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After a two hour nap, Miyabe woke up to the sound of an alarm screeching. At first, she thought she was still living in the volcano with Slade and Mikami – an alarm there would go off every now and again if the place was in danger of blowing up – and her first instinct was to get the hell out. But as she jumped out of bed and raced down the hall, she slammed right into Beast Boy and remembered: She has run away from the home Slade had brought her and her brother to just over a year ago. Now Miyabe was living with the Teen Titans, Slade's enemy.

Miyabe helped Beast Boy get back onto his feet from where he had fallen when she ran into him. "Sorry about that. What's going on."

Beast Boy stood up and shook off the little tumble quickly. "Someone's attacking the city. Robin wanted to know if you wanted to help."

Miyabe thought for a second. She already betrayed Slade by moving in with the Teen Titans, and the chances of this being him or Mikami were slim anyway.

She nodded. "Sure. I'll go along."

Beast Boy nodded and led the way back to the living area. It was obvious by everyone's expressions that Robin had already debriefed everyone on the situation – Miyabe was amused to see him wearing a yellow and black cape, and yellow utility belt now – and he looked somewhat surprised to see that Miyabe had agreed to help.

She stood between Raven and Starfire. "Don't look so shocked, you invited me along."

"Yes, but I didn't think you'd take the invitation." Robin said, scratching the back of his head.

She shrugged. "If you don't want me to go, fine," she took advantage of what she knew at this moment, "but know that if my brother or Slade's out there, you won't stand a chance."

"Your brother?" Starfire inquired.

Miyabe cursed herself quietly when she realized she brought up something she wasn't going to talk about just yet. "It's a long story. All that you need know for now is that he is not on our side."

Robin nodded, content with what he had heard. Starfire and Raven exchanged a look, but said nothing. Beast Boy wondered in his mind why Miyabe's brother wasn't on their side, but like Starfire and Raven, said nothing. Cyborg was the only one not satisfied with the explanation being left at that and asked:

"If he's on Slade's side, then why are you here?"

Miyabe's eyes narrowed at the question. "You don't trust me?"

"Honestly, with so little information on you, I can't trust you completely. You didn't even tell us until now that you have a brother that works for Slade."

"I didn't feel the need to tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because I knew that at least one of you would be like this! Just because my brother works for Slade doesn't mean that I work for him too! He thinks that it's his duty to repay our adoptive father for saving us from that hellhole of an orphanage."

"You don't feel the same compelling pull that he does?"

She ground her teeth. "No, I don't, otherwise I wouldn't be here."

"Well, I don't—"

Robin cleared his throat, capturing everyone's attention away from the argument, and cutting Cyborg off. "Look, regardless of what you think Cyborg, Miyabe did leave Slade of her own accord. If she was a spy, I don't think she would've jumped on the opportunity to come along with us so quickly."

"Yes, she is reliable, regardless of your suspicions." Starfire added.

"And how would you know?" Cyborg asked coldly.

Starfire didn't have an answer, so Raven spoke instead; "Look, if Robin trusts her, then she must be reliable. Besides, Miyabe doesn't look like one to go out of her way to betray us to someone she ran from."

"Guys, we don't have anymore time to debate this," Robin didn't mention that they never had the time to begin with, "we have to go."

Everyone nodded and ran out of the tower. Miyabe tried to get in the boat with Cyborg and Raven, but he closed the top before she could get in. She looked over at where Robin had already taken off in a smaller boat. Miyabe hung her head, thinking that that moment of mistrust Cyborg had just cost her any hope of being the better twin.

"Um, Miyabe?" Starfire held out her hand as the other girl turned around. "I can get you into the city."

Miyabe smiled at her new friend and grabbed the held out hand. "Thanks Starfire."

Starfire nodded once and began to fly through the air with Miyabe in tow. It didn't occur to her until they had caught up with the other Titans where they were fighting off the spider-headed man named Fang, that Miyabe could be useless in a real fight. But at the same moment, Starfire had a thought that Miyabe could be like Robin when fighting.

As soon as Miyabe's feet hit the ground, she ran quickly towards where the others were having difficulty fighting Fang. She jumped into the air and brought her fist down hard onto the spider creature's head. That reeled the monster for a moment, but didn't injure him whatsoever.

Fang turned to where Miyabe was now standing next to the floating Starfire. "Another Titan?"

"She's no Titan." Cyborg said quickly. "She's just a temporary tenant."

