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Chapter Four

The four gathered in front of the temple. They stared up at it, amazed by its height; Zac grimaced. "Maybe this is a bad idea..."

"You think?" Serena asked sarcastically, crossing her arms. "Maybe we shouldn't attempt this... It would be like climbing up a mountain, except with stairs. I don't even think we'd be able to make it to the top before we crashed."

"It's not that tall," Jodie defended. "I go up there sometimes."

"And you take a lunch break on the stairs?" Ajare guessed wryly.

"... Yeah, but still. We can probably make it to the top before any of you die from climbing up so many stairs."


By the time they were halfway through, Jodie was wrong. Almost everyone was incredibly exhausted; only she and Ajare looked like they could still walk. Zac pushed Serena forward when she started leaning backwards, which resulted in her tripping; she grabbed Jodie's sleeve, and then Jodie started going down, so she grabbed onto Ajare. He pulled on Zac's sleeve after feeling himself leaning downward with the combined weight of the girls, and made him help get them back on their feet.

They stood panting for a bit.

"Murphy's Law should kick in sometime soon," Zac sighed. "And I just jinxed it. Someone slap me."

Serena gladly did so.

With a wince, Zac suddenly noticed a girl not far ahead of them. "Oh, hey, isn't that a coincidence..." He and the others managed to make their way to the dark-haired female, who was very unsteady on her feet.

"Are you okay?" Ajare asked, putting his hands on her shoulders to steady her.

She glanced at him gratefully. "Not really, no."

"Are you from Earth?" Jodie asked curiously.

"... Uh, yes?"

"Now that is a coincidence," Zac muttered.


A few minutes later, they found out the girl's name was Yuri, she was an orphan, she had awesome hacking skills, and she was going to die if they didn't stop climbing those darn stairs.

"And what about you guys?" she asked. "Did you see that freaky blond dude, too?"

"Assuming I speak for all of us, I'd say no," Serena replied.

"'Freaky blond dude'?" Jodie inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah!" Yuri nodded. "He told me his name was Faust, and it was so weird because his lips were stitched together, like something out of a horror movie..." She stopped when she noticed Jodie was gaping at her. "What?"

"You just called," Jodie answered slowly, "the god of this place a freaky blond dude."

"Is he gonna smite me?" Yuri asked worriedly.

"I hope he does. It was very rude to call him that."

"Well, how was I supposed to know?" the girl huffed. "I'm a newbie."

"Ughhh." Jodie face-palmed.


Alex sighed. "Either this is a never-ending forest, or I am terrible at navigation. I wish I had a compass."

She stood back up, brushing off her jeans, and looked around. "Which way did he go, again...?"

She picked a random direction and prayed to God she would get out of that forest sometime soon.

"Okay, think rationally," she told herself, walking. "You're alone in a forest, you almost got killed by Heartless, and now you have daggers. It would be impossible for me to actually be in the Kingdom Hearts universe, so this should be a dream, right? But it's not, so this is reality. How can Kingdom Hearts exist when it's just a video game?"

She groaned. "It still makes no sense!"

She crossed her arms, her stroll becoming a fast walk. "Since this is a world not featured in Kingdom Hearts, there are bound to also be things here that aren't in the other worlds. I wish this were still a video game, so if I died, it would say, 'Game Over. Would you like to try again?' or whatever, but this isn't a video game anymore. It's real. If I die, I'm dead."

She shuddered. "I hate talking to myself."



Jodie: -sitting quietly-

Ajare: ...

Jodie: You didn't get to talk much this chapter.

Ajare: Yep.

Jodie: Are you the loner type?

Ajare: Dunno.

Jodie: You're a man of few words, huh.

Ajare: You wish.

Jodie: ... I will neither deny or agree with that statement.

Zac: -crawls out from under the table- What are you guys doing?! Omakes are supposed to be funny!

Ajare: -eye twitch-

Jodie: ...

Zac: Come on, you two! Do something funny!

Alex: Yeah!

All: -looks at Yuri and Serena-

Serena: I'm not a part of this.

Yuri: ... I'm on Zac's side!

Zac: Yeah! So do something hilarious!


Alex: One-hit KO!

Yuri: Oh yeah!