Never be the Same

4 months on from End of Silence the Winchesters are settled back onto the road full time. But when Sam has an accident on a hunt it could mean the start of a new life for them all, but is it a better life or not?

Pandora's box VS Sammy's Box

"Dean down!" John yelled then shot his gun at the spook about to jump his eldest.

Dean then felt a buzzing in his hip so he turned to face Sam and sure enough had to duck again.

He then had a milli second heart attack, clicked his buzzer for Sam then shot when the kid ducked.

It was Sam's idea, there was always the question of how would they get Sam's attention of a hunt if they had their hands full with guns and salt, and how would Sam get their attention as well. So the kid had a genius plan of getting custom made buzzers and remotes. Sam had to wear 2, one on his right for Dean and one on his left for John, if his right buzzed he had to glance for half a second in Dean's direction then duck act accordingly, and basically the same if his left hip vibrated for John.

At first Dean and John were worried that it would give Sam a god awful head ache like the saw that time but the man in the aid store assured them a lot of deaf people use buzzers such as this on a night to use as an alarm for the morning. They still weren't convinced but Sam knew he had to try it so he begged them to go back to the store and get two for him and one for each of them and remotes to match. Turns out, they worked like a charm on the first practice hunt and they had been using it on every hunt and in everyday life ever since, it was genius!

Sam felt his right hip buzz, and buzz and buzz like hell so he dropped to the floor thinking Dean was about to shoot something like mad behind him, but instead of feeling the wet grass under him, he was flung into the air and he felt a huge jolt of pain in his head before everything went back.


"...aamm...ohh ...od...amm...eee... mmm...amm...ook...eee...."

'I can hear...oh god I can hear!!...Green eyes...freckles....spiky hair....leather and gun powder!!.... It's Dean! That's exactly how I thought he sounded like! It's Dean!! Dean I can HEAR!!!' Sam's mind screamed in bliss.


"...tay...kee...amm...." Dean yelled frantically tapping his cheek.


Sam felt a huge sting in head and he jumped back.

"...amm...illl...kay...ayy..." he heard once again but the voice was gruffer, more in control, but still terrified deep down.


"...ospi...le...kay ..amm...taking"


Sam tried to push the hands away and he managed to between the pain and buzzing in his ears he felt his feet under him and he ran like there was no tomorrow.


"Samuel Collins...deep fracture to his skull...perforated ears...parents didn't make it...dead at scene...foster care...poor kid...hurting real bad..."

Sam blinked away the bright lights and tried to figure out where he was, he was being wheeled somewhere, more bright lights, more pain...more people in white coats...covered in blood, working round him frantically.

"It's okay sun shine..."

"Mommyy!! DADDYY!!!!!" he screamed thrashing on the bed.

"We need restrains over here!!" someone called from above him.

"He's just a boy!"

"Who is endangering himself and others! Restraints now!" the doctor ordered.


"Hold him down!" the mean guy ordered holding Sam's head firm down as he tried to head but people.

"Wait! Don't! His ears!...Oh god...Ohh poor kid..." someone gasped.

"Shit we just made this kid deaf...oh shit..."

Sam could no longer hear, there was a screaming screeching cat noise in his ears but people around him were getting blurry and he could see lips moving but no sound coming out...

'Daddy told me you can only mute people on telly...he said he wished he could have mute button for grandpa sometimes...where did these doctors find a mute button? I need to ask them, maybe daddy can have one for grandpa like he always wanted...why can they mute themselves but not this stupid cat in my ears?...daddy I'm scared....don't like mute buttons anymore!!'

The last thing Sam saw before things faded out was his mommy and daddy at the end of the bed waving and crying.

'Mommy? Daddy? Where are you going?...mommy? daddy? please don't leave me please!!!'


Sam was now on the ground again, his had hurt even more, 'I just want my momm...Dean! I want Dean and my new dad!'


He saw those same green eyes looking down at him, those eyes were leaking, Sam felt a salty drip fall on his lips and he knew Dean was crying.

'Dean...Deanie? Please I'm scared...'

"" Sam didn't catch the last word, he looked round, blinked a few times then saw John sighing "no hospital, but...stay very"

'Deanie?!! What's wrong with me?!!! My head hurts!! Dean....!! Please!!'

He just about felt his eyes go back to normal when they zoned out again and he was lost in his head.


"Sammy? You dressed for church baby?" his mom called.

"Weady mommy," the cute mop haired kid said grinning in his new little suit.

"Aww don't you look handsome," his mother gushed as he squealed happily.

"Wait one sec kiddo, we need to tame that mop of yours," his dad said coming towards him with a comb and a huge tub of gel.

"Don't, I love my babies hair," Retta pouted.

"Honey, the kid, my only child and son looks like a girl."

"No I's don't daddy! You's a big meanie 'bout my hair!" Sam shouted then stomped his foot and ran upstairs slamming his door with all his little hands could.

"Don't you dare run in this house young man! And we don't slam doors either!" Allen scolded rushing upstairs after his son who was having a baby tantrum.

"Allen! Stop it! You started it, now Sam, come out of your room like a good boy," mom told her son firm but kind and surely enough a little set of brown eyes emerged. "Now daddy do you have something to say to Sam?" she asked pointing a finger in her husband's face.

"I'm sorry Sammy for being mean about your hair," Allen smiled kneeling down, he couldn't resist those puppy eyes Sam was working the hell out of right now.

"And Sam do you have something to say to daddy?"

"M'sorry for being all baby-ish and slamming Mr. Door," the little sweet heart with an obsession of naming things MR and Mrs lately said then leaned in to hug his daddy.

"Good, now come on you big kids, we're gonna be late," *** said smiling at her dudes hug it out.

"Daddy mommy just called you a's a big trouble mommy," Sammy giggled when Allen put his pouty face on and put Sam on the floor to go run after Loretta who was running and laughing while her guys chased her outside and into the car.



He felt warm arms pick him up from the cold ground and he knew he was safe to close his eyes to happy dreams.

"No Sam stay awake!" Dean scolded tapping his cheek harder than intended.


"You little brat I swear to god you ever touch my food I'm gonna cut your tongue out!"

Sam felt his cheek sting where he just got slapped by Alice who was now opening a tin of dog food and slamming it down in front of Sam.



Sam's eyes stung with tears and he sobbed knowing what that was...this wasn't happy dreams coming alight...this was his life playing round in his head...






"Allen look out!!!"




"Hold him down!"


"No don't!"




"Kids deaf!"


"How the hell are we gonna explain this to the...."


"We just don't tell him anything..."




"Kid doesn't remember a thing...."


"Keep your trap shut!"


"Samuel Collins, highly dangerous...should be kept in a room by himself..."






"Hold his nose!!"


"Try and wheezle outa that one you little fuck!"


"Don't recommend going anywhere near that one."

"Oh I'm sure I can handle a little sweet kid like Sam."

"I never told you his name."

"Sure you did, Sam Collins, you told me, how else would I know?"

"Oh, you're right...not like you read minds, how silly of me."



"Aaaww...he's so cute...oh Alice we have to take Sammy home, he's just precious..."


"Hey, nice to see someone finally awake, how you feeling Sammy?" Dean asked with grin to hide his utter panic.

'Deanie?...I'm scared!'


I know its short but hopefully the drama in this one will make up for it.