome and then he runs off, past a very frighten Shippo and into the forest.

When he's gone, Shippo runs over to Miroku and Kagome, " Are you guys ok?! " He asks worriedly.

" We're alright Shippo. " Kagome saids as she holds her arm and leg. Miroku nods, while holding a hand to his chest and shoulder. They look over to Sango and she is walking towards the forest, using her sword as support, Kagome and Miroku look at her then at each other and back at Sango,

" Sango! Where are you going?! Come back! It's too dangerous! " They all three shout as Kilala stays behind with them.

" I can't just let Inuyasha run around with his injuries like they are! " She saids as she continued to follow the blood trail that Inuyasha left behind him.

Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, and Kilala watch her go, three in shock and worry for her safety, Miroku, Kagome, and Shippo. One in hopeing that she will be alright as well and hopes that she can bring Inuyasha back to his senses.

" Sango! Take my medical kit with you! " Kagome saids as she gets to her bag and taking out the things that she'll need for herself, Miroku, and Kilala and giving the kit to Sango, before she completely goes out of sight. Sango nods her head in thanks and continues in search of Inuyasha.

None of them noticed the beads and teeth of the roseiry in the hole that Inuyasha was just in.


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