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Haku felt the blood drain out of his face, out of his head, leaving him dizzy and uncoordinated. His eyes stared blankly, but not really seeing, while the words sunk into his mind for his comprehension. "Rape me?" He repeated slowly, as if the words were in a foreign language. Without his consent, his mind began to play bits and pieces of memories he had with his first bodyguard, Pain Rikudo.

Orochimaru grinned a very condescending grin, much like an adult to a child who had asked a very stupid question. Not annoyed or impatient, just very much with the knowledge that he, the adult, was on a different plane of knowledge than the child. "You're so pale. You should sleep some more, to restore your lovely color."

Haku shuddered involuntarily. He's talking to me as if he's taking care of me. "My parents have a lot of money. They'll give you anything you want. Please just let me go." He whispered, finally finding the strength to sit up. The blanket pooled to his waist, leaving him stunned with the very unpleasant knowledge that he was completely naked underneath it. He gripped the quilt tightly with his hands, wrapping it tighter around his slim waist.

"There's no need for modesty, I've seen everything. You're so lovely, with such fine bone structure. You're like a rare little gemstone, or like delicate gossamer."

Haku blushed, feeling his breath stick in his throat like gumpaste. His trembling hands clenched the bedsheet tighter. "Did you hear me?" He whispered again, barely able to get the words out. "I can pay you, I'll give you anything if you just let me go. I won't even tell anybody, and-"

"I'm afraid you're missing the point, Haku." Orochimaru interrupted, and for some reason hearing his own name come out in the sinister, wicked voice scared the teenager even more. "I don't want your money, and I'm not worried about anyone finding out. I just want you."

"You want to have sex with me?" Haku breathed in disbelief. "That's what this is about? You did all this just for that?" Orochimaru just stared at him for a moment with narrowed eyes before sitting on the edge of the bed.

"A beautiful face, but such a small, limited mind. I am a collector, and you are my latest treasure."

"I'm not a treasure, I'm a human being." He felt hopeless tears well up in his eyes , unable to stop himself. "I don't want to be here."

Orochimaru sighed. "I had a feeling you might react this way. Such a sensitive nature. I'll leave you to let this information absorb." At the end of his sentence, the large door to the bedroom creaked open, revealing to Haku a petite, silver-haired boy whose androgyny was even at a fair level with Haku's. His feminine features were made even more so with the addition of teal-colored lipstick and nail polish, which Haku could only see present on his toes. His hands were hidden behind him, apparently holding something. He stood silently, waiting for Orochimaru to address him, but it was obvious his energy was bubbling to the brim.

"Sakon, impeccable timing as always." He began, the excitable and irrational twin showing a glint of pride in his eye. "I'd like you to stay with Haku, he's a little upset. Answer his questions and concerns, and please. . . Be accomodating. As I said, he's a bit troubled." Orochimaru captured the silver-haired teen's lips swiftly before exiting the room, the heavy door sliding closed behind him.

Haku watched with extreme trepidation as the boy, who looked to be about his age, walked slowly to the large bed, stopping only to snap on a lamp on the bedside table with one hand, giving the room a flush of welcome light.

"Hm." Sakon mused, eyeing the quivering brunette thoroughly. "Like he said, you are quite pretty. Younger than I expected, though. Fifteen?" He guessed, scooting himself onto the bed, sitting directly in front of Haku.

"Seventeen." He corrected morosely, subtly pulling his body as far away as possible.

"You don't have to be afraid of me." He explained, smiling a little. "I wouldn't hurt you. I'm the one who took care of you in the first place."

"You did this?" Haku questioned, hanging his head foreard, letting his hair slip down around his shoulders and over his face.

"Well, I mean I cleaned you up and all. Here, I brought you some clothes." He said, finally holding his hands out from behind his back, revealing a few articles of clothing.

"Thank you!" Haku said sincerely, taking the clothes from him, clutching them to his chest. He blushed, biting his lower lip, looking away.

"What, you don't want to get dressed in front of me? Pretty dumb, considering I bathed you. But, whatever." Sakon rolled his eyes, turning around as expected. Teasing the brunette seemed much more fun, but he supposed that wasn't part of what Orochimaru had commanded him to do, 'accomodate' him. He waited until he heard the rustling stop, then turned back around to see the slender boy dressed in simple black shorts and a beige top, similar to what he and his twin brother often wore. After all, they were his clothes the boy was borrowing.

"Those are mine. They're a tiny bit big on you, sorry, but you're skinny as a rail." Sakon commented, tilting his head. Haku frowned, but didn't comment.

"I really appreciate it. . . Sakon, is it?"

