She had been gone too long; and the rest of the crew of the Ebon Hawk agreed with the scoundrel. So they decided it was time to break their promise to her to stay on the ship. But as they were gearing to find what had happened to Exile in her meeting with Visquis, a trio of Duros came striding up the walkway, blasters in hand and drawing the full attention of group of soon-to-be-Jedi. Atton stayed at the lead of the pack, weapon in hand.

"Anyone understand that?" Atton asked after the Duros's long, drawn out monologue. "All I got was 'very' "

"I do believe he wants us to turn over the general to his rag-tag group of bounty hunters." Bao-Dur replied calmly, stepping forward with his lightsaber already in hand.

"Oh," Atton threw his alien companion a quick look. "Which one you want?"

Bao-Dur pointed at the center one. "I'll take the stupid one, who should have shot us when he had the chance."

The scoundrel turned his attention back to the Duros. "All right, then." He smirked, igniting his lightsaber.

But instead of the fearful wide-eyed expression he'd grown to inspect, each Duros's lips were twisted into a wicked grin, exposing rows of sharp little teeth. Suddenly, three Duros turned to six, then nine, then twelve, and Atton stopped counting after that. Starfighters rose from beneath the landing pad, and like the Duros their guns were trained on them. Slowly, they all laid their weapons on the ground and cupped their hands behind their heads, Atton grimacing as he did.


An emergency signal had been sent out, one Atton remembered the Sith used from the dark days of his past, calling every Bounty Hunter back. Most of them left, leaving him to watch as the group that stayed behind make slow moving mock-lightsaber duels with their confiscated weapons. Except for one.

He stood in the middle of it all, scratching his head as he examined Bao-Dur's weapon in his pale blue hands. His fingers pressed tightly against the grips and machined edges as he smacked the side of the hilt. But as he turned it, the scoundrel saw there was no switch, or activator stud. No nothing. How do you turn it on?

"How do you turn this on?!" The confused Duros demanded in his native language, stomping toward Bao-Dur and waving the hilt in front of him.

Bao-Dur extended his hand out, making the alien jump back out of his range. "Let me show you," A gloved finger twitched—

And the brilliant blue blade came to life before him, causing the Duros to jump back as the weapon suddenly left his grasp, spun around, and took his head. The distraction proved useful, as only one of the Duros had kept his blaster, but despite his best effort to cover as his allies tried to reach for their weapons, his bolts ricocheted off Bao-Dur's blade. Snapping his eyes shut, Atton reached out and focused on his lightsaber in the hand of a fledgling alien. The hilt broke free of his grasp, and despite his fumbling to get it back, it landed firmly in Atton palm, igniting the twin yellow blades at once. Behind him, the others did the same, a rainbow of light reflecting off the metallic ground and the back of his clothing.

It was a standoff; Atton and his Jedi, and the frightened group of Duros, blaster shaking in their hands. Lightsabers humming in their hands, the learners charged forward.

The Duros never stood a chance.

Shutting down his saber, Atton turned back to the rest, small beads of sweat falling from his forehead and his throat feeling oddly dry. "This isn't over yet," Atton warned, turning back and stepping over the warm bodies at their feet, terror forever frozen on their faces.