Route 29: The Johto Region

Near the New Bark Town entrance to the route, two boys stood with Poké Balls in hand, having just run into each other. One boy wore a yellow t-shirt with a white stripe, blue shorts, blue shoes, and a blue baseball cap turned sideways. The other boy also wore a baseball cap over his raven black hair, though he wore it backwards and it was yellow in back and black in the front with a Poké Ball design. He also has a red pullover with a white front pocket, yellow shorts that have black stripes on the sides, and shoes that are a mix of black, red, and yellow.

"The name's Joey! I'm a Youngster! Where do you come from?" the boy with the blue cap asked. "Me? You're asking me?" the boy with the pullover asked. He continued, "My name is... Gold of New Bark Town! I'm aiming to win the Johto League Silver Conference, and I'm a really powerful Trainer! And this is my partner!" So saying, he threw the Poké Ball, which opened in a shower of light to release the Pokemon within.

The light faded away to reveal a Chikorita. "I've never seen one before! Is it a Grass-type?!" Joey exclaimed. He then threw his Poké Ball, saying, "Go, Rattata!" Light emerged from the Poke Ball, fading away to reveal the Mouse Pokémon. "Hyper Fang!" he called, and Rattata headed for Chikorita, preparing to attack with its front fangs. "Chikorita! Counter it with your Vine Whip attack!" Gold called. Chikorita nodded and charged towards Rattata. Before Rattata could attack, Chikorita's vines came out of its neck and ensnared the smaller Pokémon. "Ack! What?! It's getting eaten by those roots! Come back, Rattata!" Joey exclaimed, recalling Rattata to its Poké Ball. It became surrounded with a red light that pulled it out of Chikorita's grasp and back into the Poké Ball.

"Well, it looks like I'm the winner," Gold grinned, patting Chikorita to show that he was proud of it. Joey replied, "You're using Chikorita, even though I can see that it hasn't been with you that long. How long have you been a Trainer?" Gold gave a sheepish smile and, somewhat embarrassedly, said, "Well... Starting today, I suppose." This was clearly not the response Joey expected, as he shouted, "TODAY?!" Gold nodded and said, "Yeah. See, this morning, the town's Pokemon professor asked to see me..."


Gold left his house to head for Professor Elm's lab, having been told by his mother that he was looking for him. After arriving, Gold knocked on the door, and soon it was answered by Professor Elm, who said, "Ah, Gold! Sorry for bothering you, but will you help me with something urgent?" At Gold's nod, Professor Elm explained, "I'd like you to visit Mr. Pokémon, who lives in the neighboring Cherrygrove City. It seems he has made a bit of a discovery regarding Pokémon, but I'm too busy to go see what it is." At this, Gold looked behind him to see all of his assistants trying to take care of things on computers and move Poké Balls and other things around the lab. He then said, "Well, Professor... Although I'd like to help, I don't have any Pokémon in case I'm attacked, so I really can't go..." Professor Elm smiled and said, "Don't worry about that. Come with me."

Professor Elm led Gold into the laboratory and over to a table with three Poké Balls resting on it. "I believe you're about the age to become a Trainer, Gold. And since I know that it's quite a walk to Cherrygrove City, I prepared some Starter Pokémon for you," he said. He then opened the Poké Balls to show Gold the Pokémon that were inside. "First, a young and naughty Water-type Pokémon that can bite anything... Totodile. Next we have a timid Fire-type Pokémon that has a powerful flame... Cyndaquil. And lastly, the cutest Grass-type Pokémon you'd ever laid your eyes on... Chikorita." Professor Elm explained, introducing the Pokémon. "Wow... New Pokémon that I haven't seen before. Is it really okay for me to train one?" Gold asked. Professor Elm said, "You really have a Trainer's power of observation, Gold! And I'm sure any one of them will quickly grow to like you."

