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Shin Pokegirl Evangelion


A figure could be seen walking around the border of a giant lake. In it were the remains of buildings and other objects.

This was a bad day for Shinji. After the battle against the 16th Angel, Armisael, where Rei had self-destructed her EVA in order to destroy it, he had learned about the Reiquarium and Rei's origins, as well as everything about Terminal Dogma, the EVA's origins and his mother's apparent death. Also, Asuka had gone into a coma because she was being replaced by another pilot, and his best friend Toji had lost his leg because of the battle with Bardiel.

'Why do I always have to suffer?' he thought. He now knew why his father abandoned him; Gendo had been comsumed by grief, and that was why he couldn't handle seeing Yui when he looked at Shinji.

"I hate you, Father..." Shinji thought aloud. Why couldn't his father care just one time, when he most needed him? He sighed. "There's nothing I can do... Damn it! I just want to forget about everything! I want to RUN AWAY!" he said, slamming his fists against the grass. Suddenly losing his strength, he fell to his knees and started sobbing. 'Why won't Anyone help me! Why won't anyone care about me! Someone! Anyone! I just want to live in peace!' "PLEASE!!!" He screamed to the heavens. "I´ll do anything!!!".

"Anything??? Are you sure?" Said a voice coming from behind him. He stood up and turned around to look at a grey haired, red-eyed boy. "Who are you?" He asked the boy, "I'm Kaworu Nagisa, but you can call me... Tabris, the 17th Angel"


Tokyo-3, AGAIN

" So... You're saying I can leave this world?" Shinji asked. This... angel had told him that Adam, whose soul was currently inside Kaworu, had seen all of his life due to the bonds he had with his children and decided to have mercy with him and to give him the option of being sent away to another world. "Yes, you'll be transported to a world where I hope you'll reach happiness. However, rebember that if you aren't here, you won't be able to prevent the Judgement of this world" Kaworu said. Shinji stuttered out "Y-yeah, b-but, it doesn't matter anyway, either Father or SEELE will start it if you don't."

Kaworu had also told Shinji Gendo's plans to initiate Third Impact after all Angels were destroyed, let's just say Shinji was pissed off that he had been fighting not to protect this world, but to destroy it. Kaworu chuckled "Too true... Anyway, what are you going to choose?" That being said, Shinji started to reminisce.

He remembered his fear, when he battled the angels; Horror, when seeing what was happening to Asuka when battling the 15th Angel, when Rei Self-destructed, the Reiquarium, Lilith; Happiness, when people praised him; self-pity and self-loathing, when asuka hit him; he remembered feeling ashamed and always saying 'Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!' like he had done something wrong; sadness and extreme despair and grief, when his Father abandoned him... "Yes... I... don't want to live in this world" Kaworu smiled " That's good... No one should have endured what you had to, Shinji-kun" Kaworu slowly rose from his sitting position, Shinji following his movements. "Hold my hand" Kaworu told Shinji. He did so, and then, two Grey-feathered wings rose from Kaworu's back. "Let's go" The Angel of free will said, and with that, he stretched his wings, flying to the sky. "Here we go, Shinji-kun" and they both dissappeared in a flash of light.


Unkown Loacation Looking Like the POV of someone high on Marijuanna

They arrived on what looked like the world in the perspective of someone who had inhaled enough marijuanna to drug an elephant.

Err, I mean, a very colorful world. Shinji could only stare in awe. "Whoa... I can only stare in Awe... what is this place???" Shinji asked. "This is the Chamber of Gauf, where all souls whose bodies were destroyed by anything except Akuma reside, because everyone knows you go to hell if you get hit with the Shun Goku Satsu." Shinji then said "Why are we here?" Kaworu smiled. "We're searching for Leliel, the 12th Angel." Shinji's eyes widened "Huh? You mean that black and white sphere that ate me and kaa-san?" Kaworu smiled. AGAIN. "Yes, that one" What they didn't know was, that while they were searching for that Fatass- Err... Leliel, someone was planning something dark and secret...


A DARK and SECRET Place at NERD Err... NERV, where someone is planning something dark and secret.

"We are planning something dark and secret, aren't we, Gendo?" Said the Sub-Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki, while the camera focused on his eyes while he litfed an eyebrow and said 'dark and secret'.

