So hey everyone! I know this has taken me a billion years, and honestly I've had most of this since about a month after I finished the main story. I was keeping it, thinking that maybe I'd remember some of the other stuff I wanted to add and do it, but I have now realized that that is most likely not going to happen and I should just put this up here for you guys.

This consists of two 'deleted scenes' and one semi-outline of my original ending brainstorm. I was going to do more but I couldn't remember the places I was going to add stuff and figured if I waited until I recalled what I was going to originally do this would never go up.

I also hope no one's too disappointed in this, with all the anticipation I've been putting on it. I'm not sure how I feel about some of it, honestly. I have been working on other stories though, so keep an eye out for those.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Before each part there will be a small description of where in the story the scene would fit. Please read and enjoy the Sextras.


This is set in Chapter 9 after Danny and Vlad kissed and Dark came. I faded to black(or ellipsis technically) because the scene just would not write. Well, I finally got it.


"Help me...Dark"

Dark didn't even bother to remove Danny's shirt, just throwing off his boxers before dragging him towards him, tilting his hips up and spreading his legs. Danny lay limp, completely horrified and overcome with everything that was going on, his emotions, his actions, everything that had happened to him up until this point crashing down on him.

He could feel Darks member at his entrance, hard and hot and he realized with a swallow that this was going to be rape. Not like he had already experienced, no, he knew that all the times before this Dark had been almost gentle with him, taking his time to prepare him. Although all those other times he hadn't wanted it, it had been forced, Dark had had the consideration to at least pretend he wasn't forcing himself on him. There was no hint of that this time. The older male seemed to have thrown all that out the window. The only things he could sense were anger, and maybe, strangely, a hint of betrayal.

Wincing as he felt Dark move against him Danny flinched and whimpered when his chin was grabbed, making him look at the older man. Leaning down close to him Dark spoke softly, their lips brushing together with deceptive calm and gentleness.

"So Danny, what do you think? Do you want to touch anyone besides me?"

"No," Danny whispered back and stiffened as Dark began slowly pushing his erection inside. "No!"

Danny screamed when Dark pushed all the way in, tensing and throwing a hand up to grab Darks bicep, squeezing it roughly as he gasped. Danny sobbed as Dark moved, pain and disbelief making it impossible for him to do anything else. He could feel something tear and knew, sickeningly, that there was now blood to help lubricate and ease Darks movements. His eyes pinched closed, not wanting to see, believe, Dark was doing this to him.

"What is it, Danny? Does it hurt? I'm sorry," Dark said, his tone sarcastic, making Danny's eyes snap open to look at him. Dark was smiling, the corners of his mouth quirked up in the semblance of a grin.

"Why are you-you," Danny gasped out around the sobs and screams as the older male pounded into him, "Why are you doing this?"

An angry frown passed across Darks face and he thrust forward extra hard, causing Dannys head to hit the headboard. The teen whimpered and winced, one hand going up to grab the offending object.

"You know why," Dark growled lowly, "You know why, and I know why. Vlad knows why. Clockwork knows why, in all his evasion of answers, all of this is happening." Danny couldn't reply, broken sobs leaving his lips and tears leaking from his eyes. His knuckles were white from gripping the metal and his teeth were clenched.

"N-no! No!" Danny cried, losing most of his ability to articulate as Dark concentrated on drawing out his torture.

Dark shushed him quietly, "It will be all right, Danny. Everything will be okay. We can get through this together."

Danny could feel bile rising at the back of his throat and he swallowed thickly, still choking on sobs. He wished this would just end. He hurt, everything hurt, so bad. More tears prickled in his eyes though they didn't fall as Dark continued to breathe soothing words into his ears like a, a lover who had discovered they were cheated on but wanted to try and work it out regardless.

Taking a deep breath Danny closed his eyes, mental and physical exhaustion weighing down his body. He wasn't sure how long it had been, but he finally felt Darks thrusts becoming slightly erratic before he stilled and Danny could feel a sick warmth rush into him.

