Story Title: Green Tea… It's Not Easy Being Green Tea

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE – Word of the Week: Green. Mischief, and mayhem, and… Sam's trendy "love" of green tea?

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are not mine. Just the ideas and the mayhem they bring.

Challenge Date: November 01, 2009

Total Word Count: 500

Chapter One: It's Not Easy Being Green

Word Count: 300

"It's not that easy being green

Having to spend each day the color of the leaves

When I think it could be nicer being red or yellow or gold

Or something much more colorful like that."

Sam looked over at his brother, plastered to the television, enrapt with the current show that was playing… again.

"Turn it off Dean," he asked exasperated.

"But this is such a great show… it's a classic Sammy and-"

"And we know how much you like your classics." Sam tried to hide a huge yawn as he stood and stretched, fingers nearly brushing the ceiling.

"I'm beat; you ready to turn in?" His eyes rolled at the distracted grunt as he gathered up some fresh clothes and paused behind his brother. "Hey Dean?"

"Wha'cha want?"

"You gonna need in?" At the backwards glance, he indicated the bathroom door.


Sam nodded. "Alright, I'll be out in minute."

"Yeah right," he heard Dean mutter as he closed the door.


As he stepped out of the shower and into his clothes, Sam looked in the mirror and was surprised to notice something he had not before.

Green? Why are my teeth green?

And they were. Every tooth was a very pale, subtle shade of green.

His first inclination was that Dean had something to do with it as payback, but he just couldn't out how—or more importantly—when he could have.

Then he had an idea.

He checked the toothpaste and sure enough, it was a light green. 'Ah man, Dean's never let me live it down.' Stupid freaking store not having his brand. He jumped at the sudden knock.

"You alright in there Sammy?"


He exited, pulled back the covers and when the light was extinguished, he was left to attempt a fitful slumber.

Author's Note: I know… more story than challenge, but I think you'll forgive.

Exerpt taken from the Muppets song "Bein' Green".