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The girl cried, she had nothing left. The government had taken her a day earlier, and she was scared. She'd tried everything, but found that when she was quiet, there was less pain. She bit her lip and screamed in pain when the next shock came, her hair stood on edge and she was bleeding when they stopped. She coughed up blood as her tears made streaks on her dirty face.

She was dressed in a white outfit, a simple shirt and pants. Her hair had been chopped off, it now only brushed the tips of her shoulders. But her beauty was whole. She still radiated even though she'd been through so much. And one thought whispered in her mind, but not her own. Hold on for a little bit longer, we are coming brave one. And one thought of her own did pulse through her head, I don't think I can for much longer, Sara.

And she passed out when the next shock came.


"Did they really? Did they really call?" A young fifteen year old whispered to her mother, fingering the handheld-game looking device in her hands, also petting the family dog, Junkyard.

"Yes sweetheart, they did. When me and your father were getting into the car after the Alien Convention, it began to light up and beep." The girl looked up at Alex Friedmen Bruno with wide, pure green eyes that seemed to look straight through her soul.

"What's up? Are you still waiting for them to show?" A male's voice emerged as he sat down on the couch beside Sophia.

"Yeah dad, we're waiting for these.... aliens. Tell me again what they looked like?" Sophia pleaded, Jack Bruno sighed and wrapped an arm around his wife.

"They looked so... human, it was hard to believe that they were aliens at all. They had bleach blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, that were warm too. Just like yours, except... well blue. They were around the same height as you now, and Sara had the same build as you.

"Seth was strong, and he had the ability to control his... how did Sara put it? His molecular density. Sara was just as strong, but in a different way. She had the ability to read minds, talk to animals, and blow things up. All with her thoughts. They were truly powerful." Jack sighed, longing for them to return. He and his wife, Alex, had waited for sixteen years. Somewhere along the way, they'd had a daughter that had Jack's strength, and Alex's mind. She was pretty, but in a natural way. Jack shuddered, Worried about his daughter's safety for the days to come.

"You know, they could come knocking any minute." Alex whispered spookily, smiling and tickling Sophia like she was five.

There was a knock at the door.

They all looked at each other, Alex and Jack broke into goofy grins.

"Who should get it?" Sophia whispered, looking at both of her parents. They looked at each other.

"You should, they don't know you, and what better way?" Jack said, scratching Junkyard's head. Sophia bit her lip.

"But what if it's not them?" She asked, then giggled. "Oh right, we just moved. The only other person it could be the pizza delivery guy." She smiled and got up, moving gracefully towards the front door, dodging the cardboard boxes that were littered around the house. And she opened the light wood door to find... who else. The pizza delivery guy.

"I'm sorry, we didn't order a pizza. You might want to try down the street." She sighed. Then looked at the boy. He had bleach blonde hair and striking blue eyes, he seemed to be staring her down.

"Is this the home of Jack Bruno?" He asked, attempting to looked past her into the home.

"Um.... yeah." She answered, "It is, why?" She asked sweetly. "Now if you'll excuse me, we're waiting for somebody," she said, and closed the door, the it shattered to pieces .

"I need to speak to Jack Bruno, immediately." Seth whispered in a frustrated tone, his fist held up in the door's path. Sophia blinked.

"Okay, I don't know what planet you're from...." Then her mouth opened in surprise. "Seth?" She asked, cocking her head to the side.

"Yes, my name is Seth. I require the company of—" But he was cut off by Sophia, who began to hug him. He just stood there, not really knowing how to react to the touch.

"They've waited for so long." She whispered, still hugging him, tears forming into her eyes. "Where's Sara?" Seth was still standing in shock.

"She um.... already went inside, from the back." He finally said. Sophia held him one last second and let go, standing back into the open doorway, then shivered.

"I don't know about you, but I'm cold. How about you come on inside." She smiled, rubbing her bare arms, all she had one was a blue tank top and some basketball shorts. Then held out her hand, Seth didn't reach out to get it, he just walked past her.

"I will guide myself," he said sharply. Sophia backed against the door frame to give Seth room to walk in.

"Okay," she said, then allowed him to walk past her. Then she made a face after he walked past her. "Watch the boxes!" She yelled after him, then walked into the living room, only to be told off by Seth.

"We don't require your assistance any longer. Why don't you... leave." Seth said in a flat tone. The words cut Sophia deeper than any knife could.

"Alright," she said, then walked into the kitchen, ignoring the low muttering that started as she left.

"Should we just leave her here?" Jack muttered, Alex shook her head.

"No, Sophia will find a way to get involved. There's no doubt about that,"

"But this is to dangerous, we had strict instructions to only ask Jack Bruno and Alex.... Bruno for help." Seth whispered urgently, "We cannot afford to bring her along, it would be very risky, too risky, she will have to stay here."

