Pairing: InuyashaXSango

Summary: While fighting a demon, Inuyasha gets hurt pretty badly and turns into his demon form! Story is better than summary, I hope.


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Last Time,

It was an hour before noon when they arrived to the others and Inuyasha sat Sango down on the ground, but he kept his arm around her waist to keep her steady, so she wouldn't fall and get hurt more and re-open her wounds. Though Inuyasha's saliva stopped the bleeding, her wounds could still re-open and he would have to treat them a few more times before the wounds completely healed and closed up.

Sango was greeted by both Shippo and Kilala as they ran towards the two and jumped onto her. Shippo hugged her around her neck and Kilala rubbed her head against her mistress' face, purring happily to have her back.

Miroku came over and stood in front of her. He had saw the change in the two and knew to keep his distance away from Sango or else he wouldn't have to worry about the wind tunnel for much longer. Inuyasha saw this and nodded his head in approval. Kagome was the last to approach the two, she had a smile on her face and she wasn't staring at Sango at all and kept her gaze to Inuyasha. When she got to the two, she hugged Inuyasha, but didn't hug Sango, which Sango thought was odd.

" Inuyasha! Are you alright? You had us all worried! " She said in her best worried voice.

" Yeah we're fine. " He said. Inuyasha could smell the resentment towards Sango and he could also see the jealousy in Kagome's dark brown eyes. So he decided to ignore it and her for that matter and the group set out towards Keaede's Village. Inuyasha had picked up Sango again and held on to her so she wouldn't fall, that, and he didn't want to leave her alone very long with Kagome.

Because Kagome looked like she would kill Sango the first chance she got.

After several hours of walking, the group made it back to Keade's Village. Of course by the time they got there, it was night-fall and Keade had made them dinner. She had felt Inuyasha's presence coming and quickly put some dinner on the fire for them to have when they arrived.

Inuyasha and Sango were the first to enter her hut, then Miroku with Shippo and Kilala on his shoulders, and the last one in was Kagome. She was still angry at Sango and Inuyasha for that matter. They all sat down around the warm fire and Keade served them their dinner for the night, which was her famous beef stew. She noticed that something was different about Inuyasha, Sango, and Kagome. She could feel the love that Inuyasha and Sango's souls were feeling for each other and she could feel the anger, hurt, and jealousy coming from Kagome as she glared at the two.

Inuyasha had sat Sango down gently behind him and helped her sit down by the fire. He sat down next to her and began feeding her. He left his bowl down beside him, ignoring it as he made sure that she was fed first and well before he started on his food. He also felt and smelt the anger, hurt, and jealousy coming from Kagome, but he was ready for anything that she might do to his love, even if it meant that he would have to attack her with his claws. He really did love the girl, but like he had told Sango, it was only the love for a sister and friend, but if she hurt Sango, he would have no choice but to set her straight, by force if nesscary.

After dinner, Sango annouced that she was going to the hot springs. She grabbed her bathing materials and was about walk out, using her sword to keep her steady once more, Inuyasha had given it back to her when he sat her down earlier, when Inuyasha got up and walked beside her, moving her sword away from her grip and placed her arm around his shoulders and she put more of her weight on him and they began to walk out. Kagome not being able to stand to scene anymore decided to go with faze 1 of her plan and if that didn't bring Inuyasha to his senses, she'll have to go to faze 2.

Standing up, she faced their turned backs and shouted, " INUYASHA!! SIIITT BBOOYYY!!! "

But to her surprise, they just kept walking, Inuyasha didn't go down to the ground like he usually did would when she said the command. She kept saying ' sit ' until she couldn't see the couple anymore. And that just made her even madder, so, she turned around and picked up her bow and arrows. And started out the door, but was stopped, not only by Miroku, but Keade, Shippo, and Kilala, who had transformed into her other form and began to growl at the girl.

" Move! " She said to her ' friends '. But they didn't move away from the door, instead, they moved closer together and blocked the door-way even more. So Kagome walked away from the door, but as she got to the window, she quickly jumped out and into the woods where she saw Inuyasha and Sango go. And she knew of the hot springs that they were going to.

Fortnutely, Inuyasha had picked Sango up the moment they were out of sight of the angry girl and sprinted into another direction and away from the hot spring Sango was planning on going to. Instead, he ran through the forest to another hot spring that only he knew of and knew that it save and well protected.

" Inuyasha! Why are we going this way for? I thought you were taking me to the hot spring. " Sango said once she saw that they weren't going towards the hot spring that wasn't far from Keade's Village.

" Away from that hot spring. " He replied shortly as he kept running.

" But why? " She asked again.

" Because Kagome had murder on her mind tonight. And I have a feeling that she will hurt you or me if we went there. So I'm taking you somewhere safe and well protected. And the only one that knows about it is me...and now you. Look. " He answered and slowed down to a stop and set Sango down and held her to him as she looked at the scene before her.

