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Max's POV

"So…any questions?"

There was exactly one second of silence before the room almost exploded from the rapid firing of questions. Without my hawk-like mind and hearing I would've lunged at their throats from trying to keep up.

Jacob must have sensed the stressed way my body reacted because his warm hands started rubbing my back. I relaxed into his touch, releasing all the tension from my body. It was second nature already to feel so comfortable around him. Maybe normal people would have thought it was a little strange, but when have I ever been normal?

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take turns!" I pleaded. Even if I was relaxed I couldn't answer every question at once.

Billy was first, seeing as how he's technically the chief, "You said 'they' made Iggy blind. Who are 'they'? Are they the same people who gave you your wings?" Seeing terror flicker across my face, he quickly added on, "You don't have to answer, Max, if you aren't okay with it. I'm sorry for being so intrusive."

My first instinct was to refuse to tell our story. Just flat out say no and walk away. I had never gone into detail about how we were born and who was responsible for our genetic differences with anyone outside the flock. But I reminded myself that they trusted me with their secret existence, an existence that protected their people but could never be revealed to more than a select few. I breathed deeply for a few seconds to control myself before responding, "No, Billy, it's fine. This will be a little hard to explain but I'll try my best."

I started by just trying to explain who 'they' were but I couldn't without explaining the School which then turned to me talking about Jeb. It was like an avalanche: It starts with one rock, which hits another, which bounces into others, which moves a bunch of other rocks. Pretty soon I gave up my attempt to keep secrets and spilled my guts.

I told them everything. Well, everything minus kissing Fang and thinking I loved him. I now knew what true love was, thanks to Jacob. Who, I noticed curiously, was trembling.

My voice had gone hoarse by the time I had made a complete circle with my story. It had taken about two hours and that was with me skipping over minor details and editing just a tiny little bit.

If I had thought their faces were shocked before, I was just proven wrong. Oh, so wrong. There was a silence broken only by stuttering mumbles from some of my audience. I didn't say anything more—not that I had anymore to say, really—to let them sort through everything they learned.

Jacob's whole body was shaking now and I had no idea why. His arms suddenly gripped me vise-like and crushed me to his muscular chest. I pulled back slightly and turned around, my confused eyes looking into his. What I saw there made my head spin with desperation to comfort him. The deepest pain, anguish, and vulnerability gazed back at me.

My body clung tightly to his, my fingers gently stroking his face, trying to erase the horrible emotions carved into Jacob. The other people in the room melted away as my mind centered on him. I couldn't stand to see him this upset.

I couldn't tell you how long it was before Jacob calmed down. His body stopped shaking but the torture was still evident in his eyes.

"I'm sorry." Jacob's voice was quiet and scratchy, rough with cutting emotions. "I am so sorry."

Do you know what I said to that? My response to his heartbreaking apology was, "Huh?" How comforting and supportive am I.

"I know I didn't know you even existed yet. But you had to go through so many horrible things that no one should ever have to see. I'm the one person in the whole world who is destined to protect you. But I didn't. I can never forgive myself for that." His voice was tight with pain at his feeling of failing me. I would've smacked him for being an idiot but I don't think that would help anything.

"Jacob, none of this is your fault. When I really think about it, I can't hate what happened. All the shitty things we had to go through made me who I am. And you are not responsible at all for what happened before I met you." My lips pressed against his tenderly, trying to get him to understand.

Yes, I wish we didn't have to go through so much pain, physically and emotionally. I wish that the rest of the flock, especially the younger kids, never had to survive the way we did because of who we are. But I honestly can't hate it. Without all the torture we went through making us stronger, we would have died a long time ago.

I sat in Jacob's lap, softly playing with the hair at the back of his neck while his arms held me as close as werewolfly possible. Jacob's family had left when I wasn't paying attention but I could hear them in the kitchen, softly discussing my life story. Of course, they weren't rude about it. They were just shocked a life like mine was even possible. What can I say? I'm a unique one.

Alice's POV

"I can't tell! It isn't specific enough! I don't know what day, let alone what month, the Volturi are coming. For all I know, they could be here in a week! What I saw was the same clearing where we fought Victoria's newborns. The Volturi came through the woods opposite where I stood but I couldn't see who was on our side. I could feel there were many people surrounding me but, like I literally just said a second ago, I did not see who was there! It could've been Emmett or it could've been a whole freaking circus!" My rant ended with a frustrated sigh as I continued my high-speed pacing. No one has any idea how irritating it is to be gifted with being able to see the future and then not knowing what was going to happen, even after getting two visions. Granted, the second was a poem but it was still very prophetic.

I could feel Jasper trying to soothe my aggravation. But I shook it off and increased the tempo of my pacing to the point where I thought I would make permanent marks in Esme's floor. Jasper wasn't happy I rejected his calm. He stepped into my pacing path and grabbed my hands. Immediately, I relaxed and leaned into his arms, my anger disappearing faster than it would take to jump over the river.

"Alice," Jasper waited until I looked up at him. "We understand that your visions don't give enough specifics. But we need you to look back. Try your best to see more."

Staring into Jasper's eyes, I saw his military experience standing at attention, but even more than that I saw his immortal love for me. Nodding mutely, I rested my forehead on Jasper's chest and did what he asked.

At first, I couldn't sink into a vision. I stood perfectly still, with my mind wide open, waiting for what I hoped was coming. Abruptly, I was heaved from the room and brought to the clearing.

