A/N: Once again ask and ye shall receive…some of you might hate me though, because this is a break in the action. Two one-shots from the time-skip while they were training. One lemon, one that is solely fluff. Maybe even a few that don't really fit into the timeline at all, just because I thought they would be sweet.

So, enjoy and don't ask questions about when it happned.


Bad Romance:

No matter how determined she was, Keiki's body had limits. The first few weeks they had trained, she would collapse after a certain amount of time, and they would have to take a break. Hisagi took this time to go off and train by himself…train and think. Nothing felt better than stretching his muscles, pushing his body to the ultimate limit.

Of course, it was not because being around Keiki made him unable to think. Not because the sight of her body moving through motions he was teaching her brought a sudden rush to his groin. No…the fact that he slept beside Keiki in a tiny tent every night, unable to touch her but longing to…that was not why he spent every moment he was alone exerting energy. The sight of the small curve of her back, the soft skin of the back of her neck…the tight feeling in his stomach that the very sight of her caused. Those were not the things that drove him to train so hard.


Urahara had installed a hot spring in the training area, allowing both of them to rinse off the sweat and stink of training. When Hisagi finished, he sauntered back over to the campsite.

And there she was, a strange device pounding loud, strange music as she bended her body into contortions he had never imagined possible. His mouth dry, he slowly walked forward, stopping as she twisted her body around until she faced him. Shrieking slightly, she jumped backwards and clapped her arms over her chest. Hisagi walked forward, slowly, his eyes boring into hers and began to imagine running his hands over every inch of her curves. "What are you doing?"

A slow, sultry grin spread across Keiki's face, arms wrapped around her chest, her fingers wrapped around her own shoulders. "I'm practicing. In case I have to go back to my old job."

He scowled, remembering the first time he had seen her. The dirtiness of the club, her beautiful eyes smeared with black kohl and her lips a pouting red. A twisted version of a babydoll with pigtails and lace panties hugging the rounded curve of her ass. "I hate that job."

"Oh?" Letting one hand stretched out to him and gripped his hand. Pulling him towards her, she backed up and then pushed him onto a rock. "Look, but don't touch…and I'll give you a reason to like these particular skills of mine a little more." Backing up, she continued to grin before hitting a button on the machine. The song began again, a sweet sultry voice begging for a bad romance. Keiki raised her hands above her head, turning her back to him as she slowly rotated her hips. A hard bass thumped out and she moved faster, before slowly bending over.

His breath became shallow, his heart pounding in his chest at the display before him. Thank God that hakama are loose, or I would be fairly uncomfortable right now… Arching her body as she slowly stood up she caressed her own bottom then slapped it, the sight sending a strange thrill through him. Finally turning to face him, she raised her arms above her head. Her perfectly round breasts raised high on her chest as she stretched. Her hips continued to twist, until she began to walk forward until she stood in front of him.

Hisagi began to stand, his hands reaching to touch her, feel her skin beneath his hands. Keiki playfully slapped them away, then straddled him and pushed him down. "I said…don't touch." Resting her hands on his shoulders, she leaned back and shook her hair and grinded her hips against him. Slowly she arched back up then slid her bare body against his. Hisagi leaned back and moaned, clenching his hands at his sides and grinding his teeth.

Her lips were on his neck, her hands stroking down his chest. He bit back a protest when she stood, because in the next moment she was sitting on his lap, her arms above her head. "Jesus." Her laughter rang out as she writhed against him. Leaning her head back, she pressed her cheek against his and flicked her tongue up the side of his ear. Groaning, Hisagi exerted all of his energy to keep himself from grabbing her and taking her right there.

Keiki turned around once more, rubbing herself against his hardening cock, her panties hot and damp. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she pulled his head down between her breasts. "Alright…now you can touch."

He growled and nipped the side of one breast before fastening his lips on her nipple. Moaning, she gripped his hands and brought them down to her hips, her lips pressing against his neck and sucking lightly. Bending her back, Hisagi trailed his lips up between her breasts, nipping at each of them. It was impossible to catch his breath. "Fuck, Keiki…" With a sudden snarl he tore at her panties, ripping the fragile lace away from her body and held her up against his chest while pushing his hakama down around his ankles.

Gently laying her down on the rock, he kissed her deeply as he slammed into her. The gasp of pleasure and soft cry urged him on and he gripped her hands in one of his, raising them above her head and pumping his hips harder. Sliding one hand down, he hooked his hand beneath one knee and pulling one of her legs up so he could hit her deeper. Fuck she's tight, shit I can't get enough of her…

Keiki's thighs began to twitch, her face flushed but her eyes glued to his. She cried out, rising her hips to meet his and clenching around his cock each time he pulled out. Her voice screaming his name made him slam into her harder, his lower body tightening, pressure building as he grew closer to exploding into her. "Come on, baby…" he whispered against her neck, cupping his hand around her perfect breast and pinching her nipple.

