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This first chapter is in full flashback mode. It tells the story of Bankotsu's final day of highschool and just as requested, answers some nagging questions.

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Not For All The World

Chapter One: Reminiscence; The Reason You Lie

Bankotsu dug slowly through his locker, wondering where in the world he'd put his history textbook. Before long, he gave up his seemingly futile search, closing his locker with a frustrated sigh. He stared vacantly at his locker number for a moment, pondering.

"Number Four twenty-two…"

For some reason, which he couldn't place, he felt as though this locker was not his, though he knew the combination by heart.

"Fifteen, eighteen, three…"

He toyed with the lock for a moment, but stopped when he realized that someone was standing right behind himself. He turned around quickly to face one of his best friends, Hiten Raiyuki; the star quarterback.

"Hey man!" Hiten greeted him, holding out his hand in preparation for their favorite friendly handshake. Bankotsu stood there, awkwardly explaining that he was unable to recall how such a handshake was performed. But Hiten seemed unsurprised by this and merely laughed.

"It's all right man. I know you're still a little shook up, after what happened."

Bankotsu nodded meekly, not having a clue what he was talking about.
His friend took a step closer to him and he got the sudden, inexplicable urge to back away.

"After school today," Hiten began, a malicious grin forming on his face. "Go to the girl's bathroom on two hundred hall. Me and a few buddies are gonna leave you a little… gift in there." With a glowing smile and a wink to his best friend, Hiten turned and began to walk off.

"It'll be so great you'll forget all about the stupid prom!" He called over his shoulder, though Bankotsu hadn't heard him over the loud bell which alerted him to the fact that he was officially tardy for his first class. He watched confusedly as Hiten hurried off to his class, wondering if his friend might be tripping on something… 'What was that all about?'
Shrugging this thought off, Bankotsu followed his example, running off, already tardy, to his own class. When he entered the room, a full five minutes after the tardy bell, the entire class fell silent. And once he'd taken his seat, his least favorite, strictest bitch-of-a-teacher walked right up to his desk.

Bankotsu winced, prepared to receive a loud, long lecture about punctuality, but it never came. When he opened his eyes his teacher was leaned in close to him, a very uncharacteristically worried frown on her face.

She spoke quietly and kindly to him, something that had never happened before.
"Are you all right?" she asked, trying to get a better look at his eyes. "Do you need to go… to a counselor, perhaps?"

Bankotsu sat in silence and without even acknowledging what he was doing, nodded mechanically. His foul teacher left his side immediately, to his relief, and returned mere seconds later, leaving a slip of paper on his desk before going back to lecture the class.

"During the war of 1812..." She began, but Bankotsu wasn't listening.
He gazed curiously at the slip of paper, reading what she'd written on it.

"Pass to the counselors.
Time: as long as needed
Date: April 29th
Student: ________________"

Bankotsu's eyes scanned over her official signature before he signed his own name on the little slip. He then stood, gathering his school supplies, and promptly left the room. He wandered aimlessly around the halls for a while, thinking over the strange behavior of all of his classmates, and apparently, his teachers as well.
Some of them had carefully avoided him, as if he were diseased, and others had shamelessly stared at him or turned quickly to gossip to their friends about him…

'What are they saying about me?'

Bankotsu had always been an average high school student.
Besides his tendency to hang out with the Star quarterback and school queer at the same time, there wasn't anything that any of his peers had to say about his… uniqueness…

He paused as a sudden thought occurred to him.
As for the high school queer; Bankotsu was quite certain that his secret boyfriend, Jakotsu, had recently borrowed his missing history book.

Perhaps he still had it…

He swiftly changed direction, flashing his hall pass at yet another of the bored assistant principles patrolling the deserted hallways. He headed straight for the girl's bathroom on the two-hundred hall, as that was where Jakotsu was most often found.

To Bankotsu, it didn't matter if Jakotsu was there or not, because he had plenty of time to just sit and wait for him.

It was inevitable; the lovely cross dresser would show up here, in his favorite, the last stall. And he'd sit there for at least an hour, writing one of his diary entries, reapplying makeup or listening to music on his portable CD player.

