Force Choices

Author's Note: Thank you to my wonderful beta's,warbs1981,Hunts Girl and smallhobbit, you're all fantastic!

5 May,1982

"Morning girls!" I shouted into the drab staff room. I got a few mornings and hi's. The same as every morning. I went behind the perfume counter to rearrange the bottles. Shaz came scurrying in, late. As usual.

'Hi Sandra' she said, leaning against the counter, exhausted.

"Shaz, if you don't want to be rushing about every morning, why don't you get up a bit earlier? I'm always out of the house ages before you." I suggested, rolling my eyes.

"You say that to me every morning and it doesn't sink in. I'm a hopeless case."

"Yeah. Rearrange these words: Spots, change, their ,leopards, never." I said, knowing she wouldn't take offence.


"I'm so bored"

"Me too" Shaz agreed.

"No, I mean, I'm bored of this. Working 9 to 5,5 days a week. I want to…do something with my life. Be in a job that isn't a dead end like this one. It's so frustrating!"

"Well you can do anything, you went to university, not like me ,I did crap at school." she sighed, lowering her eyes.

" That doesn't mean you aren't clever, Shaz, I think you're smart. It could be worse, you could be blonde like me!"

"Ha ha, yeah, there is that," Shaz chuckled.


"Come on Shaz,we're going to miss it!" I yelled down the street to Shaz, who was a mile behind me. Nothing new there.

"Comin'!" She shouted back.

I watched the familiar sight of the bus starting to pull away into the queue of traffic.

"Sorry Shaz!" I called, and leapt on the bus, just as the doors shut. The driver rolled his eyes at me, bemused at the familiar situation. Walking down the aisle, I saw Shaz out of the window, sticking her tongue out at me. She was stood chatting to her old friend, Alan, the policeman.


That's it.

To be continued…