It was enough, and it was his name that she breathed out as her eyes slipped closed and her entire body clenched. Panting and whining, Keiki dug her nails into his shoulders, her pussy pulsating as she came hard, milking his cock dry as he followed her.

Together they lay there, breathing heavily, their bodies sweaty and still burning. Hisagi turned to look at her, a smug grin on his face. "Yeah…I guess there are some good things about your job." Keiki laughed then groaned and sat up.

"Doing it on a rock? Not the best way…" She stretched, and then gave him a coy glance. "Next time…carry me to the tent."


Ferris Wheel

"Remind me what we are doing here?"

"You are in my world, my city right now. And so I am going to show it to you. And then maybe you'll stop complaining. Now let's go!"

"Keiki…it 's almost nighttime. What is that word you used?"

"Dusk. It's dusk. Just look ahead of you, instead of bitching and moaning? You'll see where we're going."

Hisagi turned his eyes to the skyline, and tried to be unimpressed. Once again, the sky was a brilliant mixture of red and purple, orange. The sun was a flash of fire against the horizon. But most impressive was the giant wheel, already lit up with lights and the dark shadow of a strange hill.

"What are those things?"

Keiki tossed back her head and laughed, then began to run, dragging him behind her. "Just stop asking questions! You'll see when we get there, so…let's get there!" Her feet splashed in the surf, but eventually they made it to the faint shadows. They turned into structures, but still nothing he could recognize.

"I still don't know what they are. A giant wheel? And what is that other thing?"

Her laugh rang through the night, chiming bells that brought a strange tightening in his chest. Different than the tightening he felt…elsewhere most of the time he was around Keiki. He turned his head to the side and scowled. "Just tell me what the damn thing is!"

Keiki's face pulled into a mockery of his scowl. "Scary!" Smiling slowly, she grabbed his hand and led him over to a small booth. "It's a Ferris wheel."

"And what does it do?"

Keiki ignored him, tossing her hair and smiling flirtatiously with a teenager in the little booth. Hisagi turned his head away and tried not to scowl. Keiki returned, a roll of red pieces of paper in her hands.

"YOU are a lucky shinigami. We get to ride all the rides, and play the arcade games. Get ready for one of the reasons I want to stay in LA."

Once again she grabbed his hand and pulled. As they walked through the small park, he realized it was some American version of a festival. The games were different, some of them strange but you still won prizes. He wished he could keep his eyes off of the soft curve of her ass as she bent over to throw some wooden ball at holes.

"Are you going to make me watch you do this crap all day?"

Keiki kicked him lightly in the shin. "You just don't like it because you suck at the games. Calm down. We're almost at the best part." All night she had been reaching out for his rough hands. He couldn't believe how small and soft they were, as if she had never worked all her life. Once again he felt that strange tug in his heart.

"We're here!" She ran up to a small booth and handed some of the tickets to the man inside. Turning around to flash him a bright smile, she took both of his hands this time and pulled as she walked backwards.

"You're going to trip if you walk that way!" As if on cue, Keiki fell backwards. Reaching his hand out to grab her arm, Hisagi yanked her against her chest then glared down at her. "Do you think you could at least learn to walk?"

Keiki placed her hands firmly on his chest and pushed herself away. "Will you just get on the damn ride with me?"

Hisagi followed her with his hands held behind his head, glaring to one side. Standing behind her in a slightly long line, he made it a point not to speak to her. He was feeling way too stubborn.

At the end of the line he finally looked ahead. A man with oily hair and exposed belly was occasionally jerking back levers on a machine as odd cars rolled down, swaying from the movement. I will not be afraid of this pathetic human machine. I have destroyed Hollows. I will not be afraid of this pathetic human machine.

Keiki was already in one of the cars, purposefully rocking it with her held head back as she laughed. Hisagi cautiously got in with her, gripping the two bars attached to the car and looking at her, working as hard as he could to keep his face blank. "Stop that rocking. You're behaving like a child."

The way she tilted her head to the side to study him was too endearing to be coming from a stripper with a mouth like a sailor. A slow, lazy smile began to spread across her face before she leaned forward and slid her hands up his thighs to his chest. Her movements caused the car to rock, and his grip on the bars tightened until his knuckles turned white.

"Are you scared, shinigami? You're a little pale…" As Keiki went back to her seat, the car swayed once again. "Ah, the look on your face is just priceless." Whipping out a thin, black phone she leaned back and held it in front of her face, the back facing him.

"What are you doing?"

"Hahaha, taking a video of you on this thing."

Hisagi turned his head to the side and crossed his hands behind his head and looked to the side. Before he could say the snide comment that had come into his head, he caught sight of the view and pressed his hands against the glass. "Holy shit."

Keiki smiled softly and pulled her knees up under her chin, just watching him. For once the rough expression on his face had softened into something different, a boyish awe. "That is what we're doing here."