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New Beginnings

"Here, I got a good one for you," it was now the day of Sam's release from the hospital, all the tests were over, and the doctors had happily given Sam the all clear, the boys were now killing time until someone fixed the printer, apparently it broke and the doc couldn't sign release papers that were on the computer still.

Dean had managed to wangle him and Sam a cassette player from dear old Edna, the sister on the ward, he charmed his way with her and she happily gave up her old machine to the boys when he said he wanted to get Sam into some road tunes before they took off.

Much to Dean's disappointment, Sam wasn't much into his mullet rock, he didn't hate it, but he didn't seem overjoyed when Dean played Sweet Child of Mine. So Dean had searched through his tapes and his brain for some more mellow songs Sam might like instead, Sam just got his hearing back, he wasn't about to make Sam regret that by playing stuff in the car the kid didn't like.

After not much success with his box of tapes, Sam asked if he could have a drink, Dean smiled then said he'd be back in 5 minutes.

When he returned with coffee in one hand and juice in the other, he heard the faint sounds of Bon Jovi's I'll be there for you playing, he groaned loud, how the hell did that tape get into his collection?

He couldn't help but snort when he saw Sam swaying to the cheesy tune.

Just as he sat down, not saying a word about Sam's music preferences, their dad walked in with a bag for Sam so he could have a shower and change before driving back to Bobby's. Sure Sam could have a shower then, but it was now lunch time and because of the operation's after effects, Sam had a habit these past few days of being absolutely fine until 6pm came around, then exhaustion hit like a slap in the face and had to take a nap. They all knew that if Sam didn't have a shower now, by the time they got home, he wouldn't be fit to have wash until the next day.

"Dad you wanna tell me how your Bon Jovi tape got in my car?"

John turned a bright shade of pink looked at Sam then snorted, "I guess he's taken for my guilty pleasures."

"Yeah, no kidding, thanks dad, this is just awful, Whitney Huston or Bonnie Tyler would have been better than this, you've broken my brother, this is the last time you meddle with my music."

"Ooo love e' an' you know e'!" Sam yelled over the music he was rather enjoying, this Bon Jovi guy wasn't half bad.

Being a fast learner, Sam picked up the ability to speak better pretty quickly, it wasn't perfect but it was damn amazing when you think of how Sam used to be less than a week ago. But the thing was, having been spending all day every day since with his big brother, he was starting to sound like a mini Dean, the way he said things, the timing his phrases had, the tone of his voice, it was starting to scare everyone but Dean and Sam. After some clowning around from Dean, air guitar-ring when Dead or Alive came on, Edna came in asking them to turn it down, John then turned the cassette player off and ordered Sam to get in the shower, but not before Dean mother henned about "if you feel dizzy sit down and yell for us, or if your ears start hurting…"

"Yyell ffur yyooh'," Sam finished.



Dean nodded a well done then waved the kid off to get washed.

Just as Sam appeared, dressed in his jeans and favourite blue and green shirt, his doctor walked in with a smile and said, "Gentlemen, I've got Sam's forms."


It was now almost a week later, so much for Sam staying in hospital for just a few days, when the kid did a nose dive the first afternoon, the doctor suggested keeping Sam in until he adjusted to his surroundings and new senses a bit, so if he did hurt himself medical staff were right on hand. Naturally, everyone but Sam was well for that idea. He got a little jumpy at sudden clatters and dizzy when he whipped his head around to noises too quick, but other than that, he was doing remarkably well.

Dean pulled down the windows, turned off the radio then placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Sammy, wake up man we're here."

It was a long drive, nowhere in the vicinity of the hospital was there a beach, so while Sam got well enough to be discharged, John and Bobby did some research on the beaches nearby, the best was a 5 hour drive away but the look of Sam's little face when he woke up to the waves crashing made it all more than worth it.

