Story: Martial Artist

Summary: Twins Miyabe and Mikami Yumie were once the greatest martial arts champions in their respective divisions. For six years, from the age of seven, they defended their titles with little hope of ever being beaten. But, misfortunate fell upon their family shortly after the twins turned thirteen; their parents were murdered and the two were whisked away from their home in Japan to an orphanage in America. For two years, the twins did nothing but sit around and occasionally spar when no one was watching. One fateful day, a man came in to adopt them quite excitedly. Soon, Miyabe and Mikami were back in the fighting ring, and were well on their way to becoming champions again. But the man who adopted them wants more of them than just a simple title.

Warnings: Violence, Language

A/N: I do not own Teen Titans or I would not be writing this.

A tall, skinny teenage girl with long, dyed ash blonde hair bound at the top of her head – the end of the ponytail was thin, and wound into a whip-like shape – stuffed the last of her clothes into a small blue backpack. She stood up from her bed and made up the black and red comforter just as she would if she would be coming back from another competition shortly.

The girl looked at herself in the mirror to make sure she looked as casual as possible for when she walked out. Her red eyes betrayed nothing of her plans to never come back to this place; her slightly tanned skin was not paled in the slightly, as it often did when she was trying to hide something; her low-cut light blue kimono-style top with no shoulder coverings in the sleeves with her light blue pant hataka covering her sandal-clad feet were casual enough. After all, being from Japan, as her adopted father knew, she'd grown accustomed to wearing such things out of the house when going to a martial arts competition. The only thing that might give her away was that she was going without her twin brother, but she also had that problem covered.

She reached over to the wooden shelf hanging off of her black wall and pulled a light blue ribbon off of it. She wrapped it around the top of her ponytail, where it was bound, to hide the rubber band.

She picked her backpack up off the red floor and walked out of her room into the short black and orange hallway.

The girl emerged into a chamber resembling room made entirely of metal grating and works. She looked through one of the grates and looked down into the lava beneath her feet, knowing this would be the last time she saw it. As she walked casually towards the exit, she subtly took in everything around her for the last time. She would never return to this place, and though she had an idea of where to go, she wasn't sure if everyone there would welcome her like the girl who invited her did. And besides, in the years she'd lived there, she'd learned to call this place home.

"Miyabe, where are you off to?" A man wearing a black and orange mask and a black jumper questioned as he walked from the dark where he had been standing.

Miyabe took a silent breath and turned around with a smirk that fit her thin lips perfectly. "Another competition. A girl I spoke to in the last competition invited me to an all-girl's championship match to compete in."

The man nodded. "Alright then. Where is this match located?"

Miyabe shrugged. "I'm supposed to meet this girl at the airport so that she can show me where it is; all I know is that it's somewhere in New Jersey."

The man nodded again. "Very well. Be safe, and call when the competition is over so that I may relay the information to Mikami."

She nodded twice. "Okay then." Mikami was Miyabe's twin brother. He was almost always gone for one reason or another – the more recent reasons, thievery and the destruction of parts of the city they were located in, were the reasons she was leaving. "See ya later, Slade."

She turned and walked out the door, walking down the volcano's face that their home was located in.

Even Miyabe and Mikami had to admit that it was dangerous to be living in such a place, but did go accustomed to it shortly. Even after they learned about the reason Slade lived in the volcano, and the reason he almost always came from angry at a group called Teen Titans, they still did not leave. But two months after this, Mikami started going out to do Slade's work, and came home angry like their adopted father often would. That was when Miyabe decided that she needed to escape that home.

She wasn't completely lying to Slade when she said that a girl from the last competition had talked to her. Only, it was an offer for an escape from Slade and Mikami. The girl with orange-red hair and green eyes was the one that offered Miyabe a place to go to if she wanted to leave her current home.

When she got to the bottom of the volcano, Miyabe turned left instead of the right to go to the airport on foot. She knew that if Slade had still been watching her, he'd think she was just taking the city bus to the airport instead of walking. There was a bus stop in the direction she was walking, but she walked right past it and kept her eyes on the large structure that stood on a small island just off the coast. The T shaped tower that would now be her home.

I'm going to be living with Slade's enemies until I can find a different place to live. Miyabe sighed to calm herself. It's just temporary, and I won't even be there long. Soon, I'll get enough money and return to Japan…where I belong.

…(I have no idea what to write for her walking to the tower, so let's just skip that…)…

Soon enough, Miyabe stood on the beach line in front of the water that separated her from the tower that would shortly become her home. She watched a small motorboat, with the same girl from the competition in it, come towards her from the direction of the tower.

Once at the shoreline, the girl in the boat hopped out and walked over to Miyabe with a big hug. "Oh, it is so nice that you have decided to join us!"

Miyabe returned the hug quickly and then pulled away from the girl. "Yes, I suppose it is." She studied the girl in front of her with scrutiny. She wasn't sure why the girl whom she had trusted wore a purple halter-top, mini skirt, knee-high boots, and elbow-high sleeves that the tips wrapped around the middle finger of both hands, but didn't really care all too much.

