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Danny opened his eyes and groaned. He hurt all over, but his head was pounding enough to be noted as a separate entity of pain. After a second Danny closed his eyes again, waiting for the spinning to stop, and tried to think of a reason he felt so crappy.

'It must have been a fight of some sort.' Danny surmised, 'but it couldn't have been Dash, it hurts too much. I must have been fighting a ghost or something.'

His eyes still closed Danny began to go over the previous day as much as he could recall. The day had pretty much started out normal. He had thought it was a bit strange, though, when no ghosts bothered him. Danny had seen a couple on his way home, but none had stopped to harass him to his surprise.

Tucker and Sam had been happy that he wasn't out getting hurt, but the silence of ghost activity was making him uneasy and he had more trouble concentrating than usual.

Danny strained his mind and started to vaguely recall the events that must have lead to his major ass-kicking.

About an hour after dinner Clockwork had appeared, as much in a panic as Danny had ever seen, and said that the thermos was missing. Danny frowned now remembering that. Why was a thermos so important? He had been terrified about it last night, but for now he couldn't see what the big deal was.

Danny finally opened his eyes again and stared at the ceiling. Or he would have if a canopy hadn't been in the way.

"What's going on here?" Danny lunged up so he was sitting and tried to get his bearings. "This is definitely not my room!"

He jumped when he heard a chuckle and someone stepped out of the shadows. Danny was sure no one had been there a second before so they must have teleported or been invisible. Danny shivered and sighed out a blue breath. He was positive now that he had been captured by a ghost, but who? The ghost was standing in an annoyingly 'strategic' position so his face and torso were still in the dark, but from what he could see he looked frighteningly familiar.

Danny shivered again, but not because his ghost sense was going off. He was sure he recognized the voice, and he was terrified of it. He knew he had felt this way once before, but he wasn't sure when.

As the man walked out of the shadows Danny's heart rate sped, quickening to a dangerous pace as the shadows fell back to reveal the identity of his captor.

"Danger. Thermos. Phantom." Some of Clockworks words of warning ran through Danny's head before they were stopped in fear.

"It's been awhile, Danny." Dan Phantom said, his wide grin revealing his pointed teeth.

"D-d-d-" Danny stuttered not able to say his name. His stomach churned. "Oh my god, I'm gonna hurl," Danny heaved in panic, still trying to keep his stomach contents.

"Please, not on the sheets," Dan said as Danny heaved again, and then launched himself half over the side of the bed, retching. "You see, silk is so difficult to clean." the evil man said calmly, not paying attention to the boy on the bed. "On a different note I've been thinking you should call me Dark, it's much less confusing."

Finished emptying his stomach, for now, Danny stuttered, "Dark?"

"Yes, you see Dan and Danny gets so confusing, and I think it sounds better anyway." A hand went to his flaming white hair smoothing it back before it rose again.

"What are you thinking?" Danny asked, wiping away the tears and spitting out the rest of the stringy saliva that came with puking.

Dark smiled again and Dannys' heart sank. "Wouldn't you like to know what happened to your friends?" he asked instead of answering. At Danny's wide-eyed panicked look he chuckled and said, "Absolutely nothing. Yet."

Danny narrowed his eyes, his fear lessening a little, "And me?"

Dark chuckled and looked him in the eyes, "You're going to be my toy, of course."

His eyes widening, Danny finally got some control of himself and tried to go ghost, but it didn't work.

Seeing panic return to the boys eyes Dark smiled and said, "You didn't think I would have overlooked something like that. I know what you must be thinking, after all I am you."

Danny closed his eyes and tried to breathe calmly and think. Without his ghost powers and any equipment the chance of him escaping, not even trying to defeat this monster, was less than zero.

As for what was going to happen to him, his mind shut down. He couldn't. He wouldn't. Even that insane bastard would have enough mind left to know...

Danny screamed in shock when his shirt was literally ripped off. His side burned where the fabric had torn.

His hands automatically came up and he launched himself backwards, instinctively trying to get away. Danny's plan backfired though, when he banged his still sensitive head against the headboard.

There was a flash of pain before he slumped down, not quite unconscious. His head spinning, now with the added pain, he tried to keep control of his body but it was useless.

"Aww, Danny, what did you do that for? We don't want you to pass out, now do we?" Dark trailed cold fingers down the side of Danny's face.

Not giving him time to get his wits about him Dark quickly rid him of his pants, leaving only the boys boxers as covering. Danny had been barefoot the whole time and hadn't even tried to wonder the location of his shoes and socks.