"Mhm." The boy grinned wickedly, giving him a salacious wink. "Anyway, do you know where you are?"

"Not at all." Haku admitted, rubbing his arms lightly. "I don't want to be here."

"What?" Sakon arched a brow. "Why not?"

Haku stared at him incredulously for several seconds. "Orochimaru. . . He wants to have sex with me."

"Yeah, so? He's pretty good, you'll like it. He's not too rough or anything. Well, you know, most of the time."

"No, I won't!" Haku snapped, feeling his eyes sting with hot tears again. "I only want Zabuza."

"Zabuza, huh?" Sakon eyed him critically once again, but shrugged. "I wouldn't dwell on anything from your past. Once you're in here, you're not coming back out. Orochimaru had his eye on you, and he takes what he wants. My twin brother and I, and our friend Kabuto, and now you. We're his. . . Attendants."


"Yeah, as in we 'attend' to whatever he needs or wants."

"But, that isn't how it's supposed to be! Don't you want someone to love you?"

"He loves us." Sakon argued, flipping his hair back in a move that reminded Haku of Deidara, which only made him more miserable. What if he never saw Kisa or Deidara ever again? "Just not in that romantic, useless way."

"Romance isn't useless! He doesn't love you if he wants to be with other people, too. Being in love means you only want one for the rest of your life. That's what I have." Haku insisted, tears slipping down and plopping from his chin to the bedspread. Sakon frowned again, seemingly deep in thought, clicking his tongue.

"Ehh." He sighed, stretching. "You're a crybaby. My brother would be way better at making you feel better. I hope he comes soon, he was wanting to see you anyway."

Haku pulled his knees up to his chest in anguish, nuzzling his face in them. The last time he had seen Zabuza. . . He had gotten shot. What if he was. . . No, Haku's mind screamed at him. He can't be dead. He's gotten shot before, right? This is like nothing for him.

But nothing he thought or said could change the fact that Zabuza had left a bloody handprint on the edge of the desk, the brightness like a neon beacon to Haku's eyes.


It was pitch black, though the darkness and pain was dreamy and distant, like he was floating on a red ocean, the waves seeming to cover him and weigh him down so he was trapped away from light and air. Zabuza's subconscious self tried to wriggle under it, or rise above it, but he couldn't escape the dull, smothering ache. He found he could accept that, in the way that he had accepted his mother's loathing for him, but he simply could not accept the silence and darkness that surrounded him.

Struggling vainly to move, he realized bitterly that he couldn't feel his body, not his arms or legs, and tried to call out to someone. In his mind he screamed and raged and bellowed, but no sound came from his limp mouth.

He knew he was hurt, was all too aware what had happened and that he was in terrible agonizing pain, both physical and emotional. But this did not seem to matter to his cold, unmoving body. Maybe I'm already dead, he thought, his emotional torture quickly turning into rage and frustration. But his body might has well have been frozen solid for all the good it did him.

Early the next morning, his subconscious was seething in rage again. He willed himself every ounce of strength he had ever possesed, and chanelled every fiber of strength into his eyelids, lifting them slowly. His eyes focused on a feminine face, a woman with long honey-colored locks pulled back in a professional bun.

"Oh!" The nurse gasped, surprised. "Mr. Momochi!"

He tried to answer, but only a nearly inaudible whining sound came out. He wanted to speak, to tell the woman that he was grateful not to be alone, not to be dead, but it was too late. Before he could even process that his eyes were open, and were attempting to send the images to his brain, he was out again.

They said he wouldn't die. He drifted in and out during the next 24 hours, agitation and adrenaline fighting off the heavy sedatives the nurses constantly pumped into his bloodstream. One of the nurses noticed the old scar tissues resembling needle-marks in his body, and determined he had a huge immunity to drugs. Another said she could feel the energy pumping off him in waves each time he surfaced from his coma-like state. Something bad had happened to him, and he was still stuck in that time. Or at least, his hormone levels were.

Finally, on the third morning, when his onyx eyes opened, they stayed open. Panic filled his lungs like scalding-hot smoke, nearly choking him. When the blurriness of his sight lifted slightly, and he saw he was in a hospital bed, he calmed a little.

The same pretty nurse stood by his bed, holding his wrist lightly, her face full of concern. "So, you're finally awake this time." She whispered, smiling sweetly. "You're very reillient, Mr. Momochi. I've never seen such injuries take such a meaningless toll on a human body. It barely fazed you."

"Right." Zabuza answered with extreme difficulty. "How long?" The thin whisper managed to creak out between stone-dry lips.

