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The crispness of the morning air is invigorating, its sharpness steadily biting into the pale almost moon white skin of the young woman.

She gives a small shiver and carefully draws her coat closer around her slender frame. The warmth seems almost difficult to hold on to. It is a fleeting thing of comfort.

She rubs her hands together and gives a tiny exhale as the mist from her breath fans and elegantly crumbles with the wind's chill.

That was perhaps the only interesting thing about winter mornings. She does not particularly fancy the cold; it reminds her of harsh days of betrayal and uncertainty. She would rather avoid such things now.


She hears her name and slowly closes her eyes as the voice drifts towards her. She would rather listen to that voice than face any ruthless and unrelenting day of work.

"Byakuya-sama." She quietly answers.

She can feel his presence beside her and she knows he is silently eyeing her, watching her, observing her; attempting to ascertain the reason for her stillness.

"Are you ready?" he asks. His voice is expressionless but then, even without it she can still hear the subtle undertones vibrating from that strong monotone.

She smiles at his query and turns to regard him. "Whenever you are."

A shadow of a smile fleetingly parts his lips and he raises the parcel in his hands to indicate the conclusion of his outing.

"The store has no more of the ones you said Rukia enjoyed, so I bought the next best one."

Hisana quirks an eyebrow and gives a small chuckle. "It'll suffice." She begins walking ahead, her hands nestled deep with the pockets of her jacket and her neck warmly tied with a thick long scarf. "I think Rukia'll enjoy it nonetheless."

Byakuya watches as she moves beside him, the soft swishes of her jacket and hair gently carrying on the wind. "We should eat dinner together tonight." He casually comments as his wife begins to hum beneath her breath. "Do you think Rukia would mind?"

Hisana stops her humming and thoughtfully eyes her husband. "Not in the least." She softly returns. She rolls her eyes in deeper contemplation then and places a finger beneath her chin as she continues her deliberation. "As a matter of fact, I like that idea too."

Byakuya closes his eyes in agreement.


(later that night)


Kuchiki Hisana tentatively enters a fairly large room, a small package neatly held within her fingers. She quietly observes as her younger sister's frame responds to the call and she smiles a genuine smile as the teenager finally turns around to greet her.

"Are you alright? I called two times before you answered"

Kuchiki Rukia reciprocates her sister's gentle smile before fully turning around from her position at the window's edge.

"I was just thinking…nothing else really, sorry about that."

Hisana frowns at her sister's words and a shadow of worry immediately creeps upon her brows. "You're still troubled about that incident in school aren't you?"

Rukia blinks at those unexpected words.

"It's written all over your face dear."

Rukia watches as her sister moves towards her and is further surprised when Hisana gently rests her hands on her shoulders. "Hisana…"

A warm smile parts Hisana's lips as she began to lead her sister towards the bed. She takes a seat at the edge of the mattress and motions for her sister to do the same. "It was only a trivial matter." She softly begins, "Everyone forgets their homework at home at some point in their life."

Rukia absently watches as her sister begins to neaten the invisible creases upon her skirt. "I'm not angry with you. It was a genuine error."

Rukia lowers her eyes and clasps her hands upon her lap as the memory ran through her mind. "But ni-sama…ni-sama looked angry…he looked really angry when the teacher called you guys in yesterday."

Rukia looks up in surprise when she feels the warm brush of fingers against her cheek. Her sister warmly chuckles at her as she tucks a stray strand of hair behind her ear. "Rukia" she continues as she cups the teenage girl's cheek. "Rukia, Byakuya isn't angry with you."

"He was disappointed."

"No he isn't. He's proud of you, he's always been proud of you. He told me so."

Rukia's eyes snap upwards as she appraises her elder sister's countenance. "But during the ride back he was silent, he didn't say anything!" She protested.

Hisana gives another chuckle as she covers her lips. "Knowing Byakuya he was probably unsure of what to say."

"Well he could have at least said something." Rukia angrily retorts as she crosses her arms in defiance.

Hisana's features visibly soften. "Believe me Rukia, I know that man like the back of my palm and there are moments when words are just too much for him."

Rukia quirks an eyebrow at that statement.

"He wants you to like him even if he doesn't say it. He wants to be a good father figure in your life and sometimes he's unsure of how to accomplish that task."

Rukia gapes at her sister with an open mouth.

"It's true!" Hisana laughingly returns, "Here, to prove it he personally purchased something for you earlier this evening."

Rukia purses her lips. "He got me something…?"

Hisana nods. "Yes he did."

Rukia curiously looks at her sister and the small neatly wrapped package she had ushered towards her.


"Byakuya is a strange man," Hisana softly returns with a twinkle in her eyes. "But let's just say that this is his way of saying that he believes you, he believes that you really did forget your homework home hmm?"

"He thinks I was telling the truth then?"

Hisana mysteriously smiles and pushes the package closer yet.

Rukia uncertainly eyes her sister, a look of open curiosity dancing in her eyes. "What did he get me?" she finally asks after a moment. "He never gets me anything…"

Hisana tucks another strand of her own hair behind her ear and grins. "Well now you'll only know when you open it."

Rukia hesitantly eyes the parcel before glancing at Hisana to ascertain her approval. The elder sister encouragingly nods before placing the parcel firmly in her younger sister's hand. "Go on."

Without further delay and without being able to mask the curiosity that had over taken her the young girl eagerly begins to undo the well wrapped package. She tosses the paper aside and finally raises a rectangular casing with a flashy cover sprawled in the front.

Her eyes widen in pure astonishment before slowly metamorphosing into one of extreme ecstasy.

An instant gasp of uncontainable pleasure escapes her lips next and she looks up with pure delight smouldering in her violet eyes. "Hisana…" she barely manages to whisper as she cradles the audio compact disk in her arms. "Hisana! Ni-sama got this for me? He actually got this for me?"

Hisana enthusiastically nods her head.

"Hisana! This is the latest album from Kurosaki Ichigo! Oh my gosh, he's a dream and his singing, oh my gosh his singing!"

Hisana laughs as she observes the overflowing glee that emanates from the young girl and she chuckles as she draws her sister into her arms. "He was a little embarrassed to give it to you so he asked me to." Rukia gives another gurgle of ecstatic pleasure and returns her sister's warm embrace. "I-I must thank him!" she stutters, "I have to thank him!"

Hisana laughs one more and gently draws away from the embrace as she rests her hands upon her sister's shoulders. "Well come and have dinner with us tonight Rukia. We'll all eat together, what do you think?"

Rukia grins at her sister and happily nods in acquiescence. "I will! I must thank ni-sama!"

The young girl jumps to her feet then, a warm blush glowing on her cheeks. "I'll be down within the next fifteen minutes so don't start without me!"

Hisana happily agrees as she begins to make her way towards the door. "We'll wait don't worry, Byakuya and I will wait for you so please do take your time."

When Hisana finally shuts the door and presses her back against it she is surprised to see her husband standing before her.

"Were you listening all this time?" Hisana warmly asks when she overcomes her astonishment.

Byakuya nods before closing his eyes "She seems to like it…"

Hisana softly smiles and raises herself on her toes as she presses a chaste kiss on her husband's lips. "You couldn't be any more right Kuchiki Byakuya…" she softly whispers.

Byakuya's eyes soften as he regards her with a faint smile.

"You know just how to make her feel better."

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