It was a rather huge clearing with a medium sized body of water with red and deep orange water lillies on the surface. To the left of them, there was a large waterfall going into the water from a 6ft high cliff face with long and very leafy vines growing down the sides of the waterfall with bright red and violet tiger lillies on the vines. The vines were also swaying from the breeze the waterfall was creating, like weeping willow vines do in the wind. And with the moon shining down on the scene and the fireflies around, it was a very breathe taking sight.

" Oh my. This place is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. " Sango said in a breathless voice as she continued to stare in awe at the area her love had brought her to.

" I'm glad you like it my mate. But compared to you, I must say that you are the more beautiful of the two. " He said and Sango knew then that he was back in his demon form. But she wasn't frighten of him, instead, she felt just as safe with him as she did with his other two halves. And didn't flinch when he wrapped his arms around her and held her to him as he nuzzled her neck and nibbled a little on her ear, which caused her to moan slightly at the feel and her scent to spike.

Demon Inuyasha caught her scent and wanted so badly to rip his red kimono top from her and have his wicked way with her. But he held himself back because she was still healing from her fight and the ' activities ' that he had in mind, would reopen them and she would start to bleed again and he didn't want that. So he stopped nibbling her ear and stopped running his clawed hands up and down her arms and picked her up again and walked towards the waterfall.

Sango wrapped her arms around his neck, closing her eyes and nuzzled him under his chin and sighed with content and ease. She felt cool air near her and opened her eyes again and saw that they were headed to the waterfall. She wonder why, concidering that she thought she was going to bathe in a hot spring to ease her sore and stiff muscles from the fight she had. She was about to ask him why they were going to the waterfall when he stopped at the vines and bent his head down and moved the vines away and walked through them.

When Sango turned her head around, she saw another beautiful sight. There was bright green and soft moss all around the inside of the cave that was behind the waterfall. The moss also had small flowers growing out of it and they were a light blue color and there even some small ferns here and there that grew from the ceiling with the only light being the moon, coming from a large hole in the ceiling, giving the cave an exotic look.

Sango also noticed that there was a thin mist around the cave floor. She thought it was coming from the waterfall behind her and Inuyasha. But the mist was coming from in front of them and she followed the mist and saw a large hot spring towards the center of the cave and it was the clearest and biggest hot spring she had ever seen in her travels with the group.

" Wow. This is just as beautiful as the outside. How did you find this place Inuyasha? " She said and asked in complete awe and amazment as Inuyasha walked over to the spring and set her down by it.

" It was on one of those times that I went on my own to have some time to myself before I went back to you guys. I was just walking and was deep in thought and I suddenly felt cold water around my ankles. That's when I was brought out of my thoughts and looked around the area I was in. And I walked around the area a bit before I came to the waterfall and noticed the smell of sulfur coming from behind the vines and moved the vines back and saw this place. And everytime we come back and I go to be alone I come here, it calms my soul, mind, heart, and body. " He explained as he stood near-by, with his back to her, as she slid his red kimono top off and walked carefully into the spring.

She didn't get far when Inuyasha warned her, " Be careful Sango. This spring is much deeper then the other hot springs you and Kagome have been to. " His voice back to normal again.

" I will Inuyasha. Don't worry, I won't be in here that long anyway. I just need to get the dried blood off and soothe my acking muscles. " She replied back as she sat down on a rock and began to clean the blood away from her stomach and collar bone area. She would flinch every now and then and Inuyasha saw it and mistaken the flinching for those of pain. So he took off his white kimono top and red kimono pants and walked over to her and began to clean her wounds for her and noticed the other scars she has from all of her other battles all over her back and some on her shoulders and neck.

The flinching Sango was making earlier wasn't from pain, well in a way it was, but it was with the knowledge of what she felt as she thought and run her fingers over the injuries,

' Great. More scars added to the ones that I already have. ' She thought bittery as she ran her fingers as gently as she could over the deep cuts. Though Sango and the rest of the late demon slayers and her brother wore the scars with pride, she always felt ugly because of them. Although she was glad that no-one could see the scars, thanks to her clothes and slayer suit. She may be a tom boy on the outside, but inside, she was as woman as the next, a tough woman, but still a woman.

She continued to think these thoughts and others when she felt another pair of hands on hers and gently move hers away from her injured stomach and continued to wash away the rest of the dried and caked blood away from her skin. She leaned back and came in contact with a hard and bare chest. She leaned her head back and onto her love's brode shoulder as he continued to to clean the blood away.

When he was sure that he got the blood away, he moved to her collar bone. Brushing against one of her breasts as he did so, causing her to moan deep in her throat and unconsiously arch her back up. He continued to clean the dried and long line of blood away from her collar bone. He noticed that some of her blood had moved down to the top of her breasts and his hands moved down on their own will and began to wash the blood away. When he finally noticed where his hands had gone to, he stopped and began to move back to where he was, before Sango reached up and stopped his hands from going any further.

" Don't stop Inuyasha. " She said breathlessly and pressed his hands against her chest again.

