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Damon stared into his younger brother's eyes. What he saw would have made him stumble back if he wasn't already being pressed against the wall. Cold...dark. Damon had put him through so much over the years but never before had Stefan looked like this.

Damon felt the stake pierce right below his heart. He gasped and dropped his eyes down to Stefan's hand wrapped around the piece of wood now embedded in his stomach. Damon slowly brought his eyes back up to look at Stefan.

"You missed." He stuttered.

Stefan shook his head. "No. You saved my life. I spared yours. Now were even."

Stefan pushed the stake in deeper, Damon fell back against the wall.

"And we're done." He finished.

Damon watched Stefan turn and walk away from him as he slowly sank to the floor. He continued to stare long after Stefan had gone. Stefan had actually stabbed a stake into him. It didn't matter that he had missed the heart; the fact that he had done it at all was what kept Damon frozen.

Damon knew that Stefan hated him but he had never thought him capable. Damon knew he could never do it. It didn't matter how much he threatened or how much he terrorized him. He could never put a stake in Stefan, not even if it wasn't the heart. The simple act of it was significant. Had he really pushed him that far?

Lexi really had been a means of protecting them...both of them. The townspeople knew. They knew there were vampires here and they suspected there was more than one. Damon couldn't allow them to keep looking. It wasn't just about protecting himself. It was about protecting Stefan. He had to protect Stefan. Lexi was the only way he knew how.

Damon brought his hand up and grasped the stake tightly in his hand. He winced as he slowly pulled it out, grimacing in pain the entire time. He glanced at the stake briefly before throwing it far away from him. He didn't want to see it. Damon glanced down at the wound that had already started to heal.

Damon sighed. Right below the heart. And we're done. Maybe next time, Stefan wouldn't miss...


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