When he entered the light pink room, Bankotsu was pleased to see that his boyfriend was sitting on the sinks, applying his usual purple eyeliner.

"Hey there pretty lady." Bankotsu greeted, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend from behind. To his disappointment, Jakotsu didn't laugh as he usually did, but in fact flinched, almost as if the touch had burned him.

The cross dresser turned around immediately, dropping his hip pouch so that his makeup scattered across the floor and proceeded to try to jump from the sink, intending to get as far from his boyfriend as he could.

"Whoa!" Bankotsu gasped, grabbing hold of him before he got the chance to hop down.
He held Jakotsu securely to himself, waiting for him to calm down. He did so after a few moments, but remained very tense, and had even begun to shiver slightly. "All right, what's the matter Aisuru?" Bankotsu questioned, holding him securely to the sinks.

Jakotsu first glanced nervously around the room, as if worried that someone had entered without his knowing. Then, satisfied that he and his lover were alone, wrapped his arms around Bankotsu, nuzzling his face into the soft fabric which covered his chest.

With the steady heartbeat of the love of his life so near, Jakotsu felt safe enough to confide in him, whispering an explanation "I was told to stay far away from you, Ban-chan…"

"By who?" His companion asked, thoroughly confused. "And why would anyone want you to do that, anyway?"

"I don't know…" Jakotsu shook his head gently. "It was one of those awful football players. He called me a pedophile too…"

"Well that's no big surprise." Bankotsu chuckled. "You know there're always rumors flying around. High school just sucks like that. I don't see why you'd let them bother you now…"

"Because they're true…" Jakotsu whimpered, "What if they've found out about us…"

"You worry to much…" Bankotsu assured his still slightly shivering companion.
But his older companion said nothing in return, and allowed silence to fill the room. "What's gotten into you?" He whispered, pulling him closer. "Aren't you supposed to be the hyper, loud one? Isn't that what I loved so much about you to begin with?"

Jakotsu loosened his hold on the man before him, leaning back. "I'm sorry…" he mumbled, turning to make sure he wasn't getting wrinkles.

His boyfriend leaned over his shoulder, hands on his arms, and smiled at their reflection.
"Picture perfect." Bankotsu stated, turning to plant a kiss on his love's cheek. "And why should we care who doesn't think we are?"

Jakotsu offered a slight, emotion-laden smile, and when his face fell again, Bankotsu took it into his hands, gently coaxing him into meeting his gaze. "Why you're so upset… we can talk about it tonight, right?"

He cast his eyes from Bankotsu's, nodding as his tired eyes slid shut. "Not at your house though…" Jakotsu added, causing his frustrated boyfriend to scoff.

"My parents do not hate you Aisuru! They just-"

"-Hate my fucking guts." Jakotsu finished for him. "They get sick at the mere sight of the fag that infected their precious son."

"That is not true," Bankotsu insisted. "Mother is just a bit… concerned."


At this, Bankotsu groaned, wishing he only knew the true cause of his precious lover's depression. "Well Aisuru," he began, his arms around his neck.

"You are twenty-one now… It should be hard for any parent to just let their son leave home to go live with an older man. And besides, my mother hadn't even seen you for years before school started last fall."

"She's known me since I was born. And she was best friends with my parents…"

"Well yes, but she still doesn't know you as well as she'd like to…"

At this point, Jakotsu hopped down from the sink and began to gather his makeup.
"She'd better get over herself before graduation." he stated, fixing his hip pouch back in its rightful spot, against his side. "Because I will take you away from that place. After graduation I won't have to put up with anyone's shit. You'll be eighteen, and I'm not going to have to listen to anyone."

He walked off, Bankotsu following closely after him, and pushed the door to his favorite stall open. This stall, at the teachers' dismay , had been 'mysteriously' repainted with bright purple glaze. Even the 'handicap accessible' sign had been pried off and replaced with a 'queers only' sign.

