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Episodica Yumiero Patissiere
Special Star~

Everyone is a star
Not one without
A shining talent
But what about me
Am I special

Every time I get dressed
I feel like a clown
My bows all askew
And my skirt crooked
How do they see me?

Every time I touch
The piano keys
I make a sound
Of complete cacophony
How do they hear me?

Every step I take
Holds the chance that
I'll take a tumble
And fall on my face
Why don't they laugh?

Perhaps it is because
I am so very klutzy
My shining talent
Is having none
Can this be true?

Then I happen to taste
Such sweet success
I'm good with sweetness
And sugary delights
Is this my talent?

I'll perfect it
My dreams come true
I'll share with others
And they'll declare
What a tasteful star

Author's note – One poem per episode… I just need to catch up… I'm on episode two! :)