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Takes place between the stories I've written entitled 'One Month of Bliss' and 'Happiness in Unexpected Places'.

"Chuck, you're home early," Blair stated as she stepped off the elevator, her eyes widening in surprise at being greeted by her husband standing before her in an Armani tuxedo with a bouquet of white roses in his hand which he extended out to her as she stepped closer.

"I missed you today," he stated as she stepped into his arms and kissed him in greeting. They mutually deepened their kiss as they always did after a few hours away from each other. Those hours always seemed to feel like eternity.

"You miss me everyday," she pulled back breathlessly, "But I don't recall it ever inspiring you to leave the office early, put on a tuxedo, and wait for me at the elevator before."

"Today is a special day," he stated as his lips brushed against hers slightly as he spoke.

"How so?" she inquired as she began to try matching up the current date against any of their anniversaries. Chuck could see the wheels spinning in her head. She was coming up empty, and a knot began to form in her stomach at the thought that she could forget any of the important milestones they'd created together.

"Relax, Mrs. Bass, you haven't forgotten anything," he assured her as he felt her tense in his arms. He began caressing her back gently to relax her in the way he knew she liked. She was like a finely tuned instrument to him that he could play well.

"Then what is this special day that you are talking about?" she sighed in relief.

"Come with me," he requested as he held out his hand to her, "And you'll find out."

Her eyes began to sparkle as his mysterious statement began to spark the curiosity in her. He knew better than to make curious statements like that without immediately clarifying what he meant. She would pry the information out of him by any means necessary.

The dining room was lit with dozens of candles and white rose pedals everywhere. At their place settings at the table held two silver covered dishes, which from the smell was one of her favorite meals.

"What is all this?" Blair inquired as he pulled out her chair for her before he took his usual seat at the head of the table next to her.

"Can a husband do something romantic for his wife without a reason?" he inquired as he grinned menacingly. Many years ago, that grin would have frightened her, as it would have meant he was up to no good, but he wasn't that rotten to the core boy anymore. She had changed him in all of the best ways.

"Sure he can," Blair smiled as he reached over and lifted the lid of her dish at the same time he lifted his, "But I know you, Bass. I know that mischievous grin on your face better than I know my own. You're planning something."

"Perhaps I am," he nodded as he encouraged her to begin her meal, "And you'll find out after we finish our meal."

Blair and Chuck proceeded to trade banter back and forth about their day as they devoured their meal as quickly and safely as possible. Blair went on and on about a new print of fabric that had come into her loft that she had fallen in love with. She was already reworking her upcoming line to incorporate it. The way her eyes sparkled as she spoke brought him a great amount of joy. He loved that her work gave her so much happiness in the same way his did for him. He hoped that his plans for the evening didn't change that.

"I've finished my fantastic meal, now it's time for some answers," she stated as he pulled her to her feet and into his arms to hold her. He had barely finished chewing when she made her demand.

"Do you know what today is?" he inquired.

"You said it wasn't any of our anniversaries," she stated, the knot in her stomach returning. She had forgotten something. It wasn't there first wedding anniversary; that was two months away. It wasn't the anniversary of the first night they had made love because that was a few days before her birthday. It couldn't have been the anniversary of when he had proposed, that was just a week before the fall fashion show. What could he be talking about?

"It's not an anniversary exactly," he stated, "It's the three month mark after something that we consider an anniversary. March 24th, doesn't that ring any bells?"

"Three months earlier puts us at December 24th, which is Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was when you promised me that you'd ask me to marry you one day," she smiled brightly.

"Which I eventually did," he stated as he kissed her ringed hand that held both her engagement and wedding bands.

"Yes, you certainly did," she stated as she took her turn and kissed his platinum wedding band. She had expected that he wouldn't want to wear a wedding ring when they had first talked about their wedding plans, but he had been insistent on it, almost demanding it.

"And I haven't said it yet today, but I'll make sure that I do right now. I love you, Blair Waldorf-Bass," he professed as he kissed her.

"I love you too," she stated as she closed her eyes to savor the words. She heard the words escape his lips probably a million times by now, but she cherished them more each time he spoke them. It had been so hard for him at first. Now it was effortless. He made a point to say it at least once every day.

