AN: I'm pretty sure most of you read ' A Nightmare Reality'. I'd like to present to you the sequel of that story; 'The Nightmare Continues'. I'd like to thank pokefan366 for the title.

It was one of those quiet nights when nothing but the sound of chirping crickets were heard. The sky was clear, the streets were quiet, and the tree leaves blew in a gentle breeze.

Even the Seville residence was peaceful. The house was dark, which meant everyone was asleep. Well, almost everyone. Alvin was having a little bit of trouble. Since the day his uncle Leonard got arrested, Alvin hasn't been able to get over his experience of being beaten for a few days.

Alvin suddenly sat up straight in bed. He was breathing hard and sweating. When he saw that Simon and Theodore sleeping in their beds he began to calm down. Alvin let out a deep breath.

Dave just happened to be coming in to check on the boys when he found Alvin sitting up in bed. "Alvin?" he said, nearly in a whisper. He quietly entered the room, careful not to wake up Simon and Theodore, and took a seat on Alvin's bed.

Alvin looked up at him.

"What're you doing up, are you OK?" Dave asked, his voice still soft and gentle.

Alvin was too tired to answer.

"Did you have another nightmare?" Dave asked gently.

Alvin nodded tiredly.

Dave carefully gathered Alvin in his arms and cradled him. He already knew what Alvin's nightmare was about.

Alvin felt secure in Dave's arms and his eyes began to get droopy. He fought to stay awake.

"Don't fight it, Alvin. Sleep is really what you need right now" Dave said.

Alvin closed his eyes and he was soon in a deep sleep.

Dave carefully placed his son back in bed, pulled the covers up, and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead. Then he quietly left the room, gently closed the door behind him.

The sun shone through the boys' room, signaling that it was time to get up and get ready for school. Simon and Theodore rolled themselves out of bed and started getting dressed. Alvin was still snug underneath his covers, fast asleep.

Dave quietly entered the room. "Are you guys almost ready? I don't want you to be late" he said softly.

"What about Alvin?" asked Theodore. "Isn't he going to school?"

"Alvin can't go to school for the next few days, Theodore" said Simon.

"Besides Mr. Jenkins is having you, Simon, and the girls bringing any assignments he missed home" Dave said.

"So what is Alvin supposed to do for the next few days?" Theodore asked.

Dave smiled. "Sleep" he said. "Now run along. You're going to be late. Your lunches are on the table"

Simon and Theodore left their bedroom, went downstairs and grabbed their lunches, and left for school.

Dave turned to his sleeping son and walked over to his bed. He gave Alvin a gentle rub on the back. Alvin's eyes fluttered open, though they weren't opened too wide.

"Hey Alvin, I'll be downstairs if you need anything, OK?" Dave said softly.

Alvin slowly closed his eyes again.

Dave placed a gentle kiss on Alvin's cheek and quietly left the room.

Not long after Dave left the room, Alvin began to stir. He sat up and rubbed his eyes from the bright sunlight. He stayed there for awhile. His head throbbed and he was very sore. When he felt that his head had stopped throbbing, he threw off his covers and climbed out of bed. Then made his way out of his room.

As Alvin walked down the hall, he heard the TV running. Alvin slowly made his way downstairs and followed the sound of the TV, which led him to the den. He found Dave watching TV.

Dave was watching the morning news and he heard something he really didn't want to hear.

"And this just in, Leonard Seville has escaped from prison" said the reporter.

Dave suddenly noticed Alvin standing in the doorway of the den, hugging himself. He looked scared.

Dave got up from the couch and walked over to Alvin. "What's the matter?" he asked gently.

Alvin looked up at him.

"I guess you heard the news too, huh?" Dave asked, his voice still gentle.

Alvin hugged himself tighter.

"Hey big guy, don't you worry. Your uncle may have busted out, but he's not coming here" he said softly.

"You promise?" Alvin asked in a low voice.

"I can't promise, but if he does come back, I'll try to make sure he doesn't get in" said Dave.

"But what if he does?" Alvin asked, his voice still low.

"Then I'll do everything I can to protect you" Dave said. He pulled Alvin in for a hug.

Alvin held on tightly to his father. He didn't want to let go.

"Everything will be all right Alvin. I'm here for you" Dave said softly.

A little later, Dave and Alvin were watching TV together when there was a knock at the door. It sounded more like a pound. The sound of the knock made Alvin jump.

"Just relax Alvin. Go up to your room. You should be safe there" said Dave as he stood up.

As Alvin hurried up to his room, there was another pound at the door.

"All right, all right. I'm coming" Dave said. But before answering the door, he made sure Alvin was completely upstairs and in his room.

Dave answered the door, only to find a young man in a long jacket and sunglasses on the other side. He was holding a duffel bag

"Leonard, what are you doing here?" Dave asked.

Leonard removed his sunglasses. "How did you know it was me?" he asked.

"Maybe because you walked up to my door dressed like this last time. Again, what are you doing here?" said Dave.

"Maybe it's because I need a place to stay" said Leonard.

"You're not staying here" Dave said.

"And why can't I? You're the only person I can stay with right now" Leonard said.

"You're not staying here, Leonard" said Dave.

Leonard managed to make his way in.

"What part don't you get?" Dave asked as he closed the door.

"The 'not staying here' part. Now, where can I sleep?" said Leonard.

"How about back at the jailhouse?" Dave said.

Leonard took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa. "Forget it. I know where the guest room is" he said. Then he made his way upstairs.