Gold looked at the Pokémon and said, "Great! Hmm... Which one? Totodile's jaws would be sure to put a dent in anything they get a hold of, and being able to use water would be cool! Or maybe Cyndaquil? Using a Fire-type attack... Bang!" He thought about all three for a moment, then turned to Totodile and said, "Okay, Totodile! I choose you-" While he was deciding to choose Totodile, Chikorita used its Vine Whip to tie up his arm! This caused Gold to panic and dash around, trying to get Chikorita to let go. "It seems Chikorita has especially taken a liking to you," Professor Elm commented while he sweat dropped. "I wonder... Is this really such a good way to start out as a Trainer?" Gold asked after Chikorita disentangled itself from his arm. Chikorita sat down and looked up at him with a smile, hoping Gold would choose it.

"Not to worry, Gold. Even the best Trainers have their rocky starts, so don't worry. Just know that I'm counting on you now!" Professor Elm said. He then reached into his lab coat and pulled out a blue PokéGear, saying, "Once you get a hold of the news, use this PokéGear to contact me immediately." Gold was awed about having his very own PokeGear, so he immediately strapped it to his left wrist. As he looked up, he suddenly noticed a shadowy figure standing up on the window ledge where he was looking. "Professor, look! There's someone lurking behind the window up there!" he called. Professor Elm turned to look, but did not see anyone, so he turned to Gold and said, "I don't see anyone there." Gold replied, "I could've sworn there was somebody there. They looked like they were wearing black." Professor Elm said, "Don't worry about such trivial matters. You can't become a successful Trainer that way! I'm sure it's fine, so you can get going." Although Gold was still a bit suspicious, he decided to let it go, so he and Chikorita headed for the door.

Back up on the window ledge, the figure Gold spotted removed his back from the wall he had been pressing against to avoid being seen and resumed his looking. "He has good eyes... I'll see if he can battle as good as he can look once their backs are turned," he whispered.

As Gold left the lab, he suddenly heard a girl call, "Hey! Gold!" He turned to his right to see his old friend, Kotone, heading towards him. She was wearing a white cap on top of her greenish blue hair, as well as a white jacket over her red long sleeve shirt, a pair of yellow shorts that were black on the sides, and shoes that were red, white, and black. "Hey, Kotone! What's up?" Gold called. She stopped in front of him and said, "Well, I happened to see you coming out of Professor Elm's lab, so I thought I'd see what was up!" she said cheerfully. Gold said, "Professor Elm asked me to run an errand for him since he's so busy. I'm supposed to go to Cherrygrove City to meet with Mr. Pokémon and find out about the discovery he made. So Professor Elm gave me my first Pokémon to help me complete the task and this PokéGear to contact him with," gesturing to Chikorita and his arm as he spoke.

Kotone replied, "Wow, that's awesome, Gold! Maybe you should go show your mom before you go! Just to let her know what you're doing. Hmm... You know, I think I might be getting my first Pokémon a little later, since I'm leaving to see my grandparents who live near Goldenrod City soon. Ooh, that reminds me. I've still got a few things to pack." She then turned and headed for her house, waving behind to Gold and calling back to him, "Bye, Gold! Maybe I'll see you if you need to go to Goldenrod!" Gold waved back to her for a moment while Chikorita did the same with a vine, then they both headed for Gold's house.

End flashback

"So that's what happened," Gold concluded, Chikorita rubbing against his leg. Joey was a bit surprised about what happened at the lab and wondered what would've happened if he had chosen Totodile like he originally planned. Then he remembered what Gold had said about its jaws and decided that Chikorita was probably the better choice. "Hey, Joey, do you know if Cherrygrove City is far from here?" Gold asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. "Yeah, it's not that far from here. You should be able to get there by sunset. Since there are wild Pokémon that only come out at night, it would probably be best to stay at the center when you get there!" Joey explained.