Bankotsu laughed as his boyfriend stepped forward, pulled the sash from his skirt and whisked it his way.

"You're just about the only one I ever listen to anyway…" Jakotsu confessed, letting his skirt slip right off of his hips. "I can already imagine how hopeless it'll be for anyone else to control me once we're out on our own."

"I can imagine too." Bankotsu chuckled, amused by his casual tone.
As if by instinct, he turned around quickly to close and lock the door before speaking again. "You'll be ten times as indecent too, won't you?"

Jakotsu shrugged. "It's nothing the slutty pieces of filth in this school haven't already seen…" He squinted slightly, trying to form a heart with the bubbles that were forming in the water below.

"Don't shake it more than twice." His boyfriend warned, watching the heart spiral down into the porcelain base. "But I'm not playing." Jakotsu insisted. "I'm making art."


"Alright, you caught me, love." He sighed, pulling his skirt back up. "Guys with boyfriends as gorgeous as mine should never have to play with themselves!"

Bankotsu ducked as his love suddenly launched himself at him, but only laughed when he caught him, arms wrapped securely around his waist. As he covered every inch of the younger man in kisses, Jakotsu questioned him, wondering why he'd come to see him in the first place.

"Well not for this, I promise." He assured, chuckling. "I just wanted my history book."

"Meanie Ban-Kot-Su…" his love pouted between kisses. "Not… wanting to make out with his poor, neglected lover…" He finally released him once he was satisfied that he had enough lipstick smudged on his face and neck, then stood back up to ponder over where he may have left the missing text book.

"I should have that book for you… by the end of the day; three pm" Jakotsu promised, pulling his hands back to himself.

"Thank you." Bankotsu bowed, handing his sash back to him. Jakotsu took it into his hands, running his fingers adoringly over the silky material. "I got this from America!" He bragged, wrapping it fondly around his waist and shaking his hips.

"It's lovely," Bankotsu commented, shaking his head at just how effeminate his boyfriend was now acting. He turned with a laugh and made to leave the stall. But he hadn't taken a single step before Jakotsu stopped him, intentionally pushing him up against the door. "Not yet…" he whined, hips pressed to his lover's from behind. "Give me a proper farewell, Aisuru."

"Wait a minute… Aren't we missing a queer?"

Naraku turned to glare at Hiten, who was staring confusedly at the empty seat at the back of the class. "The word 'queer' is an adjective meaning 'strange' or for slang purposes, 'gay', and is therefore not to be used as a noun, you stupid het-bitch."

"Smartass gay-fuck!" Hiten countered, as if he'd expected Naraku's little lecture.

"Snappy." The effeminate man commented, turning to gaze thoughtfully at the same empty seat. "You've been so touchy lately, Hiten. And here I thought you were the least prejudiced of the football players."

"I am." He insisted, "Why else would I talk to you losers?"

"Boredom." Naraku suggested. "But Suzaku, your usual queer that sits back there, has been gone for days. Hadn't you noticed?"

"Well not until now." He shrugged, turning back to look at him. "Gone to where?"

"Juvi, probably" Naraku mused, "I don't know what he did. Just heard he's locked up."

"Good" Hiten mumbled, turning away.

"Why?" Naraku wondered aloud. "Thought you liked Suzaku."

Hiten shook his head. "That queer just always reminded me of Bankotsu's fag-friend…"

Naraku laughed as he put the finishing touches on his essay entitled 'The Best Shade of Lipstick Ever Created'. "Funny you should say that," He mumbled, beginning to pack up his supplies. "Because I heard that 'queer' happened to have a little crush on Jakotsu."

"Well isn't that so great to know?" Hiten scoffed, glaring at the empty desk in the back of the classroom. "Stupid fagmo should've kept Jakotsu away from Bankotsu if he liked him so much…"

"Suzaku wasn't so bad." Naraku commented, interrupting his friend's thoughts.

"I guess he wasn't…"

Both men fell silent, Naraku regarding the younger one with an almost affectionate gaze.
"You miss him don't you? That's why you've been so grouchy, huh?"

