Hey, guys. Am I a popular author, yet? If I am (or if you just found this by accident), then you'll probably review, right?

I'm a total idiot that has lost a lot of motivation for writing (read as: I've been too busy on Tegaki E and so I've forgotten about all of you. Please forgive me.), so I'm going to start a collaboration, if you don't mind me messaging you a lot for information. I want to keep all characters as in-character as possible.

I'm starting a Kingdom Hearts collab. I am accepting only FIVE, maybe six if someone with a good character reviews after I've accepted the five, so please review as soon as you can! Although many may review, not all will be accepted. I'm sorry about that, but I prefer people who write well to those that are enthusiastic about writing, but suck at it.

... Was that too harsh?

Er, anyway.

The characters will find themselves in the Kingdom Hearts universe, in an entirely new world called... Fortune's End. Despite the ominous name, it is a rather cheerful world, though the people who live there dread the day where the sun will rise high in the sky to signify noon. It's a vast, grassy plain, with many houses and such. There is a large temple in the center of it, belonging to these people's god, Faust, God of Fortune. He is consulted before anyone makes a major decision, and those decisions always end up being good ones, thus earning his title.

Faust very well may be the only one who can help your characters.

(In other words, I wanted to join in on this, so I made a character that will help y'all find your way back home. I hope that's alright with you guys! -bows-)

Here is the profile for your characters:

Name: (your character's name, obviously)

Age: (no one younger than thirteen, PLEASE. I like little kids as much as the next guy, but I want this to be a SERIOUS collab, which means... People may die. And who the eff would want to kill a KID?!)

Personality: (is your character sly? clever? shy? insane? annoying? etc.)

Appearance: (what your character looks like; please include their clothing. ... And if your character has swords at the very beginning, please don't even finish that review. Your character will be from OUR world, you know, the third planet from the sun, Earth?)

Bio: (tell me about your character's life before they came.)

How They Came: (how did they come here? Were they sucked into their TV? Fell down the stairs into a portal? Kidnapped by an unknown cloaked person and left in Fortune's End? Etc.)

Likes: (self-explanatory)

Dislikes: (also self-explanatory)

Other: (what else do you want to tell me about your character?)