He was surprised when a set of lips pressed against his own and his eyes fluttered open weakly as his mouth was ravished. Slowly Dark drew back, sliding out of the teen causing him to whimper and wince. Dark just smirked.

Danny was startled once again when the other man spoke, "I regret to say I must leave you now. I know, I almost wish I didn't have to go either...or actually I don't. I think I'll quite enjoy my little trip to the park," he practically spit that last word. "Regardless, hope to see you soon, and I'm sure he'll just be ecstatic to see you as well." Dark chuckled softly, shaking his head as if he had a private joke before he phased out of the room.

The teen on the bed was so shocked he hadn't even moved as his mind raced to try and figure out the meaning behind what the evil ghost had said. The park? Why would he go to the park? Especially after he had just...

Danny trailed off, thinking more, a frown causing a crease between his eyebrows. 'See you soon. He'll be ecstatic to see me.' Danny thought and his eyes suddenly widened in recognition. "Vlad!"

He immediately tried to jump off the bed but didn't realize his hand still gripped the headboard and ended up just crashing off into his bed side table before his hand released its grip and he landed hard on the floor with a cry of pain.

Suddenly his door flew open and he was too startled to make a sound as he saw Jazz standing shocked in the doorway.


When I first got the idea to end this fic I wrote it all down in a journal entry on LJ. I still have it, and Danny still dies, but it was a little more...I'm not sure. Involved, maybe? Anyway, this is how when I thought of it ending it was written out. It's half story half outline, so for all of you curious about how it would end, sorry it's not exactly a 'fic' but at least now you know.


Clockwork shows back up again, this time to tell Danny his time is running out and he should be prepared. Danny of course freaks out "Prepared for what! What else could go wrong that I would possible need another fucking vague warning for! Just tell me things straight out or don't tell me at all, I don't need your stupid games!"

Clockwork leaves him after a few more words and Vlad shows up. Things go downhill quickly, with maybe a slight peak of hope that is readily CRUSHED by Vlads death and the appearance of Dannys parents. Dan is about to kill them too when Clockwork shows up and tells him it's time.

Dark scowls at being interrupted but turns back to Danny who was immobilized when Vlad was killed and although his sister and friends are all around him Dark just walks straight up to them and picks him up, while Danny doesn't do anything.

He smirks at them and does a sarcastic wave before walking back to Clockwork and they go to his tower.

Danny has passed out by now and he wakes up to find himself in a(nother) unfamiliar room. He nervously looks around and Dark comes in to sit on his bed. Obviously he tries to back away and Dark is just leaning in to kiss him when Clockwork shows up and tells them about the tower.

Danny is of course overwhelmed and freaks/passes out again and Dark and Clockwork have one last conversation that explains more of why this happened.

Cue major time skip.

Sam's little girl is playing with her toys in their driveway when she sees a beat up boy walking by. Immediately she runs inside because her mom told her to be careful of strangers and also because the boy seemed familiar for some reason(pictures she's seen).

Sam is curious so she looks out the window, and It's Danny! She screams, mostly in shock, and runs outside just as he collapses.

Danny wakes up to find all his old friends standing around him and he edges away. Lots of questions and very few answers later he finally states that he managed to kill Dark.

Cue Flashback

Dark and Danny have been having sex as they have been for the last who knows how many years.

When they get done Dark leaves as usual and Danny puts a hand under his pillow. Something had appeared one day that seemed to scramble Darks' devices signals and he was able to sometimes go ghost now, though Dark didn't know about it.

He decided that he had to kill him no matter what. When Dark comes back it seems he had finally decided the same thing. Short scuffle and even though it looks like Dark is going to win, Danny pulls something out of his figurative sleeve and kills him.

Clockwork comes in and sees what happened and says that that was how it was supposed to be and Danny can go back now.

