Disclaimer: Own none of it. No Damon Salvatore, no Bonnie Bennett, and definitely no Vampire Diaries. It doth sucketh muchly, I assure you.

Author's Note: So Damon/Bonnie is basically doing the zombie and eating my brains. Seriously, you have no idea how many fanfic docs I have of them saved on my laptop right now. I know I'm supposed to be filling my LJ requests for Bamon drabbles, but this idea hit me the other day and now it's too good to pass up. Damn plot bunnies won't stop multiplying!

Aaanyway, so I'm going to do several Damon/Bonnie oneshots based on the Seven Deadly Sins. I thought, this couple is full of them (and by full of them I mean lust, and by this couple I mean Damon), so why not? Most of these will probably be from Damon's POV because he's just so much easier to write than Bonnie (I blame it on unequal screen time).

Word Count: 100



Her pride prevents her from acknowledging it.

The way she feels around him. Angry. Confused. Frightened.


The emotions always coalesce into a ball of tension, palpable between the two of them and it leaves the air between them charged, almost painfully on edge.

But she knows what he is. Vampire. Killer. Manipulative.


Wait, what?

No. It's wrong. He's Damon frigging Salvatore and he's dangerous to be around.

And so she ignores the way her pulse quickens when he comes closer to her, the way her palms sweat and her eyes open a fraction wider.

She ignores her heart.