Second Poll and Poll Results:

Ok, the first poll is now closed.

Here are the results, gathered from Il Terrazzo, The Fanfiction Forum, DeviantArt and :

7 votes for Body Type.

5 votes for Magical Girl.

3 votes for Elemental Type

And 3 votes for Spiritual Type.

I've decided to give Sakura a Body Type Bloodline Limit; and to gave Inner Sakura, who will be named Nobara (means Wild Rose) in this story, a Magical Girl empowerment, Nanoha – style.

Precisely, a Subaru Nakajima – like empowerment.

Madara:… WHY I have this sensation of impeding doom? Madara is a good boy!

Emh… Moving on another topic… I hereby open a second poll:

Since I gave Inner Sakura / Nobara Subaru Nakajima – like powers, should I give Ino Teana Lanster's Magical Abilities?



Chose Another Nanoha MG (send option via PM).