Getting a little control back Danny immediately went to try and keep himself covered but Dark grabbed his wrists with an "Uh-uh" and attached them to the headboard with a glob of ectoplasm.

Danny struggled for a little bit, and then stopped, for one because one of his shoulders was already screaming in pain, and also because a small voice in his head was telling him to save his strength for whatever might happen to him later.

With a feral grin Dark ripped off Danny's boxers, leaving him completely exposed. Danny tried to curl up in a covering and protecting way, but was prevented by Dark's hands on his legs.

"W-wh-Stop!" Danny stuttered, barely able to speak.

"But we're just getting to the fun part, Daniel." Dark smiled again and Danny shuddered, seeing the remnants of Vlad in his anti.

Danny's mouth went dry when Dark slid a hand up the inside of his thigh. "Why are you doing this?" Danny managed to ask, thoughts flying through is head, "People can see loved ones die without going completely insane! It would be difficult, but people can manage!" he stopped as Dark moved his hand again.

'Why is he doing this?' Danny thought, his eyes closed, 'What happened to make me go this far?'

Dark sank down so he was practically laying on top of the boy and licked a trail down his cheek, causing Danny to flinch away. "I'm doing this because I can. I'm doing this because I want to, and nobody can stop me."

He rubbed himself against Danny slightly, causing the younger boys eyes to widen in horror as he felt his arousal.

"Don't." Danny whispered.

"Don't what?" Dark said, sitting on Danny's hips and trailed a cold hand down his chest.

Danny's breath sped up in fright and he couldn't speak. Dark leaned down to kiss him and he couldn't do anything to stop him, just like Dark had said.

When Dark kissed him Danny felt powerless and just lay there on the bed non responsive. This made Dark a little upset. He had wanted Danny to thrash, bite, or maybe even kiss him back. The fact none of these things was occurring made Dark want to up the stakes.

He broke off the kiss and sat up again, making a duplicate that Danny eyed warily, causing Dark to smirk.

Dark made sure Danny was looking where he wanted before he had the duplicate flick on and off the lights. He then make him disappear and looked back down at Danny. When he did this he was pleased by the looks of horror, incredulity, and disgust.

"You-that's-" Danny glared at the man above him, "You're sick."

Dark only laughed, "I thought we should have a memento of our time together. I could even make copies to send to your friends and family so they can see what you've been up to. I seem to have formed a habit of this during my time in the other reality."

Danny glanced in the direction of the video camera, but couldn't see it because of the shadows. "You wouldn't send it out." Danny said attempting to sound confident while trying to regain some backbone.

"You don't believe that," Dark said. "Who knows, if I let you go I just might just send a video for kicks before I retrieve you, just to show them what will happen, what did happen."

Danny was going to respond but Dark cut the conversations short by moving his hand all the way up to grab the limp flesh between Danny's legs.

Dark grinned at the look on Danny's face. It was a perfect mask of horror and confusion. He could tell no one had ever touched him like that before. "This is really going to be fun." Dark whispered and leaned down to kiss him again and begin moving his hand.

Dark watched Danny, the boys breathing becoming short, panicked gasps of air and a blush worked it's way across his face. He grinned when he felt the flesh start to harden and Danny started to protest.

"Stop it! Stop touching me!" Danny shrieked, and unwillingly let out a low moan.

"Why? You seem to be enjoying it." Dark said with a smirk, pumping the almost fully hard member.

"I don't want it!" Danny yelled and Dark just smiled at him.

"Sure you don't, but I have a feeling you're going to want me to do this more than what I'm about to do."

Danny let out a strangled scream when Dark slicked a finger with ectoplasm and slid it inside. Danny bit his lip and attempted to thrash around, though it was impeded by the firm grip the larger man had on him. After a few moments Dark withdrew his finger and then put it back, this time with another one. Danny whimpered, his erection wilting before Dark grabbed it again with his other hand.

"We can't have this," he said, his voice deceptively disapproving, "You're supposed to be having fun."

Danny again felt tears form at the corners of his eyes. It felt odd, it hurt, the feeling of burning and stretching somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. Dark added a third finger and somehow Danny knew that after this it would all be over. He felt some of his tears slide down his cheeks, and Dark leaned down and licked them away.

Finally Dark removed his fingers from inside Danny and he also removed his hand from Danny's once again erect member. He then trailed that hand down the side of Danny's face, causing him to turn away so he wasn't looking at him.

Dark moved his hand away with a malicious chuckle and said, "This is really going to be amazing," and with two smooth motions he slicked himself up and thrust into Danny.

