A/N Ishould first say that I do not own King Arthur and his Knights. Second my story is not about some girl who comes and saves the day, and everyone loves her. This story is going to be dark so be warned. Thirdly this is fiction I am not basing this on any historical stuff. It just came to my head and has to be written. Lastly I hope you enjoy it 

The stench of rotting flesh filled the night air. The only sound was of a horse's hooves pounding against the dirt path as it ran. A man could be seen hunched against the horse silently urging it to go faster, to keep moving. The man knew if he stopped he was dead just like his comrades. He whipped his head around making sure no one followed. But out of the shadows came two impossibly huge wolves, their eyes gleaming with hunger. He panicked as he watched the two gain ground on him. He should have been watching the path in front; if he had been he would have seen the cloaked figure step out from the forest.

"Stop." It commanded and the horse responded immediately throwing the man forward. He landed not ten feet away from the shadow person. The man slowly and painfully stood up, refusing to allow himself to die like a defenseless newborn. He glanced behind him to see if the horse had run off and was surprised to see it standing quietly besides the wolves.

"I admit you are brave but you shouldn't have taken the horse." said the figure drawing his attention back to the shadow before him

"At least give me the courtesy to know who killed me!" The man swore he saw a flash of white come from inside the hood.

"Alright, I will show you my face but I don't think it will give you any comfort in the afterlife." The figure reached up to its hood and slowly slid it back from its face. The man gasped in shock. His killer was a woman. Her blonde almost white hair shone brilliantly in the moonlight.

"But, but you are a woman…. and so young, how…" said the man clearly confused. The woman laughed, "Gender and age have no affect on how well one can kill."

The man clenched his hands "You bitch!" he yelled suddenly angry. "You and your friends slaughter my comrades like they were no more than cattle and then you have the audacity to stand there and laugh at me!" He had unsheathed his sword and now was waving it around as he talked. He couldn't take it anymore the injustice of it all. He ran wildly forward screaming his rage. The woman calmly stepped back and withdrew her sword from its scabbard on her back. She dodged most of his strikes with a fluid grace almost like she was dancing, blocking the other few. Growing bored she locked swords with him and pushed, sending him tumbling back.

Again he stood panting heavily, "I will not die here not like this."

"You will."

"Why? Why do you do this?"

"Because I was ordered to." She answered sadly. He charged forward, swinging as hard and fast as he could but he did not complete the swing. Eyes wide with shock he grabbed the hilt of the dagger sticking out of his chest. He looked at the moonlit woman once more in surprise before collapsing. She walked slowly to the man taking her dagger from his chest as gently as possible.

"I am sorry" she said to the man softly as she closed his unseeing eyes.

"Come let's go find the others." She said as she straightened wiping tears from her dark eyes. The wolves silently melted into the trees while the woman mounted the waiting horse.