End flashback

Danny bursts into tears and they leave him for some privacy. They come back to see him kill himself, but with more detail.

End story.

Dialogue I had written out:

"Danny, I'm sorry about what happened! Please get a hold of yourself!"

"You have no idea what he did to me! I killed him, I hated him, I...I needed him to die, but still. Still, I- I need him in this disgusting way!" laughs cheerlessly "He made me need him. Crave him. Know something sick? I'm so fucking turned on right now and all I want is him here, hurting me and keeping me all to himself."

"No, I'm sure that's not-"

"Yes! It is! He didn't deserve to live after doing that to me, before doing that to me, and now I don't deserve to live, I'm filthy, you know that? Dirty. Disgusting. Dependent." a pause and the weapon moves causing Sam to suck in a breath.

"Please don't do this Danny. Talk to us, make us understand, just don't...don't."

"Don't kill myself?" laughs "I can't. I won't. I need to be free from him. He's never dead until no one remembers him, and I'll never be able to forget him. I'm sorry."


Already written extra I've had sitting around for awhile. I dunno about the italics, but I guess I'll leave them in just because. It's from the part where Danny mentions in the letter that Dark caught him masturbating and what happened afterward.


Danny couldn't help but feel shocked, horrified when Dark walked in on him. Even if it hadn't been who it was the whole situation would be humiliating for anyone. To think that he had been taken to such a place, a state of mind that he felt that jerking off was the logical thing to do.

Well, if that was the way things were going to play out it only seemed logical that he would sit back and let Dark do whatever he wanted to do with him gladly. After all, it wasn't as if he could say anything. A denial was out of the question, an explanation was laughable. In fact the ability to speak clearly was not in Danny's repertoire at the moment.

All the feelings

Frozen in the doorway for a moment Dark wasn't sure what to think. He was obviously pleased that his little mind game had worked out the way he wanted too. There was something else about it though, perhaps he had thought it would have taken longer. Perhaps he thought it wouldn't happen at all.

Regardless of everything else he was sure he had a perfectly willing, more than willing, teen laying spread in his bed. It was all he could have dreamed for at the moment and he figured he would waste no time taking what was so graciously being offered. There was no need for words really, he had mocked the boy enough with how he had looked and acted toward him and he knew the boy couldn't say anything to him.

Another win in their game

There was no rush, no need to hurry with their goings-on. Dropping clothing article by article as he swaggered over to where the boy was, flushed and panting and hard on their bed. His eyes followed every movement, tracing his body, watching him. The ragged rise and fall of the teens chest, how his fingers twitched from where they lay on his thigh as if in anticipation.

Getting onto the bed, now as naked as the boy before him, Dark straddled him, not quite touching him, wanting to see how far they could take this. He could feel the heat radiating off of Danny, the way his muscles tensed and pulled, wanting to arch up and feel. Crawling up his body he was soon face to face with his captive, leaning down to press his lips forcefully against the younger boys.

Danny made a muffled sound that was recognized as pleasure as he opened his mouth encouraging Dark to hurry up, just do it. Danny knew he had just lost an important battle, an important part of himself and he just wanted this over with. He knew he wanted Dark. He knew he needed Dark. He knew as he felt that wall of resolve crumble that there was no going back.

Pleasant confusion, everything mixing, all so surreal

Being flipped onto his stomach and coaxed onto his hands and knees wasn't a surprise for Danny. Especially at this point, with him soaked with sweat, so ridiculously aroused there was no way Dark would prolong this too much. He knew that this could and would happen again.

Dark leaned over Danny's back, pressing down so while his knees were still up Danny's chest was down on the bed. He was so close, so close and Danny could feel every detail of the older male over him. He whimpered, unable to contain himself when he felt Darks hardness pressing against him.

"I win, Danny," Dark murmured against his ear, practically purring as he licked him and Danny shuddered; not only at the feeling but the words. The first words said in this whole exchange and the words Danny had dreaded to hear.