"How long have you been here?" She picked up a clipboard with several papers clipped to it, flipping through them impatiently. "Well, you were admitted on Wednesday evening, and it's Saturday morning, so a little more than 2 days. You're making such a fast recovery, I-" She stopped midsentence, eyes huge and gaping, the words sticking in her throat. "Mr. Momchi, no! Stop that this instant!"

Zabuza had channeled all his strength into his arm this time, flopping it over his body and ripping out the I.V tube that had been pumping medicine into his bloodstream. She snatched a tourniquet off the table, pressing it against his now bleeding wrist. "What are you doing!?" She cried again.

He only stared at her flatly, the words too long and complicated for his exhausted mouth to form. Sorry lady, but I got places to go.

"Get me a bag of morphine for this patient!" She cried to someone behind her.

Zabuza's eyes flashed hot, his other hand clamping hard enough on her own wrist to make her hiss with pain. This time the words came easily, fueled by helpless resentment and violent rage. "Put any more sedatives in me, and I'll destroy this entire hospital, with all the patients in it." He let her hand go, her face stunned and full of fear.

"Sir, I can't let you-"

"The love of my life's been kidnapped by the man who put me here." He ground out between his teeth, groaning in pain as his muscles strained to their limit. He sat up slowly, resting the back of his head on his headboard, breathing deeply with his effort.

She stared at him for several seconds, unblinking, before biting her bottom lip. "You're very upset, sir. The medicine we used for you is very strong."

"Shut up." He rasped, using the bedside table as a support as he willed his shaking legs to hold his body weight, allowing him to stand.

At that moment, the door to the room burst open, slamming against the opposite wall, Kisame Hoshigaki rushing in to Zabuza's trembling body. "Zabuza! You're awake, finally!" He didn't comment on the wrist that was still seeping blood, and the fact that he looked half-dead, yet standing. At the bodyguard's confused look, the shark went on. "We've been taking turns in here, waiting for you to wake up. I was just getting a cup of coffee from the cafeteria. Where is Haku!?"
Zabuza groaned, rubbing his eyes with the palms of his hands. "He took him."

"Who!?" Kisame snarled, gripping the man's shoulders roughly. "The police have been looking for days! There's no trace of him, or anything leading to him! Your boss is in a coma, you're the only one who cant help!"

"Orochimaru." He inhaled deeply, shaking the fatigue off. His body was already beginning to get accustomed to being alive and awake again.

"Fuck!" The shark snapped, eyes widening when Zabuza's body swayed a little. He hooked an arm around his younger brother's lover, helping to support him.

"Why are you helping me? I failed to protect your brother." He grated out, baring his teeth, his eyes haunted with the shame and heart-wrenching failure.

"You nearly died for him." Kisame said quietly, knowing exactly how Zabuza felt. "Nobody blames you, Zabuza. But don't think once we find him safe and sound, I'm not kicking your ass." He said amicably enough, but the glint in his eye was unmistakable.

"I thought you didn't blame me." Zabuza retorted.

"Not for this. Deidara told me everything. . . About you two."

"Everything?" He asked carefully, feeling Kisame's arm around tighten like a vise designed to break his ribs.

"Everything." The shark said dangerously. Then his eyes softened. "Including the fact that Haku is head-over-heels in love with you, and that you would do anything to make him happy. I. . . I'm still pissed at you. But, I do know what it's like to fall in love with someone so quickly. So, when we do save Haku," (Because this event, in Kisame's mind, was an inevitability. He simply couldn't consider the fact that they may not be able to save his beautiful brunette brother) "You have my blessing. But the ass-kicking's going to come when you least expect it."

Zabuza closed his eyes for a moment, imagining a world where he could be open about he and Haku's relationship, feeling the pain in his body dissolve a little more clearly. "I never meant to betray your family's trust, Kisame. But I love him more than I thought I could love anything. I would give my life to keep him from feeling an ounce of sadness."

"Well, here's your chance. We have to find him."

Zabuza nodded resolutely, standing on his own this time, giving the nurse a bland look before exiting the room, much to her astonishment and dismay.

After they rode the elevator down to the bottom floor, Deidara, with panic and fear evident in his dazzling azure eyes, ran to them, stopping them in their tracks.

"I called the police, they're on their way to get your statement and description of who did this." He explained quickly, rubbing his damp palms on the knees of his tight jeans. He caught Zabuza's eye, and flushed. "I'm sorry, Zabuza, I. . . He forced me to tell him!" He cried, pointing accusingly at the shark. "And I thought it might help, I don't know. . ." He trailed off miserably, shaking his head. "Please forgive me." He whispered.

"I can't stay mad at my future brother-in-law. But rest assured, when Kisame kicks my ass, I'm coming to you."


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