The car seat was put back into the Impala and the three and a half left the Roadhouse and hit the highway. Lily looked at Dean from the back seat, "Don't be so put out, Dean. Chicks love kids," she said, knowing he hated looking like a soccer mom.

But how many soccer moms do you know that drive a perfectly restored 1967 Chevy Impala? None? That's what Lily said.

"Yeah," he said grumpily, giving Johnny a glance in the rear view mirror. Though it was bad for his image- he loved that kid like crazy. And they all knew it. So Lily just laughed.

She felt like she was home. Sure, they didn't have one…the Impala was the closest thing. But as the saying goes: home is where the heart is. And her heart was definitely with the Winchester boys. And that included their new little addition.

"Where are we going?" Lily finally asked. It didn't really matter to her. As long as she was with them. She couldn't quite see his face but she knew Dean was smiling. And it was big, "Concrete, Washington," he replied.

"What's in Concrete?" Lily inquired, letting her song play with the hem of her sweater. Sam glanced back at her and then to Dean, "A ghost has been haunting a women's health center."

"The showers of a women's health center. C'mon Sammy, don't leave out the best part!" Dean replied, and Lily could tell the car was driving a little faster. Lily chuckled, "Well, Dean, you've earned this one." "Damn straight."


Lily was getting her son ready for bed in the motel. They'd finally reached Concrete, but it was time to get her son to bed, even though he'd slept in the car. Sam was outside making a phone call, asking to meet with some girl named Candace to talk about her shower-incident. Dean was in the bathroom taking a shower.

"C'mon Johnny," she said, pulling his pajama shirt on. "We're going to get you to bed," she was talking to her son as she went. She turned around to grab his teddy bear out of his bag when she screamed bloody murder. Someone was standing behind her and it wasn't Sam or Dean. She screamed again, grabbing her son protectively. She then headed for the gun under Dean's pillow. Sam came running in the door and a moment later Dean had the door open (the shower was still running and he was holding a towel around his wet body.

But Lily was confused why neither of the boys were acting on the intruder that had someone entered their room without coming through the door.

Both Sam and Dean let out sighs of relief and the intruder looked at her curiously.

"Lily, it's okay," Sam said. After he took a moment to calm down- he laughed a little, "This is Castiel." Sam was still unsure of how he felt about the angels, but he knew they were good at least. "The angel."

Johnny had begun to cry in his mother's arms and she rocked him back and forth, looking at Castiel. "So this is Lily," Castiel looked at her curiously.

Dean had disappeared back into the bathroom, chuckling lightly. Lily took a moment to get her breathing at its normal pace, "Yeah. That's me," she said, rocking her son.

But Castiel turned around to face the bathroom door, "Dean I need to talk to you," he said at the closed door. Dean responded but Lily didn't catch it because Sam had gotten off the phone and approached her, "Sorry," He said, "We should have warned you," he finished, reaching out and touching his sons hair gently. Lily could sense guilt radiating from the man and she nodded, "It's fine," she shook her head, "I guess I should be more prepared…" she said, handing her son to Sam once he'd calmed down.

Sam held the boy close, "I'm meeting with Candace tomorrow. I'm a journalist this time," he said with a small smile. "I like it better when you're a rock star," Lily teased.

Sam gave a smile. And in that moment both of them could feel the guilt, the absence, the longing and everything else that had been damaged or missing for so long. Sam thought it appropriate to say, "I'm going to take the couch tonight."

Lily nodded. At the surface, that was probably a good idea. The damages were deep and it would take a lot to repair. But she shook her head, "Nonsense…Sam we have a son together and…" she paused but continued confidently, "And we love each other. A lot has happened and a lot needs to be worked out but why skirt around it?" she asked. Sam slowly nodded, agreeing on some level. She stepped forward and hugged him, their son halfway between them, "I've missed you." She whispered.

Sam nodded and kissed the top of her head. "You have no idea…" he responded just as longingly.