"No." Hiten mumbled, prying his eyes from the seat. "I'm just…. Just pissed at Jakotsu… I guess." "Oh yeah," Naraku grinned. "That was your best friend he kissed at the prom last week, wasn't it?"

"Duh. He ruined the entire night with his stupidity! You'd think he'd learned to keep his… urges… to himself!"

"Jakotsu wouldn't hurt a fly. He didn't mean any har-"

"Then he shouldn't have done it!" Hiten fumed. "If he'd controlled his stupid self, then he wouldn't have gotten hit and-"

"Pushed. Bankotsu pushed him off, right?"

"I don't know." Hiten scoffed. "Everyone gave me a different version of the story. So basically he went to the prom last week with Bankotsu, thanks to a dare. But then he kissed Bankotsu, Bankotsu pushed or hit him so hard that it made him bleed… Then he ran off crying, and Bankotsu left to follow him. Everyone said he'd killed himself…"

"That's what I call dying from embarrassment…" Naraku mumbled, lying his head on his desk.

"And what I'd call a perfectly great prom ruined by a perfectly stupid person." Hiten concluded. "And all of my friends are pissed at him, even more than I am. They said today's their payback day."

"Oh?" Naraku whispered, interest piqued. "How will they get payback?"

"I dunno." Hiten shrugged. "But I told them the best thing would be to hit the two-hundred hall girls' bathroom. It's Jakotsu's favorite… I'll stop by after I change for practice and see if they actual do it, I guess."

"Can I come see too?" His nosy classmate questioned, causing Hiten to raise an eyebrow at him. "It's just a trashed bathroom…." Naraku offered him a gentle smile, then closed his eyes to take his daily fifth period beauty-rest nap. "Guess we're both bored without our Suzaku, huh?"

Hiten sighed, taking his example.
"He'd better just come back soon and amuse us…"

Bankotsu sat, bored, in the silent, sound-proof counselor's office. He was isolated from the other students by the heavy sound proof door which was meant to maintain confidentiality, but so far all it had done was accentuate the loud ticking of the clock on the wall which seemed insistent on never striking three pm. That was when, just as they'd agreed, he and Jakotsu would meet again in his favorite bathroom and he could finally get his history book back.

That was, unless Jakotsu wasn't able to find it. And chances were, he wouldn't.
He'd probably just apologize with that usual little grin on his face and then distract his pissed boyfriend with a long make-out session. Which was fine with Bankotsu… But in that case, he'd need to take Jakotsu home first, because Hiten had said he'd be in that very bathroom by three-thirty…

Bankotsu grinned, hopping up from his seat just as the clock struck three pm. But before he'd reached the door, he was interrupted by his counselor, who had not quite finished talking to him.

"Wait a moment now, Bankotsu!" She gasped, standing. "Are you telling me that you really can't remember why you've been so upset lately?!"

He bowed apologetically as he turned back to face her. "I guess I can't." He shrugged. "But you know, I think the real problem is just that everyone thinks I'm upset, when I'm really… not, I guess."

"Well it still sounds like denial to me…." She sighed. "But I'll tell you what. I think the best person for you to talk to would be that friend of yours who you said was acting really strange and scared lately. I think it sounds like he might know what's going on…"

"Funny." Bankotsu laughed. "Cuz I was just about to go see him."

"Well good then." She offered him a kind smile. "Then you tell that teacher of yours that this session was a successful one, and to let you come back sometime, you hear?"

"Sure." He turned, hurrying from the room. "Thanks!"
He sighed, rolling his eyes. Of course he had already figured out the source of his stress. He and Jakotsu had caused such a scene at the prom... He had figured this out during the hours of sitting in that sickeningly tidy white office. No wonder everyone had been staring and whispering.

The football captain had let the school queer kiss him…
Swearing silently to never let himself slip up like that again, he hurried away from the office, ignoring his counselor.

