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Pairings: Angeal x Zack, Sephiroth x Cloud, Genesis x Aerith.

Raising Angeal
Part One: The Drop

-And what the hell do I do with these?!-

Angeal Hewley was not cut out for this. In retrospect, he might have expected it, with as much of a self-absorbed, thrill-seeking crazy as his sister had been. He should have tried harder to talk her out of this.

He couldn't do this. He was a SOLDIER, not a daycare service. He didn't have a maternal bone in his mako-soaked body.

Dropping a pair of kids on his doorstep with a, "Watch these, 'kay?" was pretty much the most cost-effective way to give the man an aneurysm.

"Hey!" He barked, gruffly.

The reddish brunette—Generic, was it? Angeal had never bothered to make certain—had already gone for the Buster Sword, but froze, shocked, at the sound of his voice.

Angeal caught the hilt of his weapon just before it could come crashing down. Then came the flood. A pair of wide, startled green-blue eyes stared up at him as he released a barrage of scolding words, finishing with, "Do you want to die?"

The eyes narrowed as a sudden, muffled sobbing noise came from behind him.

"Nice job, jackass."

He whirled around to face a yet more terrifying sight.

Thin, frail shoulders shook.

The tiny body curled itself into a ball.

Big, blue eyes overflowed with salt water.

Angeal heard a door slam shut behind him.

The blonde—Klaus?—was crying.

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