Gathering up his backpack and having Chikorita rest on his shoulder, Gold turned to look at Joey over his shoulder and said, "Thanks, Joey! I'll contact you with my PokéGear sometime! Looking forward to another challenge from you, dude!" Joey called back, "Sure thing! And next time, you can tell me how you won with your beginner's luck..." Suddenly, all three of them heard the sound of a Pidgey and a Geodude. Looking around, Gold spotted both Pokémon laying in the grass, both badly hurt! However, when Gold tried to help them, both of them tried to attack him! Joey said, "They're terrified of us! Maybe they were attacked by humans?" Gold turned to him and exclaimed, "A human did this?! Who would do such a thing?!" Joey replied, "I wouldn't know. Team Rocket used to do things like this, but that was three years ago, back before they disbanded."

Gold looked back at the Pokémon and said, "We can worry about who did this later. Right now, we've got to help them!" Joey replied, "But the Pokémon Center is too far away for us to take them there..." Looking around, Gold suddenly shouted, "Look over there! It's an Oran Berry tree!" Dashing over to the tree, Gold grabbed several berries off of it and came back over to the Pokémon. Dropping two of them in front of Pidgey and Geodude, he said, "You both will recover soon if each of you eats a berry. We have to get going so be sure to eat them and get your strength back, both of you." He then pulled out two more berries and said, "And each of you can take one back to share with your friends. I've tied each to a string so that they're easier to carry!" As he watched Gold talk to the Pidgey and Geodude, Joey thought, "I thought he was arrogant... He actually really cares for Pokémon." As Gold and Joey left, both Pidgey and Geodude silently watched as Gold left.

Joey was headed back to New Bark Town, so he and Gold parted ways from there. As he walked, Gold thought, "Really, though... Who could have done such a terrible thing?" Looking up at the sky, Gold noticed that the sun was going down. "Evening already? Looks like I took too long!" he said. As he began to get close to Cherrygrove City, his PokéGear suddenly rang. Flicking it open, he saw that it was Professor Elm, so he answered it. Almost immediately, Gold heard the professor saying, "Gold, it's me, Elm! Something terrible has happened! Come back immediately!!!" Gold replied, "What is it, Professor? What happened? I've already walked so far..." Suddenly, a voice behind him said, "I'll tell you what happened, Gold!" Turning around, Gold suddenly saw an Ember attack coming towards him! He ducked out of the way and the small fireballs fizzled out when they landed in a small pond nearby.

After seeing them fizzle, Gold turned to see a boy with long red hair wearing a black fleece shirt, baggy blue jeans, and black and red boots standing there. Next to his right leg was the Cyndaquil from Elm's lab. "Gold, what's going on?!" Elm cried. "It's okay, professor. I've got it handled," Gold reassured him, then hit the hang-up button. He then asked, "Who are you?" The passer-by boy replied, "My name is Silver!" Gold then asked, "What'd you attack me with an Ember attack for?!" Silver replied, "This Pokémon is now mine! I saw its potential in becoming a powerful Pokémon, so I took it when that fool of a professor wasn't looking!"

Gold shouted, "You were the one at the window, weren't you?! You thief!!" Silver simply brushed some of the hair in front of his face away as he said, "Whatever you say, kiddo. I'll do whatever it takes to become the most powerful Trainer! That includes trashing weaklings like those two others!" Gold asked, "Two others...? You did that to Pidgey and Geodude?!" Silver laughed and said, "They were both too weak! They didn't serve me any purpose!" Gold shouted, "What are you talking about?! Pokémon and Trainers work as one to grow stronger together!" Silver pointed at Gold and said, "I saw what happened between you and those two. Any Trainer who would spoil and aid such lost causes is my enemy!!"

