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Do you believein magic?

Is it strange that after all I've seen, all that has happened in the past couple of years my answer to that is no.

Had you asked me before I would have said yes.

Before I found out about vampires.

Before I became a mutant freak that can morph into a giant wolf.

Before Sam left me.

I am now part of a world most would class as being magical, but to me it isn't.

Magic is special, and exciting, and unexplainable.

In my world there is a reason for everything.

Vampires exist, so you need wolves to destroy them. It's not magic it's nature.

What about imprinting? I hear you ask.

That's just natural selection.

Pairing together two people who can strengthen the tribe.

"Two souls magically bonded for life."

I refocus on the ceremony.

Standing at the front next to Emily as she is about to become Sam's wife.

I see her shoulders tense slightly and I feel a swell of pity for her.

To all observers Emily is getting her dream wedding, however, I knew her better than anyone.

We used to dream this up when we were kids, running around with pillowcase veils planning our perfect wedding.

And I'll admit, on the outside this was exactly what Emily wanted.

My mind wandered to last night, we'd spent the whole night sitting up eating popcorn and just talking, like we used to when we were younger.

"I do love him Leah." she had told me. "Most people see imprinting as this perfect romantic story, but, there is no romance that's the thing people miss. Nothings spontaneous, or special, or magical."

There's that word again.

"I know Sam loves me, I know we'll be happy together and I know I'm being selfish , most people wish for this sort of love and commitment, but I can't change how I feel."

That was the truth, she had only shared it with me and I would take it to the grave for her.

Sam was perfect for Emily, even I had to admit that, he adored her and would always treat her well, but Emily was settling for him there was no other way to explain it, it was a less than perfect romance.

As they were pronounced man and wife she turned to me as they headed back down the aisle and smiled sadly.

I smiled back showing her my love and support.

I trailed after them fulfilling my role and noticed Rachel Black a few rows back.

Tears glistened in her eyes, most would assume from the emotion of the wedding, but I recognised the look.

She was next to be married to a man who adored her and would spend the rest of his life making her happy.

But it wasn't wonderful or magical it was rational and necessary. The tribe needed the strong bloodlines to create the next generation of protectors.

My sensitive ears heard the whispering.

"It's perfect."

"they look so good together."

"I wish I could find a love like that."

They were wrong, me and Sam had been perfect together, ours had been a love people dreamed of, but he was bound to Emily now the three of us stuck in a less than perfect life.

That was the thing with life though, it was no fairytale.

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