"Whoa..." Sam said unconsciously before grinning brightly at his brother and turning back at the waves. He didn't know what to call the sound, crashing? Pounding? Whatever it was called, it sounded pretty amazing.

Dean pulled into a space on the side of the road, trying to hide his bright grin and red cheeks, only to laugh loud and proud when Sam launched himself from the car hopping around like he'd never seen Sam do before.

"Alright, alright I'm coming," he said to himself shutting off the engine and getting out before watching Sam run towards to sand, he didn't move closer, he didn't walk behind his brother, he just stood and watched the kid sprinting down the beach.

Once Sam had come to a standstill, about a metre away from where the waves were coming in, he frowned, wondered what Sam was doing, worried for a split second that his brother had hurt himself, or gotten sick, or his ears were hurting or something, but when he started sprinting as well, he noted how relaxed Sam's shoulders was weird, but it was like he could tell if Sam was smiling or frowning, even from the back of his head, Sam was definitely smiling right now.

He placed a hand on the kid's shoulder when he reached him, then nudged Sam to look at him, he just needed to be sure...

He got his answer when Sam wrapped both his gangly arms around his chest. He ruffled the kid's hair after a few minutes then they both pulled away and turned watching the waves, nothing else, just watching...listening. To the birds, the waves, and maybe it was just in his head, but Sam could swear he could hear fish flapping in the far deep water.

The thing that made it even more special was, it was just the 2 of them on the entire beach, miles and miles all to themselves. But it was freezing today, well, not quite but bitter cold heavy winds plus water didn't equal tons of surfers or swimmers out today.

They had lost count of how long they stood, just listening, when Dean said he was just gonna go get a blanket to sit on, he didn't mention it was really to wrap up in, he was freaking cold!

When he got back from the short walk to his trunk, he smiled at Sam, the kid was now sitting perched on the sand with his right ear pricked towards a flock of birds crowing in the far distance. They had found out on the second day of Sam's hearing tests, his right was better than his left, but they were all assured that was totally normal, hell, Dean had no problems with his hearing what so ever but his left was better than his right, he knew from years of hunting to always prick the left one up in cases of emergency.

"Sammy," he said setting down the blanket, or 2 next to his brother before Sam shuffled across then went back to watching the water, grinning just a little bigger when a huge wave rang out.

After sitting under the blankets for half an hour, sitting in silence watching the world of the sea go by, Sam thought it was a good idea to pull off his sneakers and socks, roll up his jeans then take off running towards the water with Dean yelling after him.

"Sam! Come on it's freezing, we'll come back and swim in the summer, Sam!" he whined when his brother did nothing but giggle and run faster before he stopped, inches away from the water. When he turned back to his older brother he was a painful shade of white, that wasn't good. "Sam, come away from the water, I mean it!" he yelled carrying Sam's shoes on the way.

Sam shook his head, not in the 'I'm not doing what you say,' way, but just a general shrug of 'I'm not going to drown this time.'

"Sam," Dean warned, storming to his brother before Sam backed away from the water, still the consoling look on his face.

"M'not guna drow'," he smiled.

Dean sighed, realized how ridiculous he was being, last time Sam fell, you can't really fall far in the sea, unless the waves dragged you out, Sam was safe by the sea, okay he might get frost bite but he wasn't going to drown.

"Alright, let's go for a walk smart ass."

Dean pulled off his own boots and socks, then rolled up his jeans to his knees before they took off wandering along the shallows, a blanket wrapped over their shoulders each. Sam was furthest away from the water naturally and laughed every time a wave washed between his toes.

They didn't speak for the longest time, they just walked and sighed happily, Dean hadn't realized until now, until he really listened, how amazing the sea was, they needed to do this more often in their family. Maybe next time when it's a little warmer, they bring Bobby, and dad, and maybe they'll be guys selling hotdogs and ice cream, he bet $50 Sam would love that.

Never again, would he take for granted the gift of hearing, or the gift of Sammy for that matter.

The End.