"She seems very strong, she will be able to help us greatly, Seth. She has a good soul, a powerful mind, there is no doubt that she will be useful. I see no reason that she should not come." Sara reasoned, "And we might want to be quiet, she can hear us in the kitchen." Sophia's eyes widened.

"She can read my mind," She whispered, then went to sit on the granite counter. She flinched when the cold stone touched her bare legs, and began to eat a Rice Crispy Treat.

So, they're the famous aliens? They look like regular kids. That Seth guy was really rude. She sighed and finished up her snack. They were still whispering, and Sophia was sure it was about her. She yawned and looked at the clock. It blinked in green LED lights 1:00.

"Sophia, shouldn't you be heading to bed?" Alex called out to her daughter. Sophia sighed and coughed.

"Yeah, I'll head on up, I'm coming in so stop talking about your alien stuff." She huffed, and she came into the living room.

"I'm sorry Sophia, but this doesn't concern you." Jack said as his only daughter kissed him on the top of his balding head.

"It's okay daddy," She said audibly, then more silently "I know you'll fill me in at breakfast." She smiled and went to kiss her mother goodnight.

Jack Bruno, you love your daughter very much, don't you Sara whispered in his mind, Jack nodded, but only slightly. That is why she must come with us

"It was nice meeting you, Seth." She said through her teeth, you could tell she was still sore about their first meeting. She stiffly shook his hand and handed him back the tracking device. "I hope that I did not cause it to malfunction in any way. I wish you the best of luck on your... mission." Then she walked over to Sara.

"I'm sorry that I interfered with whatever you came here for. I just wish that I could've gotten to know you." She smiled and began to leave, not letting them show the tears that fell freely down her cheeks. Sophia waited for Junkyard, but he never followed. She calmly walked upstairs and shut her room door, leaving total silence behind her.

"I'm such a horrible mother," Alex whispered. "All she wanted was to get to know you two. She grew up knowing you, and I was the one who told her she couldn't after I'd encouraged her for so long." Then Alex broke down. Seth shifted uncomfortably and Sara just looked at her.

"No, you did the right thing. It showed me that she is stronger than she appears. When she shook Seth's hand, in her mind, she wanted to... how did she put it? Rip out the stupid alien's guts, cook them, and feed it to Junkyard. And she wanted to hug me, and ask me questions. But she felt as though, as though we all hated her now.

"She felt as though her parents no longer loved her because you had us now. If my readings are correct, she's planning on leaving and visiting her Uncle for awhile." Sara said, petting Junkyard on the head. "And it would not have hurt for you to go with her upstairs. She loves you very much." She whispered into Junkyard's mind. Jack stiffened and Alex sat up.

"Her... Uncle?" Jack said, accidentally snapping the arm of the couch clean off. Sara nodded.

"Then let her go, we do not need her. She will only get int the way, slow us down, hurt our mission." Seth hissed.

"But Jack Bruno and Alex Bruno will not leave their daughter behind on earth. They love her to much. It would hurt them, and we cannot bring hurt human's back. It would completely deface everything. They must be peaceful, on the inside and out." Sara reasoned.

"What do we have to do anyway?" Jack asked, tossing the broken arm to the side.

"Our planet is wanting to expand, and scientists are being forced to look out into new lands, and take over one planet." Sara sighed.

"And our parents were chosen for earth." Seth growled, then looked up at the ceiling. "We were assigned to bring back 2 captives. Not 3, Sara."

"But imagine how pleased the government will be. Two children, able to catch 3 aliens. They might let our parents free." She argued.

"So, we'll be able to actually go to your planet?" Alex breathed, imagining the milky white planet Sara and Seth had shown her so long ago. "Imagine Jack, this is a new book! But I can't leave Sophia behind, she's only fifteen."

"That's plenty old enough to be taking care of herself." Jack retorted.

"But what about... the government? And Wolfe? You know they'd both love to get their hands on her." Alex pointed out. Jack's hands went into a fist.

"If they touch her, I will personally—"

"Jack Bruno, I believe that she should come. She could me much help to us. She has a strong will and body. She will be very helpful." Sara insisted. "We must hurry though, so choose wisely. And I do not believe that sending her on a plane to the country named Peru would be the wisest choice."

"We would never send her to Peru, Jack! I cannot believe that you could even think of that!" Alex hissed, slapping her husband on the chest. "I think she should come with us, it'd be a wonderful way for her to get her many questions answered. And we'd know where she is and we can keep an eyes on her. She should come with us, Jack, Seth, don't you agree Sara?" Sara nodded.

"She should come, Seth, you know what they said—" Seth's teeth ground together.

"No Sara, she cannot come, and that is final." Jack and Seth said at the same time, and by the force in both their voices, they all knew that was the final answer.