29th July,1984.

" Shaz," I called softly from the doorway . I was getting fed up.

"SHAZ!! Get up!!" I yelled.

"Wha'? I'm up, I'm up!" Shaz groaned, sitting up, her hair sticking up in random places and her make-up smudged all over her face. Not a pretty sight.

"Come on, get ready, we've got a big day ahead of us. Even if you were completely and utterly drunk last night, you should have remembered that today was possibly the most important day of your life so far."

"Says you, you were dancin' on the table last night!"

"Idiot!" I cursed as some plonk pulled out in front of me without warning.

I was excited but tired. I just wanted to get today over with as quickly as possible, then go to the pub to celebrate.

"You should've let me drive, you look tired. You ok?"

" Yeah fine," I lied " Besides, you don't know the handbrake from the gear stick!" I joked, as we arrived at the old, red-brick building. I'd always found it a bit creepy, even with all the people milling about.

We got out of the car and went inside, ready to start our new careers.

Lynda the receptionist was standing at the door, ordering people to their correct place in the line.

"Over here Miss Granger!" she called, placing Shaz in front of Joe Greenwood. She gave me a little wave as she took her place. Lynda put me about 6 places from the back, next to a petite mousy-haired woman; she gave me a small smile.

I clapped as Shaz got called out on to the stage. She went to sit down, grinning at me. A few minutes later, it was my turn. I heard Shaz cheer as I walked up the steps and on to the stage. I shook hands with a tall, blond man. I didn't know who he was. He smiled.

"Congratulations, WPC Pullman."

To be continued…