Danny struggled to keep his eyes open as Dark played him, knowing where to touch, how to touch to get the greatest reaction like a master musician. He still couldn't quite speak, and even if he could he didn't know how to reply to Darks statement. Biting back a gasp as Darks fingers entered him the teen couldn't help but think this was natural.

Never changing, schedules, introspection useless

It sickened him, how he could be used to this. How this was his 'normal'. How when it hadn't happened it had unsettled him and made him want to do something about it. Bring back his routine, his security in how nothing would change. Dark was here. He was here. That was just what they did.

It was only natural that if the one who had started something suddenly and without warning stopped it there would be confusion and worry on the part of the other. It was only natural that when nothing happened to reset the clock that the other would figure they needed to take things into their own hands.

Danny couldn't help but feel he brought this upon himself and that he had to pay the 'consequences' of non-acceptance. Whether those consequences were interpreted as pleasurable, painful or regretful always seemed to evade him though.

Routines and longing for what

"Not...your toy," Danny gasped out as Dark entered him. He heard and felt the other man chuckle.

He suddenly felt Darks fingers in his hair, pulling him back as he was slammed into, his spine bending at an almost unnatural angle. While he had him like that Dark thrust into him a few more times, biting his neck hard enough to leave marks. Danny was barely coherent then, the strange, unnatural, satisfying feeling of stretching fullness and pain wracking his body.

He shivered, twitching as he moaned and gasped unable to contain himself or even give some semblance of self control. He had had no self control earlier when he had been jacking off to Dark so why try to save face now? It was impossible, he knew, and at this moment in time it would just make things worse for him.

"Not my toy," Dark imitated Danny, chuckling again as he let go of the teens hair letting him fall back down to the bed. He leaned over him, grabbing the side of Dannys hips with one hand and using the other to support himself while Danny grasped desperately at the sheets for some sort of support. "Your will is my will, Danny. I can see that, I can feel that. I can see how it must be for you, how it is for you, my precious, precious puppet."

Dannys head was reeling, unable to really understand what Dark was saying, only that the older man thought he had complete control over him. While though in some ways that was right, an irrevocable truth, in others he still had no idea. There was nothing to say still and even if he had been able to come up with a coherent response he knew he wouldn't have said it.

So much conflict, so much unknown

So many times. This had happened so many times. So pleasurable, so painful, so humiliating. Their bodies sliding together, slick with sweat and saliva and other fluids. Gasping, panting, moans unable to differentiate between what it all meant. If it was today, if today was the day that he was set free Danny knew he wouldn't take it.

He couldn't take it.

Dark didn't even have to touch him. Danny was coming, unconsciously sobbing out Darks name, a name, a description, a statement, his mantra. He would have collapsed down onto the sticky sheets if not for Darks hand on his hips, holding him up to thrust into. It didn't last long, it rarely lasted too much longer.

Before he could get his bearings again Danny tensed, feeling Dark suddenly stop and let out a moan so low as to be a growl before there was a sudden wetness and warmth and they both were able to collapse.

Again. Again. Forever.

Danny always thought Dark had an amazing recovery time. While the teen would be laying on the bed still trying to calm his heart and breath Dark would be up, dressed and out of the room before Danny could realize.

This time Dark didn't leave though. When Danny had managed to roll himself over onto his side he saw that Dark had moved next to him, propping himself onto the pillows to lean down and look at him.

Not knowing what to do Danny just stared up at him, unnerved when he received a small, oh so small smug smile. Shaken a little bit Danny gave him one last glance and turned over again so he wasn't facing the madman.

It was over for now. Danny could feel a small headache begin to grow around his temples though he wasn't sure what it was from. Maybe next time he could figure it out. What it all meant. What it was all for. Why sometimes he looked at him like that.

Letting his eyes drift close, hoping to beat the pain in his head before it flared too fierce Danny thought, 'Next time. I'll know what he time.'

Shattered, broken with no shame, to never...never...