Miyabe glared at Cyborg's back for a moment, but quickly turned her attention back to the monster in front of her. Starfire seemed to want to argue with Cyborg, but held in her comment for now. Instead, she flew forward and launched lightening bolt after lightening bolt at the spider. The lightening seemed to have no effect on Fang, all he did was shield himself with some of his legs, and the green bolts were deflected.

Starfire flew back as paralyzing rays were shot her way. She stopped next to Robin. "That has never happened before."

Cyborg's right hand changed to the cannon blaster. "Whatever happened, it won't be able to escape this." He fired a blue laser at Fang, throwing the creature back into a building.

Taking advantage of the situation, everyone rushed forward to attack Fang. Starfire shot more lightening bolts at him. Cyborg and Miyabe attacked Fang with a series of kicks and punches. Beast Boy transformed into an elephant and stomped on the spider. Robin threw shuriken bombs that exploded on contact. Raven chanted to lift up a car with her black colored magic and threw it as hard as possible at the spider.

Once the dust cleared from the synched attacks, all that was left of Fang was a pile of crushed clay. None of them understood what was going on, it didn't make any sense, but they got their answer when a laughing voice dropped down from the same building that Fang had crushed against.

The boy of no more than sixteen or seventeen lifted his head on his landing. He had long black hair bound into a low ponytail at the nape of his neck. His red eyes pierced the six in front of him. He wore a white tank top, black skinny jeans, a black dog collar, a black wristband on each wrist, and black ankle-high Converse shoes. He was Miyabe's height five-foot six-inches, if not just an inch taller.

He sighed in relief suddenly. "Damn, Miyabe, you had me scared for a second. I know father told you to call him once you were done with the competition, but if there was a delay at the airport, you should've come back home."

Miyabe got an angry look on her face. "Slade is not my father, and he's not your father either, Mikami!"

Mikami shook off that comment with a flick of his wrist. "Anyway, come on, Oneechan, let's go home." Mikami still had a tendency to call Miyabe Oneechan, or big sister, like he did when they lived in Japan. "Father won't be happy if I have to report that you're hanging out with the Teen Titans."

"I don't care what you have to report, I'm not going back. I left because I never wanted to see Slade's face again, and I don't wanna see you tear yourself apart for some debt you think you owe."

"I'm not the only one who owes him a debt, Oneechan, you owe him one too. It wasn't just me he saved from that orphanage."

"I owe Slade nothing." Miyabe said evenly. "If anything, he owes me something."


"He took you away, Mikami! Look at what you've become! Can't you see that Slade's turned you into a mindless soldier?!"

Before he could think, Mikami began to run towards Miyabe. He swerved around the other Titans with ease to get to his sister. Once he reached her, he reached out his hand and grabbed her by the throat, slamming her into the closest building.

He has more strength than I remember! Miyabe thought desperately.

The other Titans turned around just in time to hear Mikami announce, "I am no mindless soldier! I realize the price of my debt, and am willing to pay every 'penny' of it! You owe Slade more for the endless competitions! I gave those up so I could better serve our father by helping him with his plans! Don't you understand, don't you see that he needs the Titans out of the way?!"

"For what?" Miyabe spat. "What plans are you talking about?"

"His plans for—"

"Mikami, that's enough." Slade's rang through the empty street where the Titans and the twins stood.

Mikami turned his head to see him and his sister's adoptive father. "Yes father."

Slade turned his attention to Miyabe. "Miyabe, how many times have I stressed not to even speak with the Titans, let alone this…? I've told you time and again, they're evil."

Miyabe growled and kicked Mikami's stomach to get him away from her. "They're not evil, you are!"

Slade's one visible eye narrowed and he said, "Whatever you think about them, my daughter, is wrong."

"I'm not your daughter!"

"Am I to ascertain that you are ungrateful to me?"

"I'm not ungrateful, I just don't like what you're doing. You've destroyed the lives of innocent people so that you can get some sort of rush. Now you have Mikami doing the same thing! I can't stand to even think of it!"

"Hmm…" Slade snapped his fingers. "Mikami, come. We have to reassess the situation." He disappeared.

Mikami bowed to where Slade had been standing and disappeared as well.

Cyborg, Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven made a move to go after the two, but Robin told them not to go. He turned to Miyabe, who was slumped against a building. She was shocked to see her brother use the same teleportation method she'd often seen Slade use. She had no idea he could use it.

Starfire flew over to Miyabe. "Are you alright?"

Miyabe shook her head. No, she wasn't alright, and she had no idea if she could be as long as Mikami was Slade's mindless soldier.


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