Hey everybody! I am very sorry that I have not updated in a extremely long period of time. My apologies. I thought I could partially make up for my delayed updating by giving you Vlad's ghost file. Enjoy!

Vlad "Plasmius" Masters

Unique Powers: Vlad basically has the same powers that I do except that his are more developed then mine. Teleportation, redirection and absorption of attacks, and electricity are powers that are unique to him. He does not possess my awesome ghostly wail and ice powers.

Signature Phrases: "Sugar cookie." "Fudge buckets." "Butter biscuits." I could go on and on for weeks listing his unusual swears.

Known Associates: Skulker, Fright Knight, Dani Phantom (for a short amount of time), Valerie, Ectopusses, Vortex (briefly) , failed clones of myself, and those really old vulture ghosts.

Ally or Enemy: Vlad's not just an enemy; he's my archenemy, which is kind of cool.

It's story time! Once upon a time there was a man named Vlad. Now Vlad was not like most people, he was half-ghost, like me. Instead of being the amazingly incredible superhero that I am he decided to use his powers for evil, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's start from the very beginning of the end of regular Vlad Masters.

Sorry, couldn't resist the dramatic opener. Anyway, Vlad went to college with my Mom and Dad in Wisconsin. He and my Dad were the best of friends and Vlad secretly had a crush on my Mom. Together, all three of them were working on a ghost portal that had bad idea written all over it.

My Dad accidentally poured diet-cola into the machine one day instead of ecto-purifier and turned the thing on. Vlad, being the total daredevil that he is, stood in front of the small portal. He was probably trying to impress my Mom secretly. When the portal fired a blast, Vlad was hit head on and developed a severe case of ecto-acne and was hospitalized for years.

Of course, he blamed the entire thing on my Dad because apparently my Dad maliciously wanted this to happen. I know that it was partially his fault, but did Vlad really have to stand right in front of it with his face inches from the portal. Common sense here people. Nonetheless, Vlad's goal is to marry my Mom and kill my Dad.

Now, something something years later, Vlad's a wealthy businessman and owner of several companies. All of which have uncreative names. I mean, seriously, Vlad Co. and Dalv Co. Even I could do better than that. Sorry, went a little off track, but he used his ghostly powers to overshadow people and take over their companies. Also, in his earlier years of ghost hood he preformed several bank robberies. Tsk. Tsk.

I first met this fruit loop at my parents' college reunion. Once he discovered my half ghost status he immediately tried to win me over and get me to renounce my father and become his evil little half-ghost apprentice. Like that'll ever happen, that cheese head needs to keep dreaming.

Speaking of cheese heads, Vlad is obsessed with the Packers, which for any of you who don't know, is a professional football team. He's probably their number one fan. Nobody can top Vlad when his entire mansion is decked out in green and gold.

To name other things he likes to do I must include calling me annoying things, such as my full name and little badger.

In his spare time he likes to come up with evil schemes and beat me up.

Now, in all fairness I must admit that Vlad is extremely intelligent and a master manipulator. All of which puts me at an immediate disadvantage, but it is possible to outsmart him.

One of the annoying things that occur during our numerous encounters is Plasmius' constant insulting of my father and I. You see, Vlad loves to use long, complicated words meaning that I have to go hunt for a dictionary and look up the word afterwards because if he's going to insult me or my father I want to know what the insult means.

Anyway, I kind of went into detail there about Vlad's human form, but this is a ghost file!

To recognize our King of the Fruit loops you just need to spot a ghost with two spikes of black hair, a cape, fangs, and blue skin. Don't worry, it's easy to see him if he's not invisible, he's blue!

If, by some chance, Vlad would want to bother your life, can't imagine why he's always after my family, I have a simple guide to help you out.

1. Should you have a quality Fenton thermos I recommend you use it if Vlad appears to be up to no good.

2. I don't know if this would work, causes me a lot of pain, but maybe if you call him a fruit loop or tell him to get a cat several times he might become so frustrated and just leave.

3. Tell him Maddie called and would like to have dinner with him. (Call me afterwards so I know that he is coming.)

4. If none of the tips above work then you may use me as an excuse by telling Vlad that I could totally kick his butt. (Which I can, but I'm probably going to be sore in the morning if we get into a fight, so please use this option as a last resort.) He might leave to teach me a lesson about some random thing.

Weaknesses regarding our cheese head are very few; he's very smart and sneaky when it comes to this area. Most of the time he keeps his emotions in check, or hidden, so it is hard to exploit those. He does that to me all the time.

Sometimes, rarely, he can become cocky.

It is possible to trick Plasmius. If you put a little effort into it it's just like taking candy from a baby.

Plasmius has been defeated by my Dad before because he thinks that my Dad is just a big, fat, miserable oaf, so Vlad tends to underestimate him.

Well, I think that sums up all you need to know about our dear beloved V-man/Vladdie. I hope this helps if you should run into him either in ghost or human form. I believe that I included all the things you need to know, weaknesses, personality, powers, tips, background information, yep!

I probably would include more, but it's late and I think the Box Ghost just escaped again. Joy.