"I want to talk to you about something," he stated as he pulled her into the living room, sitting her on the white linen settee as he knelt before her.

"You don't need to propose again Chuck," she teased, "I'm already your wife."

"Something for which I thank god every morning," he stated as he took her hands in his and kissed each one in turn.

"Out with it, Bass," she commanded, "The suspense is killing me."

"You've never been one for patience," he smirked.

"And neither have you," she hissed, "Whatever it is that you want to talk to me about, start talking."

"I love our life," he began, "I love that every morning I wake up knowing that you and I are husband and wife. These ten months of wedded bliss have been so much better than I ever could have hoped for."

"I love this too," she agreed.

"Do you remember what we talked about on that Christmas Day, after I promised to one day propose?" he inquired.

"I certainly remember the costume you made me wear," she laughed, "And the embarrassment I felt after our family heard us making love in your office."

He laughed at the memory. She had worn her costume every year since to blissful results. It was the only costume she ever wore that had any effect. All others seemed unnecessary and annoyingly inhabiting at the wrong moments.

"Do you remember when we told Nathaniel about our promise to each other?" he prompted her.

"Yes, that best man of yours didn't get me a present that year," she pouted.

"Do you remember what I said to him when we told him?" he inquired.

"That you loved me, and that you wanted to spend your life with me. That you wanted me to know that you saw marriage in our future one day," she recalled.

"What else did I see in our future?" he prompted her.

"Children," she blushed.

"And that day, we agreed to hold off on children talk until we'd been married for six months. We're four months past that," he stated, "I want to start the conversation."

"Do you think we're ready for children?" she inquired curiously, "We're still in our honeymoon phase."

"Blair, we've been in our honeymoon phase for seven years already," he pointed out, "That's never going away. Our sex life is what it is. Nothing is going to change that, not even children."

"But they can certainly interrupt," she tried to point out.

"Trust me, any child of ours is going to know that their parents make love every day, and they'll know not to interrupt us," he assured her. His comment brought a bright smile to her face.

"I love you, Bass, you and your one tract mind," she giggled.

"Blair, I'm trying to be serious here," he glared at her.

"You don't like kids," she stated as she sobered up.

"As I've told you before, I'm afraid of children. I have nothing against them personally. I think that if it was our child, I might be able to get over that fear . . . at least I'm hoping I can. I want our child or children to know that I love them," he stated.

"They'll know," she assured him, "Even if you run screaming from the room every time they come near you, they'll know you love them."

"I am never that bad," he laughed out.

"I thought you're trying to be serious," she teased.

"I am," he replied as his face straightened out.

"What has brought all this out anyways?" she inquired.

"Remember Wendell Marte?" he inquired curiously.

"Vaguely," she recalled, "Isn't he that man from the elevator that you kicked out on our one month anniversary and almost fired?"

"Well, he actually came in handy later that afternoon when when you made me show up late for the board meeting so I promoted him," he explained, "His wife just had a baby about a month ago, and he just returned to work yesterday. The look in his eyes and the smile on his face as he talks about his son made me jealous. It caught me off guard because honestly I didn't think I was ready for children. Then yesterday after work, I stepped into the elevator with that little girl, Victoria."

"That pigtailed little brunette?" Blair inquired.

"The one that's like a miniature version of you, only not quite as cute," he agreed, "We began talking."

"You talked to a six year old," Blair summarized, her eyes showing how stunned she was.

"Surprised me too," he laughed, "What was more curious was that it wasn't uncomfortable. She told me this cute story about her imaginary friend and how riding in the elevator is his favorite thing to do, and before I knew it I had gone up and down the elevator with her about four times."

"I was wondering why you were so late getting home," Blair chuckled as she tried to keep a straight face, "You called me just before your limo pulled up to the building, but it took you twenty minutes to step off the elevator."

"Something is trying to tell me that I'm ready for children," he stated as he shifted from one knee to the other, "And I want to know where you are in this? I know that your work is important to you. You're still a very new designer. You're still working on being accepted as a major label, and I don't want you to think that your work isn't nearly as important as mine."

