Epilogue: The Future

6 years in the future:

Buffy ran outside followed behind Dru Anne who insisted on running out after her dad who was working in the garden with their eldest, Lucas William. Dru Anne shouted, "We made a cake! Well actually mommy made a cake with Joyce's help but I got to lick the batter bowl! Mommy turned the oven on and it's all finished! Come have some cake daddy! It's your favorite, chocolate."

Lucas looked at his dad who grinned and ruffled his hair, "Break time, go on inside Lucas and Dru Anne, mommy and I will join you shortly."

The two children ran inside to try to beat Joyce for the first piece. Buffy leaned against Spike who put his arm around her. She giggled, "Think we should have another one?"

Spike laughed, "Three isn't enough?"

Buffy shrugged as Spike listened carefully eyeing her, "Another?" Buffy grinned and said nothing. She always wanted a big family since she knew she had been an only child until Dawn had been created and Spike was definitely an only child. When naming the children, they hadn't fought at all. The first child was named after Spike's father and given Spike's name as his middle. Spike had declared William a poncy name not fit to be a surname so it had been a compromise.

The girls came easy as well. The first was after Joyce, Buffy's mother and given Marie after Buffy's grandmother. The second was named after Drusilla as Dru had paid a visit before the birth to inform Buffy and Spike that she would be blessed with the gift of sight and to be careful not to leave her alone. Drusilla had seen that during the child's first vision, she had fallen out of her crib. Thanks to Drusilla's vision, when she had fallen, she was caught by Spike. Since she had the gift of sight and Dru had saved her life, the baby had been named after her and given Buffy's middle name, which was the same as Spike's mother's name.

Buffy whispered, "Dawn is bringing over Kyle and Tish for a play date. I'm sure the kids will keep them busy and Connor can help you finish the room in the attic tomorrow."

Spike mumbled, "I don't know why we needed the attic finished too. Bad enough Xander and I had to work around the clock to make the basement into guest rooms so that you could have every Tom, Dick and Harry over for visits. Now the attic?"

Buffy shrugged, "Well I'm thinking Lucas can move upstairs to the attic since he's turning seven this year and we can use his smaller room for the nursery. As for the other room, depends on if it's a boy or girl. I prefer to keep Joyce and Dru Anne together so that Dru Anne isn't alone. She has those vision spells and Joyce even though she's only six, does well with them. Dru Anne still gets scared but what can you expect from a four year old."

Spike nodded as he patted her belly gently, "You'd better be a boy because otherwise you will be the third girl in that room and it's a bit tight."

Buffy laughed leaned over given Spike a kiss as they entered the house together to find their children fighting over who gets to cut the cake.

Dawn tucked Kyle into his big 3-year old bed and watched as Connor carefully placed Tish into the crib. Tish had been crying nonstop since the morning as she was cutting her first tooth. Now she was pleasantly sleeping.

Dawn smiled at Connor, "Hard to believe we've been married now for three years."

Connor grinned, "Not really."

Dawn whispered, "So how long before we can convince Spike and Buffy to watch the little ones so we can go on another dimension adventure."

Connor shrugged, "At least another year unless you have another one between now and then."

Dawn said nothing as she walked into their master bedroom, "So if I want to go on another adventure, we can't make love until then?"

Connor chuckled, "I never said that! I just meant for you not to have another child within the next year if you want to be able to leave them for a few days."

Dawn feigned indifference as she tossed her dress aside, "Well I guess we can forego sex…"

Connor leaped towards her as she fell back on the bed as she grinned innocently, "So I guess that's a no?"

Anya twirled around the kitchen enjoying married life immensely. They had the perfect children. They had Alex who was 6 and Hallie who was 4. Hallie was a dream come true compared to Alex. Alex was a troublemaker but could be sweet at times.

She looked over Alex's homework, "Off to bed Alex. Hallie, you'd better be in your bed when I come in there and not have your game boy going."

Hallie quickly hide her game boy under her pillow as Xander walked in, "I saw that. Better not let Aun see that or you'll lose it again."

Hallie nodded and smiled, "Tell me the story about the time you were a soldier again daddy?"

Xander settled in to tell Hallie the time during Halloween when he was turned a soldier by his costume. In the other room Anya tucked the blankets around Alex as she hummed laying out his clothes for the next day.

He whined, "Can't I wear the blue sweat shirt? Joyce likes it."

Anya switched the sweatshirts not saying anything but knowing that her son had a crush on Joyce who was in his class at school. She had worried about her son going to school since Sunnydale seemed to have trouble keeping schools in one piece after the Hellmouth was closed a few years ago and destroyed the second high school that had been built. Luckily the town had gotten the hint and had built the new high school on another location. Xander had assured Anya that the elementary school was safe and protected from anything supernatural. So far it appeared he had been right.

She turned on Alex's nightlight and closed the door just as Xander was coming out of Hallie's room. Anya grinned taking Xander's hand in hers as she whisperd, "Bedtime, Mr. Harris."

He chuckled following behind her. He closed their bedroom door cornering her near the bed, "Bedtime Mrs. Harris."

Willow and Tara walked down the streets of Paris holding hands. They were on a world tour that had been spent teleporting to a new location once a week. They visited Sunnydale often but mostly spent time with each other. It was the perfect solution to their issues.

Willow had been taken in by the coven for a while to be trained and now she only used magic if Tara was with her. They had left Sunnydale shortly after Spike and Buffy's wedding had been traveling ever since.

Somewhere in L.A. Angel lay in his human body next to Nina. She was a werewolf he had met shortly after Buffy and Spike had broken the news to him. He still thought of Buffy a lot but had settled into a life with Nina. He wasn't sure it was forever but it was enough for now and that was the important part.

In Brazil, deep in a tropical rain forest, Drusilla was spending time with her demon lover. Dru was happy and enjoying her unlife spending time with the animals of the wild and her demon lover. To unheard music, Dru danced naked looking up at the sky that could not be seen and sang to stars that were nonexistent. She was rejoicing with the stars that her dark prince had another gift growing inside of Buffy.

The End!