Inuyasha looked uncertain, but the look in her eyes told him that it was alright. So, he did continue. But now his touch was different, it more intimate and Sango loved it. She would moan when his clawed hands ran over the tips of her breasts and her breathe would quicken for a spit second when his claws would brush against the skin between, under, and on top of her breasts as well.

Inuyasha was feeling the affects of what her moans and quicken breathes were doing to him and his other two halves. He removed one hand and moved her hair away from her neck and began kissing and sucking on and around it. Then he would lick from her shoulder, up to her neck and back to her ear, where he nibbled on the lobe as his hands ran from her breasts to her stomach then to her sides and go back up from the sides, his hands going lower each time until they reached there goal and Sango nearly screamed when she felt his hand down there.

" Oh Inuyasha! Please don't stop what your doing. " She breathed out as he began to ' play ' with her. He moved to the other side of her neck, he moved her hair to the other side of her neck and did the same treatment to that side as he had done to the other. Her left hand came up and wrapped around his head and kept him there as his sucked on her shoulder. Her other hand came around and she ran that hand up and down his thigh and her thumb would brush up against his harden manhood as she did so, causing him to moan and grunt.

" Sango... " He whispered as he turned her around and as soon she was turned all the way around, her hands ran up his hard six-pack and cheisled chest through his soft silverish/white hair and rubbed his ears. She had always wanted to touch his ears, they were so cute she had to fight herself tooth and nail to stop touching them in front everyone. They were as soft as his hair and they seemed to be one of his pleasure points as well, because he closed his eyes and began growling lowly in chest, she could barely hear it, but she could feel it coming from his chest.

His hands went around her back and rubbed slowly up, down, and around her back. He felt the scars on her back, and thought of how beautiful they made her. He didn't care if she had a hundred scars on her body, he would still see her as beautiful and love her like he always would. She arched her back again and her lower belly hit his hard manhood, he also arched out of instinct and reflex at the contact that she made.

Leaving his ears, Sango ran her hand over his hard chest stomach again, then moved her hands around to his back and felt the hard muscles there and he pulled her closer and kissed her fully on her mouth, asking for entrance, which she granted and their tongues began to fight each other, Sango's winning. Inuyasha then picked her up and her legs wrapped around his waist as he moved over to the cave wall that made up part of the spring and pressed her back to the moss covered wall, never breaking the kiss. Sango ran her hands over his shoulders and in the middle of his back as he pulled away from the intense kiss that they shared.

" Sango. " He said breathlessly, his head under her chin as he panted, " I need you, badly. " He continued as he pressed a small kiss to her collar bone and part of her neck as he raised his head to look at her dark brown eyes.

" I need you as well Inuyasha. Please end this torture for the both of us. " She replied looking in his dark golden eyes, that held love and desire, as he stared at her equally love and desired filled eyes.

" You sure? Once we do this and I mark you, then your stuck with me for the rest of my eternal life. " He asked.

" Yes, Inuyasha. Make me your mate. " She answered and kissed him as he slid his manhood into her womanhood, she moaned painfully, but didn't let go of his lips. He held as still as he could, once he was all the way in and letting her ajust to him. She let go of his lips and nodded her head. He started out slow and kissed her lips, shoulders, around her neck and moved down to her breasts and began to kiss them as she would meet his thrusts. She wrapped her arms under his out stretched ones and grabbed his shoulders and place her lips to his shoulders and kiss and suck at his shoulder like he done to hers, causing him to speed up his thrusts a little.

Then suddenly, he stopped and pulled away from her, leaving his arms around her as she slid down the moss covered wall,

' Why did he stop? ' She thought as she looked at him and noticed the markings on his face as he looked back her with his blood red eyes and long fangs sticking out of the corners of his mouth. At her confused and frustrated face, he smirked at his soon-to-be-mate.

" I want to do this the right way. " He said as he motioned for her to turn around. She did and then he was behind her and entered her again, she gasped and groaned at the feeling of having him take her from behind and she found that she liked this position as much as the other one they were in. He placed his hands at her hips and started thrusting faster and harder then before. Sango tried to keep up with his faster thrusts, but all she could really do was lean her body up-against the wall and let him do as he pleased. She felt her climax coming and so did Demon Inuyasha as he sped up even more, causing her breathing to come out short and her moans increase with a grunt and groan in between.

Finally her climax came and that triggered Demon Inuyasha's, they climaxed together as he bit down on her right shoulder and continued to thrust until the rush wore off. When it did he gently pulled away from his mate and she turned around and also bit into his shoulder, breaking the skin and she sucked up the blood that came out, just as he had done with her. Inuyasha returned to normal again and he picked her up and brought her to where he had discarded his clothes, laying her down beside him and picking up his red kimono top, he wrapped them up in it and held Sango to him as she held him to her.

" Good night my love. " She said as she placed her head to his chest and her right hand to his shoulder.

" Good night my mate. Sleep well. " He said as he kissed her forehead and tighten his grip protectively around her.

" Oh believe me I will. " She said quietly and fell asleep, her mate not too far behind her.



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