She had followed him to the door, waving happily as he ran down the almost deserted hallway. "Where did the other kids go? Maybe class isn't out yet?…" She wondered, checking her wristwatch. "Oh, my goodness… the office clock is almost thirty minutes slow! Hope Bankotsu hasn't missed his ride…"

She thought of pursuing him, but shrugged it off.
"I'm sure Bankotsu's friend is still waiting though." But as she turned to return to her room, something caught her attention. The sound of wet footsteps seemed to be echoing down the hallway, and when she whipped back around to investigate, she was met with a very panicked student, who seemed to be soaked with water.

"Oh darling- young lady, what have you been doing?!" She scolded, pulling the sopping 'girl' into her room. "You're absolutely soak-"

"Don't you call me darling!"

She raised an eyebrow at the livid student, who revealed himself to be a very feminine-looking young man. "Oh, it's you, Naraku…."

"Lemme go!" He insisted, struggling from her grip. "I have to find that school officer police guy! The bathroom! I think Jakotsu's…" He trailed off, growling in the effort of trying to free himself.

"What do you mean officer? Don't you need a plumber?" She mused, but Naraku was definitely not amused. "I need a cop you stupid hoe!" He screamed, struggling out of her grip.
Shocked at his language, she finally released him, moving out of his way as he bolted back into the hallway, trailing water all across the ground.

"Really!" Sighing, she hurried over to her desk. 'Why do my students never tell me what's wrong with them?' She pulled her PA system's microphone from the desk, speaking into it. "Officer Kyoukotsu, I believe we have a seriously vandalized bathroom that needs your attention…"

Bankotsu gazed up as the speakers echoed through the hall.

"Mrs. I-Suck-At-Counseling?" He wondered aloud. "Why would she send a police officer to a bathroom?" For a moment, he contemplated returning to her office, but stopped himself. "Surely that dumb Kyoukotsu won't go to Jakotsu's bathroom instead of all the other ones in the school…"

Despite this idea, Bankotsu found himself nearly running down the deserted halls, toward his boyfriend's favorite bathroom. He was late, he had realized, catching glances at the empty classrooms on either side of him. So he didn't slow down until he passed officer Kyoukotsu, who was hurrying off in the other direction.

He was just as anxious, however, and pushed the door of the girl's bathroom open, much less inconspicuously than he should've.

Unfortunately, though, it seemed like no one was inside, and as he took a long glance around, Bankotsu realized why.

The once orderly, overly-sanitary girls' bathroom had been transformed into a graffiti-covered wreck. The large mirror over the sinks had many cracks in it, the sinks themselves had been clogged with toilet paper and were overflowing so that the water poured steadily onto the ground. This murky water had risen many inches along the walls, which were spray-painted with many illegible words and symbols.

He suddenly remembered what Hiten had said earlier that day.
'After school today go to the girl's bathroom on two hundred hall. Me and a few buddies are gonna leave you a little… gift in there.'

"This is my gift?"

Bankotsu took a wet step forward, looking around at the surface of the water. It seemed that many girls' possessions had been dropped to float in it. Among these items were tubes of lipstick, similar cosmetics, and, to Bankotsu's surprised disgust, his own History Textbook.

Grudgingly, he pulled the sopping book from the ground, double-checking the name on the front cover. Of course, as luck would have it, it seemed his boyfriend had left his book in the bathroom, and had not even stayed behind to wait for him…

With a scoff, Bankotsu dropped the book, suddenly angry.

Sure he'd been late to the meeting they'd agreed on, but did Jakotsu really have to just leave it there? He stood, kicking the book aside, but as he turned to leave, he realized he couldn't. Though he was severely disappointed, Bankotsu couldn't bring himself to leave his love's favorite bathroom in such horrible condition.

The least he could do was turn off the rapidly flowing water faucets.
Officer Kyoukotsu would see to the rest, even though it was strange for a police officer to have been called to a janitor's job…

One at a time, Bankotsu unclogged and turned each faucet off, but the sound of running water didn't completely fade. Instead of the dry silence he had expected, a wet sloshing sound continued, echoing lowly on the ruined walls.

He peered down the aisle of bathroom stalls, curiosity getting the better of him.