The first of the Volturi's line advanced through the trees as if robotically controlled in perfect unison. The only sound to be heard was the almost silent rustle of their cloaks over the grass. Already, the vision was longer than the previous one.

Now that I had the chance, I gazed around the clearing, trying to gauge when this is happening. The leaves were showing signs of approaching winter. The grass had the lightest layer of frost in the early morning where the sun was just barely beginning to rise.

I turned my head to look behind me at the people I could feel. My mouth dropped at what I saw. More wolves than I had ever seen before were lined up and I could tell that many of them had grown since Victoria's newborn attack. Almost every vampire Carlisle had befriended over the centuries was there, standing alongside the wolves and my family.

What my mind only had seconds to see and try to comprehend was truly the most astonishing, even more astonishing than the wolves and vampires together. Bella was a vampire—finally, Edward came to his senses—but she had a little girl in her arms. The girl had Bella's human eyes copied perfectly and Edward's copper hair. She was the most beautiful child I had ever seen. And she was immortal.

To keep from shocking myself out of the vision, I turned away. Instead, I saw the kids with wings. The older blonde girl was standing close to the front of our huge group with the two older boys flanking either side of her. A wolf I believed to be Jacob was only feet behind her, positioned toward her in a protective stance.

I didn't spare a second more on him as my anxious gaze fell to Angel, Nudge, and the young boy. No matter how tough their faces were, they were only kids. Granted, Nudge at least had wings but how would that help them except to fly away? They seemed like actual humans, for Christ's sake, why are they here? And with the two dogs?

With wide eyes, I whipped back around to get a final glimpse of the Volturi. The vision skipped ahead to show me the end of the procession before I was yanked out.

"Holy SHIT!"

As soon as the words left my mouth, I turned in Jasper's arms and faced my family. They stood with rigid tension and waited for me to speak.

"I saw the Volturi and a lot more this time! My guess is this happens in October or November based on the leaves and grass. The wolves were there. Many, manywolves. And standing right next to them is every vampire Carlisle is friends with and some others I didn't recognize. Bella is a vampire. And she was holding a beautiful little immortal girl. But the girl looks exactly like Edward and Bella, like she's their actual daughter. She couldn't have been more than a young toddler.

"The kids with wings and their two dogs were there as well. I didn't understand why they were there. It's too dangerous. But then I understood. The dictators and scientists are looking for six experiments. There are six humans with wings. How could they not be classified as experiments? As soon as I understood that, the vision ended. But I got one more half-second to see the Volturi."

This was the only point I paused at. I didn't want to be one hundred perfect sure of what I saw. The thought was too terrifying and, as far as I know, has never happened in all of the Volturi's history.

"The entire Volturi guard was present. Including…Aro, Caius, and Marcus…and I saw the wives," I plowed on, not giving them a chance to say anything before I completely finished. "There was a group of vampires near the back. They seemed angry and looked like they wanted to attack us. Witnesses to the Volturi's law and Aro's audience. Irina was with them."

Bella's POV

Hours later, Edward brought me home in his Volvo so as not to make Charlie suspicious.

"I'll be back in ten minutes," He promised as his lips touched my forehead.

I nodded and slipped out of the car. The night was dark, closing in on me and my fears as I walked as quickly as I could to the front door. Taking a deep breath, I tested out my acting skills. If I stepped in my house with terror screaming from my face, Charlie would jump to conclusions and never let me see Edward again. I reminded myself that becoming a Cullen meant being able to smoothly lie my way through any undesirable situations. So, I securely fastened on a mask of neutrality and opened the door. The sounds of a baseball game filtered down the hall.

"Dad, I'm home."

"Hey, Bells. How was Edward's?"

I moved toward him and leaned against the door frame. "It was good. Alice swamped me with wedding details as usual. Oh, and Carlisle and Esme invited us to have dinner with their family at whatever date works best for us. Don't worry, Dad, it's not formal."

Charlie turned away from the game to glance at me in slight surprise. "Well, that's nice of them. Any day would be fine with me. You have an idea, Bella?"

"Well, today is Wednesday. How about next Friday?" Before Alice had the visions about the Volturi, Esme had suggested dinner with Charlie. Alice confirmed that next Friday would be the best date.

Charlie nodded in agreement and went back to his game.

"I'm gonna head up to bed. Night, Dad."

"Sleep tight, Bells."

It wasn't until I had shut the door behind me that my façade fell. I resisted sinking on to my bed yet so I could have a human moment before Edward came back. I grabbed my bag and pajamas and headed to the bathroom. The shower's hot water relaxed the tight tension in my neck, shoulders, and along my back. As the shower enveloped me in calm, I wondered. Would showering ease the stress in my body the same way it does when I'm human as when I'm a vampire?

Why I was worrying about that, I didn't know. I wouldn't need a shower. Edward was all I needed to relax and I would be able to have him for all eternity.

And I'll apprantly have a daughter as well.

No one—not even Carlisle—believed it was possible for vampires to have children. In fact, they don't know if they even believe that little girl was our actual daughter. Alice said she looked to be about three years old. How would it be possible for me to go through nine months of pregnancy and have a kid that was a toddler all in just over four months?

The Cullens explained to me about the immortal children: how they would wipe out entire towns; could never control their bloodlust; and how the Volturi swore to kill every last one of them and banned the creation of vampire children. If that little girl was immortal, I don't know if I'd want her as my child.


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