Danny let out a scream, broken by sobs as Dark buried himself to the hilt. Not moving yet Dark leaned down so he was again face to face with Danny, their lips almost brushing and Dark's goatee brushing against his face before he asked, "How does it feel?"

"H-hurts." Danny ground out between clenched teeth, his eyes closed tightly.

"That's good." Dark said, causing the boys eyes to open in shock, "All good things hurt at one time or another."

"Hate you," Danny glared at his older evil safe with loathing.

"I love you too, Danny boy." Dark said before he closed the minute distance and kissed him aggressively.

Danny had opened his mouth to make a sound of protest but it just ended up being another opportunity for Dark to stick his tongue down his throat. He felt this time was a million times worse though, because Dark was moving in and out of him, fucking him slowly in time with the kiss.

Danny wiggled again trying to get away. At least, that's what he told himself he was doing. He knew that he would never get away unless Dark let him.

Suddenly Danny stopped and gasped, unwillingly arching into Dark. Panting he glared up at the man, thinking he must have done something, he had felt something...

Dark chuckled as Danny sharply asked, "What was that?"

"That is going to be your new best friend. Or maybe you'll call it your worst enemy." Dark replied with a slight chuckle, moving again and brushing against the something more often than not.

Danny bit his bottom lip, trying to not make any noise of any kind, but was failing for the most part. Whimpers and muffled groans began to escape him.

Dark mentally chuckled watching Danny's unsuccessful attempts at muffling noises and trying to convince himself he was not enjoying it.

"You love it," he whispered in Danny's ear, causing him to shudder, not entirely in disgust.

"N-no I don't." Danny stuttered, biting back another moan. His words were completely made useless and his body betrayed what he said by arching up into a thrust. He wasn't sure if he should be grateful or not that the pain was mostly gone by now.

Dark chuckled again and said, "Refute it all you like, I know you." When he said that Danny finally gave in and much to his dismay, and Dark's pleasure, he started meeting Dark's thrusts.

Seeing his sudden change in demeanor Dark responded with a grin and went faster, harder. Danny couldn't stop the cries and moans that came from his mouth, and he also couldn't stop the heat and pressure he felt building in his lower abdomen. When Dark hit that spot a little later Danny came, arching, with a choked cry of pleasure, Dark following a moment later.

Danny felt the other man pull out and get up to probably leave the room. He most likely grabbed the video tape as well. As he slowly came down from his high he realized what he had just partially consented to do.

He had just turned getting raped by his older, evil self into a pleasurable experience. He felt sick. Danny couldn't believe what had just happened but the acute pain in places that shouldn't ever hurt like that told the truth of the matter.

Danny slowly pulled his hands to his face, belatedly realizing he hadn't noticed when the ectoplasmic bonds vanished, and covered his face with them.

After a moment the pain in his shoulders forced him to move, so he sat up, trying to find a position to relieve some of the pressure. Pulling a sheet over his naked lower half he pulled up his knees, wrapping his arms around them and putting his chin down on top.

He tried to ignore the pain from the pressure on his back side as he just sat there staring at the wall and thinking.

How was he going to get out of here? From what he thought he had seen of the room there were no windows or doors, and with his ghost powers still shorted out he couldn't phase through the walls like what he suspected Dark had done. His heart sank as he again realized that the only way he was getting out was if Dark let him, and he couldn't see that happening.

Danny felt a slight burn in his eyes and moved a hand to wipe at them and frowned as they came away wet.

"Wet? Water? I'm crying?" Danny mumbled to himself and surprised himself at the shaking and roughness of his voice.

"Yes, you are crying." Dark said, once again causing Danny to jump and scream a little.

As Danny was rendered speechless Dark continued, "I suppose this means it is time for you to go home."

Danny had only a second to comprehend what his older self said before he was hit violently across the face knocking him back, and he felt hands at his throat choking him.

Dark smiled looking down at the small, struggling figure below him. 'This is going to be perfect,' Dark thought as Danny's struggling grew weaker and his face began changing colors. 'I saw his little breakdown earlier. 'All I need to do is dress him again and throw him somewhere for someone to find.'

Danny finally stopped struggling and fell limp, but Dark didn't let go yet, wanting to make sure he was really out.

"Oh Danny," Dark whispered, stroking the side of his face, "You're going to suffer so much. You would never tell anyone what happened, so you're going to keep it bottled up inside, and it will lead you to a pain you have never felt before." Dark chuckled, letting go fully.

He watched the slight rise and fall of the boys chest for a moment.

"Time for some fun, Danny."


End Chapter One