Gold yelled, "Chikorita! Whip that ruthless jerk!!" At that, Chikorita leapt from his shoulders ready to battle. Silver called, "Cyndaquil! Deal with that sentimental fellow!!" Cyndaquil leapt into battle Chikorita, making Gold see that the odds were against him. "Oh man! How is Chikorita going to defeat a Fire-type?!" he groaned. Silver spoke, "Amateurs who don't know the basics shouldn't go around bragging! You'll never become the most powerful Trainer! I'll cut those dreams short right now!!" Silver then commanded an Ember attack from Cyndaquil, which really hurt Chikorita badly. "I'm not holding anything back! Ember again!!" Silver called. Once again, Cyndaquil flared up and launched a round of fireballs towards Chikorita. "Stop!!" Gold cried, grabbing Chikorita and preparing to shield it with his body. "What is he thinking?! He can't seriously believe he can take the attack himself!!" Silver shouted.

Suddenly, the wind whipped, which prevented the Ember attack from hitting Gold. Looking up, Gold saw a Geodude and a Pidgey in front of him. Noticing the Oran Berry that the Pidgey had tied around its neck, Gold realized that it was the same Pidgey and Geodude from earlier. Gold called out, "Geodude! Use Rock Throw!" Geodude instinctively obeyed Gold's command and launched several rocks at Cyndaquil, knocking it out!

After recalling Cyndaquil, Silver spoke, "Hmph! Being rescued by Pokémon... You're nothing short of being incompetent. I'll let the matter rest for now. But if I ever see you again, I'll settle this once and for all! Stay out of my way if you know what's good for you! I'm going for the Johto League Silver Conference and the championship!!" And with that, Silver began to walk away, heading for Cherrygrove City. "Silver... I won't forget that name," Gold murmured to himself. Looking up, Gold saw that the sun had almost set. Not far from where he was, he could see lights beginning to go in buildings in the direction Silver had headed. He turned back to Pidgey and Geodude and asked if they would like to join him. At their agreement, Gold took out two of the Poké Balls his mother had given him and set them for Geodude and Pidgey. With that done, they set out for Cherrygrove City so they would be there by the time the moon rose.


Off the coast of Cinnabar Island, a cruise ship was cutting across the water, heading for the port in Cherrygrove City. Aboard the ship were people and Pokémon of all types. Some of them were looking to head to the Johto region for a vacation or business trip. Others were looking to meet new Pokémon that they would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. And of course there were Trainers looking to compete in the Johto League Silver Conference.

One of the doors on deck opened, and a young boy, looking to be no older than 9 years old, stepped out. He wore a red long sleeve shirt, a blue jacket that was black at the elbows and inside up to the collar, stretching out slightly at the zipper, black jeans, and blue shoes that had some white on top. He also had a white scarf that went down just past his chest, a reddish-pink hat, a platinum-colored bracelet on his right arm, and a blue, square-shaped Pokétch on his left sleeve. On his left shoulder sat a Minun, and above his right shoulder was a Misdreavus. The three of them walked over to the starboard side of the ship to watch the setting sun.

As they gazed on the horizon, some of the others passengers glanced at him, wondering where his parents were since he looked too young to be traveling on his own. They paid these looks no attention, focusing instead on the colors of the sky. They, along with the rest of their friends, were indeed traveling on their own, looking to seek new challenges in Johto and many new friends.

The boy spoke, "Tomorrow morning, we'll be in Cherrygrove City, guys. We'll get registered at the Pokemon Center and give dad a call before we start our journey. You ready to go for the Johto League?" Both Minun and Misdreavus happily replied, "(You bet we are, Hareta!)" Hareta smiled at hearing that, knowing that his friends were just as pumped up about going to Johto as he was. All three then turned their attention back to the sky for a little while longer. Eventually, they decided that it was getting late, so they headed back to their cabin to get some sleep for the night.

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First Battle- Normal Battle (Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness)

Gold's Flashback- New Bark Town (Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver)

Battle with Silver- Rival Battle (Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver)

Journey to Johto- Pokémon Gym/Evolution (Pokémon series) (Super Smash Brothers Brawl)

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