Chapter 1

"We're late, again", Spinelli grumbled as she TJ and Vince walked towards Miss Finster's room.

"She's going to kill us", Vince stated.

They all walked in the door and were surprised to see the classroom was in its usual chaos that settled down whenever Miss Finster came in. With this thought the trio looked around to notice Mrs Finster was not here.

"Hey guys!" Gus waved them over excitedly.

"Did you hear the good news", he asked quickly and at a simultaneous head shake he continued, "Miss Finster has the mumps!"

"That's good?" Vince inquired looking around unsure.

In front of them Randall burst into pathetic tears, "It means my beloved Miss Finster will be absent for at least two weeks".

There was a quiet pause followed by a collective cheer throughout the room.

Just then Prickly entered the room and yelled for quiet. The class took their seats and although still giddy about the revelation stayed quiet as Principal Prickly started to talk.

"Now as I'm sure you're all aware Miss Finster will not be in school for the next few weeks as she is ill". A large wail erupted from Randall again. "Oh suck it up boy, now you will have a new teacher until Miss Finster returns".

Excited whisperings followed this statement,"Oh maybe its Mr E or the Dude".

"No no, Mr E was not available and neither was Mr Dudecoff". With that Mr Prickly opened the door and there stood our new teacher. "Everyone please welcome Mr Reilly".

It didn't make any sense, this guy looked completely normal.

There were disappointed mumblings throughout the class as they greeted their new teacher.

As soon as Prickly left the room, wishing the new teacher luck, TJ turned to his friends. "Don't worry I'll break him in".

With that he lifted a straw to his mouth and fired a spit ball at the back of Reilly's head. Reilly dodged the spit ball faster than most people's eyes could move and in seconds he had grabbed TJ's arms and wrapped them behind his back and pushed his face into the table.

TJ tried to push the older man off but found that their new teacher was incredibly strong.

Reilly bent his head down to the 11 year olds ear and hissed, "Are you going to try that again, because next time I'll make sure you won't be able to move your arms for weeks".

The whole class was staring at the man with wide eyes and baited breath as he slowly released TJ from the vice grip he held.

Randall was the first to snap out of their daze as he stood up and yelled, "You hit and threatened a kid, I'm telling!"

Reilly smirked at the boy, "No you're not because if you do I will personally make sure the rest of your life will be a nightmare you can't wake up from".

"Now", he called out his demeanour changing from vicious to friendly, "Everyone take out your books and turn to page 69".

Everyone nearly got whiplash from trying to open their books so fast, in fear of incurring the older man's wrath. TJ looked up from his book and glanced around to see all of his friends staring at him in concern.

The kids felt their hearts stop as the bell signalling the beginning of recess cut through the silence and as everyone was on their way out a voice rang out.

"Detweiler, you have detention after school".