"Stop," she stated as she put her fingers to his lips to stop him from talking, "I think I'm ready too."

"You think," he repeated as his eyes widen in surprise, "Blair, I didn't want to start this conversation tonight looking for a resolution that we would start trying right away. I was just hoping to start the dialog so that we could work on getting to the same page."

"We're already there," she assured him.

"Are you sure?" he inquired, "I want you to be really sure that you're ready for this."

"Are you sure?" she pressed, "Children has always been your issue more than it's been mine. I want a miniature Chuck Bass running around."

"And I want a miniature Blair Waldorf-Bass," he smirked, "Please let us have a daughter first."

"Are you serious?" she laughed, "I thought you'd want a son first to carry on the Bass name."

"Our daughter can do that just as well as a son," he assured her, "A miniature you could be so much fun."

"We're getting ahead of ourselves," she announced as she shook her head in amusement.

"Yes," he nodded, "We have to get you pregnant first."

"That shouldn't be all that hard," she smirked devilishly, "We're very good at the activity that gets me pregnant."

"Yes, we are," he sighed as his voice oozed with the lust he felt building inside him.

"I'll stop taking my birth control pill after this cycle, and we'll let nature take its course from there," she announced as her arms went around his shoulders to pull him close, "Until then, we can certainly continue practicing."

"There is one other thing that we have to talk about, two things really," he stated as his eyes turned serious. He couldn't allow her to distract him as the conversation he had planned wasn't finished yet.

"My bulimia," she took a stab at the first issue he could possibly be thinking of.

"It's been a long time since we've talked about this, but it's still an issue," he replied.

"I know," she whispered softly as she pressed her forehead to his so she could avoid his intense stare

"Head up, Waldorf-Bass," he prompted her as he lifted her chin when she lowered her eyes, "No shame, remember."

She nodded in agreement as she smiled at him softly. He was always the voice of encouragement whenever this topic came up, which was once a year around the anniversary of her last bout of bulimia. They were a few weeks way from that anniversary. She gathered her thoughts as she spoke, "I had the conversation with Doctor Boyd during my yearly check in with him a few months ago."

"And what did he say?" Chuck asked. He was surprised that she'd had that conversation with her doctor, and that she wouldn't have mentioned it until now. She always told him everything that she discussed with Doctor Boyd.

"He sees no reason why I should have any trouble getting pregnant, carrying, and having a healthy baby. I'm young and healthy. I haven't had any incidents since spring break my freshman year of college. I don't really give it that much thought expect whenever I met with the doctor for my check in, which he thinks might not be necessary anymore. Morning sickness, we'll have to deal with, but he said if I make a special effort I should be fine," she explained.

"Which leads us to the second issue . . . childbirth," he sighed, "I don't know how active a participant I can be. With my mother dying while giving birth to me, it's going to bring up so many negative feelings and insecurities. I can try, Blair, I really can, but I don't know if I can be there."

"We'll deal with that time when it comes," she assured him as she caressed his cheek softly as a single tear fell down his face, "And if you can't, that's okay."

"I want a child with you, Blair, but not at the expense of losing you," he stated tearfully. His composure broke at that moment as he pulled her close as the tears began to flow.

"I'll be okay," she tried to assure him as she gently ran her fingers through his hair as she tried to comfort him, "I'm not going anywhere."

"I want to believe that so much," he sniffled, "But things can happen . . . things did happen to my mom. I'm sure she thought the same way when she was pregnant with me."

"We have one big thing working in our favor," she stated, "As great of a woman as I know your mother must have been, she wasn't part Waldorf. We are strong and determined women. We don't do anything or go anywhere unless we chose to."

Despite his tears, he smiled at her statement.

"Take me to bed, Bass, and let's start figuring out how we're going to do this," she smirked as she wiped the rest of the tears off his face.

"I think we've already figure out how to do this," he grinned seductively, "I think we just need to keep practicing until the time is right."

"Which will be soon, I'm sure," she replied as she watched him stand and then easily lift her into his arms as he carried her towards their bedroom.

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