He watches as she lies asleep on the pale white sheets and his heart constricts. He cannot resist and so he stretches his fingers forward and gently runs her silky locks through his digits. He watches as she stirs beneath his touch and he narrows his brows at her movement.

"Bya-Byakuya-sama..." she huskily whispers as she feels the faint remnants of his warmth.

He remains silent and visibly emotionless all the while observing her heavily veiled eyes with their thick lashes as she drowsily turns towards him on the futon. She is truly a remarkable creature...in so many ways.

He cannot for one small moment fathom the depth of conventionalities he has obliterated to have her by his side tonight and still he does not regret it. How can he regret it? He will not regret it despite the intricate web of despair it has woven around the elders. He had always catered to their needs previously but just for tonight...just for this moment, just to have her in his life he would throw away the shackles that have bound him to the elders. He will not bow to their demands anymore.

He loves this woman and he would rather no other.

The sheets delicately ruffle as she finally faces him and he can see the air of languor that dresses her.

"Sleepy?" he softly asks.

She gives a faint smile tinged with the remains of weariness and throatily whispers into the darkness. "not really.."

He cannot resist the sudden arousal those words have ignited and even if he is an expressionless man, the emotions that paint his soul tonight are more vivid than ever.

"Hisana..." he thickly mumbles before swiftly pinning her down against the futon, her wrists tightly secured by his hands against the sheets. She has quite suddenly jilted from her lag between consciousness and sleep and she blushingly blinks up at him as he begins to lean down towards her from above.

"Byakuya-Lord Byakuya..." she shyly mumbles as his lips waste no time in securing her nape. "What-what if the servants-"

"They will not come." he quietly murmurs.

He does not speak another word after that as he presses his hardness against her blossoming softness and moulds her to the sheets once more.

"Byakuya-sama..." she whispers amidst the throngs of their slow and thick lovemaking . "B-Byakuya-sama..." she mumbles once more as his thick strands of hair decorate her cheeks and his lips are darkly lining her own...

She cannot deny him and she does not want to in any case...

I haven't written in a while and just when i feel like writing again who do i end up drabbling about? Byakuya and Hisana of course! lol but i don't mind, even if i have tons of stuff with them, i truly love writing them! I'm thinking about making this my drabble session with byahisa instead of writing and publishing a list of separate stories. So maybe u can expect some more byahisa drabbles here and some may even be AU!