"I'm sorry, I forgot your name." Miyabe apologized with the best smile she could.

The girl, though looked a little sad, smiled and said, "My name is Starfire." Starfire looked around and gestured to the boat. "Come, I am not sure if Slade will know of your actions soon."

Miyabe nodded and gracefully jumped into the boat as Starfire jumped a little less elegantly in next to her. "Once my brother, Mikami, returns to him and Slade's home, he'll know I won't be returning. Of course, he'll have no idea where I am, but I do agree; let's go."

Starfire started up the engine of the boat and turned it around to head back towards the tower.

Miyabe looked at the tower as they approached, craning her neck to take it all in as they got to land. She stepped out of the boat and looked straight up to see the tower at the vertical angle she was awarded from her viewpoint. She sighed and shrugged as Starfire pulled her forward and into the open doors at the bottom of the tower. The two rode up an elevator for a minute before it stopped and opened up to a huge living area.

A black couch in the shape of a U dominated the center of the room – of course, it was in an area that was two feet beneath the rest of the floor area – a large flat screen TV that seemed part of the glass was in front of the couch. Behind the couch, against the far wall, was a mini bar looking counter. A large kitchen area was across the room from that, dominating the entire wall until just before the elevator cut it off. From the windows, the entire city could be seen, even the volcano – though only the top was visible.

The sliding double doors on the wall in between the mini bar and the kitchen area opened, allowing four other people passage into the living area.

A boy with green skin, and wearing a jumper of black and light red, walked forward with an overly friendly handshake for Miyabe. "Hey there, I'm Beast Boy!"

Another boy with black hair, pale skin, and wearing a mask that hid his eyes, green spandex pants, a light red and black vest – a yellow R adorned this vest – and black gloves walked up to her. "Hey. I'm Robin."

A girl whose dark purple cloak hid her from head – as her hood was up – to toe, save for her dark purple eyes, floated over to Miyabe and simply said, "…Raven…"

Lastly, a half man with brown skin and light blue robotic parts where human flesh was not present, walked up to her and offered his hand for her to shake calmly. "I'm Cyborg."

Miyabe bowed politely to the five teenagers. "Thank you for taking me."

Robin shook his head. "Don't worry about it."

Beast Boy's smile got wider. "Hey, hey! Let me give you the tour of Titan Tower!"

Miyabe straightened up and said with her most apologetic tone, "Look, um, Beast Boy, I appreciate it, I really do, but the only one I've known for more than thirty seconds is Starfire. I'd prefer her to show me around because of that."

"There will be plenty of time for a tour later," Starfire smiled, "but right now, I think we should learn more about Miyabe! We do not know anything else besides your name, that you are a great fighter, and as to why you have left your adopted father."

"That's all you need to know for now." Miyabe let her composure slip just a bit, momentarily showing the hidden pain she didn't want anyone to see. "If I feel there's anything important that you need to know from my past, I'll tell you."

Raven smirked underneath the hood of her cloak. She could tell that she could probably get along with Miyabe without any problems if she stayed away from the mention of the past – which she would have no trouble doing.

"Right now, though, I want to throw down my pack and rest a bit. You know, get some time alone for a bit." Miyabe stretched her long, thin arms over her head. "That was hard to do in the orphanage and with Slate, so I'd appreciate a little time."

Starfire looked sad at not getting to know Miyabe. "But—"

"I'll show you to your room." Raven with her monotone voice kept level.

Miyabe faced Raven. "Thanks."

Raven turned and started walking back through the doors her and the other three had come through just a few minutes before. Miyabe trailed close behind, not wanting to get lost in this place.

"Your room will be this way." Raven explained. "The easiest way to remember will be to know that first is a right, and then your room is four doors down to the left." She stopped at the door she was speaking of. "You're one of the closest to the living area, aside from Robin."

Miyabe nodded once at Raven's back. "Okay. Thanks."

Raven reached up and pushed back her hood. She faced Miyabe; shoulder length purple hair that matched her eyes was now shown, as well as her sickly pale white skin. A single small jewel rested on her forehead in between her eyes.

"Don't worry about Starfire and the others." She offered a small smile. "They enjoy a lot of gossip and things like that. You can wait until you're ready to talk to tell anyone, and I'll make sure they understand that."

Miyabe blinked twice, confused but grateful. "Th-Thanks Raven."

"Not a problem." Raven turned and started walking back towards the living area. "It's Robin's turn to cook tonight, so dinner should be ready around five."


"See you then, martial artist." With that, Raven turned down the hall to the living area and walked through the doors.

Miyabe turned to the door and walked inside as it opened automatically like all the doors in the tower. She threw her pack down onto the brown carpet and plopped down onto her back on the full-sized bed made up with a pure white comforter and sheets. Silently, Miyabe wondered if they had assumed she'd like the color white, or if they just threw something together quickly and decided to mess with it later.

Regardless…they all seem nice, even Raven. I guess I'll catch some sleep, she looked over at the digital clock on the wooden nightstand to see that it read two 'o'clock, before dinner.

Miyabe yawned and turned onto her side, closing her eyes. Martial artist…I guess it's…appropriate…