There, sitting on The Chair Of Power, in the Commander's Office, with the Sephirotica System glowing on the ceiling, was... The Commander, doing The Gendo Pose. "You are right, Sensei, beacuse, once the 17th Angel Dies, I will initiate Third Impact, and there isn't ANYONE who can stop me..."

Then the camera did the same focusing effect on Gendo "Because, THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED WITH ADAM'S EMBRYO!, and we have Giant Robots Sensei, we're unbeatable, because we actually have pilots, unless someone of them decides on going to another world, but that won't happen, because it's impossible" Said The Maximum Bastard, Gendo Rokubastard, Laughing maniatically.

The Chamber of Drugs- I mean Gauf

"So, where's Leliel?" Said our favorite Emo- Err... Pilot. Kaworu frowned "We should be getting close now" Suddenly, Shinji Sneezed loudly 'Ughh... Is someone talking about me... YES!' Because the sneeze was very loud, someone shouted "Huh? Who's there!" They both turned to stare at the source of the voice: it was a well-muscled man, about 7 feet tall, with long black hair tied into a ponytail and red eyes. Kaworu smiled yet again "Ahhh, Leliel, just who we were searching for" Shinji frowned "hmm, are you sure this is Leliel, shouldn't he be, well, umm..." "Fat?" Helped Kaworu. The Angel now known as Leliel groaned "Why must everyone think I'm a Fatass?" Well, I wouldn't know, someone who has a stomach that can hold a city... "ANYWAY, why were you searching for me? And why are you here along with..." Dun dun dun... "The Berserker" Shinji scowled in confusion "Huh? Who's..." Dun dun dun... "The Berserker???" Leliel smiled. UGH! Why do all Angels SMILE!!! "That is you, Berserker of the Lilim" "Oh..." Kaworu suddenly interrupted "We are here because................"

"Ahh... So Father wants me to take this kid to another world" After Kaworu and Shinji explained the situation to Leliel, he Immediatly agreed to help. After all, what kid wouldn't do what his Father asked him to do? Leliel nodded. "Very well, I'll do it. I can only do this because the Sea Of Dirac can be used as a bridge between worlds. Be aware that other Leliels like me exist on different worlds. Not in all of them, but in some." At this Shinji thought 'I don't care! I want to leave this world! I won't back down! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! I mustn't run away! "I-I'll do it. Because I am..." Dun dun dun... "Shinji ikari! Pilot of EVA-01! Berserker of the Lilim! And Master Of Cooking!" Kaworu actually GRINNED. Not Smiled. GRINNED. "That's the spirit!" Leliel smiled darkly "OK, Let's begin, Ikari-san" Suddenly, a black shadow appeared under Shinji, but he didn't even flinch, he had gone through this already, even as the shadow began to absorb him...

On a Place Far, Far Away, Unkown Location

The place looked like the endless space, only that there was a white, transparent floor which if you looked down, you could see a planet which looked a lot like the Earth. On this place were standing 15 feminine figures, staring at what seemed to be a glowing ball of light. The BOL was showing the image of a familiar looking boy being absorbed by a shadow. Suddenly, it spoke with a deep male voice "There, here is The One, it seems that Lilith won't have to do what was originally in the prophecy... Leliel, open your Sea Of Dirac and Bring the Chosen One to this world." One of the women, dressed in black and white leather, spoke "But, Lord... Are you sure? The prophecy you wrote said that Mother..." "I know what it said Leliel, I wrote it. But the boy, even though he is now 15, his mother has been touched by the Lilith of that world, so his body shouldn't reject The Gift. Also, he came into contact with the lesser Fruit Of Life, and already carries the lesser Fruit of Knowledge. He is perfect for this. You will bring him to this world, remember, not THIS Place, and I will give him the Gift, which will turn him into the New Adam" The woman now known as Leliel nodded "Yes... my Lord" and dissappeared. The other 14 woman were dismissed by the BOL. Suddenly, before dissappearing, it spoke. "Soon, Jim Sukotto, it will be decided if the world you changed will remain as it is, or if it will be made anew. You didn't think that you were the only one capable of creating what you call pokegirls, right? After all, you, humanity, was created from what you call a pokegirl... Lilith. Your children freed you from the Black Moon, now, it begins." The ball of light we now know is God chuckled, before disappearing.

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