Immediately, he realized that almost every door had been pulled down to hang off its hinges. One door was even on the ground just barely visible, floating in the murky water which covered the floor tiles.

The water was still rising…

"Are the toilets running too?" Bankotsu wondered aloud. And as he became more confused with his 'gift', he began to walk cautiously down the aisle, examining each of the broken stalls. He couldn't help but hope that at least some of the graffiti on them would be readable. Perhaps it would give him a hint as to why the hell Hiten would have assumed he'd want a wrecked bathroom for a gift.

To his slight relief, he found the stalls to be spray-painted with the initials of the people who had obviously caused this devastation.

As he looked over each stall, checking one silent toilet after another, he began to recognize the initials of people he knew; his friends, no less. And the final stall, the only one which still had a door intact, held the most graffiti. This was the most neatly written, and also held the most familiar initials. J.K.

"Jakotsu Kujaku? Aisuru?…" Bankotsu whispered, disbelieving.

His boyfriend's name had been sprayed many times, all along the door of his favorite stall. But why? Why would his Jakotsu be involved? Would he have caused such destruction to his favorite room and then proudly signed it with proof?

Bankotsu sighed, confusion riddling his mind as he ran a hand over the drying letters, his fingers sliding over a strangely rough surface.
Taking a closer look at the area beneath these fingers, Bankotsu read the words which had been carved there. "Remember: Four twenty-two…"

He mumbled this number repeatedly under his breath. 'My locker number?' was his first thought, but he couldn't fathom why anyone would leave the message of remembering a locker.

"Oh, duh, Baka!" He suddenly laughed, slapping himself on the forehead. "The prom was April twenty-second!" Hiten, and apparently a couple of his other friends, had trashed the bathroom to create a memento for their disastrous prom. "How immature…"

Bankotsu turned, intending to find Hiten and reprimand him for the creation of such a stupid 'gift', but he had barely taken two steps before he tripped and fell onto the wet floor. Cursing, he tried to stand but found that his foot had gotten caught on something floating in the depths of the murky water, which now soaked his knees. His jeans were stained a sickening brown color.

Silently hoping that the water was murky with only paint and debris, Bankotsu turned and freed himself. But when his hands met the silken material that'd tripped him, he took his appreciation back.

What else, but his boyfriend's precious kimono sash could've been floating here, ruined with red paint? Even more disgusted with his best friend's 'gift', Bankotsu began to wind the sash around his hand, wringing it out, but soon he realized that it was caught on something. So he began to tug on it to find what it'd caught on.

To his annoyance, the sash led his hand right under the door of the stall, and when he tried to pull it open, he found it to be locked. Still he searched for a way to pull it free, knowing that even though it was Jakotsu's fault for forgetting it, he'd be very upset if he never got it back.

Bankotsu tried to push the door open, but it seemed as if something were blocking it on the other side. More wreckage perhaps… He then gave the door a firm pull. A metallic clink met his ears and he bent over to retrieve the source. A sharp, silver knife, probably the one used to carve the message, had been wedged into the door, preventing it from opening. Determined to yank it open, Bankotsu dropped the sash, fixing his hold securely on the handle, with one foot to the wall.

With a powerful yank, he managed to break the knife, but when he released the handle, the door swung heavily back, hitting him.

"Oh, god damnit!" He hissed, stepping away from the door, which he could've sworn had just broken his nose.

'Shouldn't have pulled so hard…' he guessed. But as he backed up, the door continued to slide open, of its own accord until finally, the heavy object which had evidently been pushing it, slid into the water before the stall.

Immediately fear overtook Bankotsu, causing his muscles to lock up. The unmistakable form of a human body had just slid into the water before him. The hand-knit sash was wrapped around its face like a mummy's bandages.

Forcing himself into action, Bankotsu dove forward, retrieving the unmoving form from the ground. His heart beat so hard it felt as if it would surely burst from his chest. He pulled the sash away to reveal the face beneath.

It's owner, Bankotsu's precious lover, lay limp and frigid in his arms.