This story takes place early in the series, and I've taken the liberty of adding (at least the idea of) each character having their own bedroom in the tower.

Chapter 1 is the setup. Chapter 2 starts the good stuff.

Also, since the setup is pretty much a formality, I made it amusingly corny.

Chapters 1-3 were originally written in '03 or '04. Chapters 4 & 5 were written Sept. of '10, so you may notice a difference.

I request constructive criticism, and I welcome any suggestion on how you think the existing chapters might be improved.




Barbara Gordon looked up from the computer screen to see Helena and Dinah walk in. "Did you get the diaries and journal put back in time," she asked them.

"Yeah," Helena replied.

"Just barely," Dinah added. "A few seconds more and the crime scene unit would have walked in on us."

"Did you find anything out, yet," asked Helena?

"Are we going to mutate into hairy, slobbering beasts," Dinah asked.

"It's tedious enough keeping my legs and pits shaved," Helena quipped.

"I don't think you'll have to worry too much about that," Barbara offered. "All of the important research notes were ripped out of the journal, and the diaries made only off-handed references to the research, but think I managed to piece together enough information to get a pretty good idea of what Milyka sprayed on us."

"And what was that," Helena asked.

"I believe it was some sort of pheromone or pheromone-based chemical," Barbara answered. "According to the diaries and the profiles, Milyka's father, Dr. Richard Cox, started out working for the same company as Dr. Pamela Isley, a.k.a. Poison Ivy."

"Who's that," Helena asked.

"She was a little before your time. Isley was researching and experimenting with plants when, as is often the case with scientists turned super villain, something went horribly wrong. Basically, she became immune to all forms of toxins, and she used plants and their more malevolent attributes as weapons.

"Anyway, before she went bad, Dr. Cox had a bit of a crush on her but was too afraid to approach her. They both worked in the same facility but in different labs. She was in plant research, he was in animal research, and he had more than once overheard her expressing her aversion to animals.

"Her change into Poison Ivy put him off her, and some years later, he went to Russia to work with one Dr. Katarina Puskovich. They were both specializing in pheromone research and making some amazing discoveries, and they decided that it would benefit them both more to work together. Things were progressing professionally until they each began to develop ulterior motives."

"Let me guess," Helena cut in. "They stole each other's research and they ended up killing each other."

"No, actually-"

"They both got into a fight at the lab," Dinah interrupted, "something went horribly wrong, and they both turned into super villains?"

Barbara and Helena both looked at the eager young blonde for a moment. Dinah felt suddenly felt slightly embarrassed.

Barbara continued. "No, actually they ended up getting happily married."

"What," Helena said, confused.

"Richard began to fall in love with Katarina, who did not seem to reciprocate, so he began using a pheromone formula on her. She was intending to try to use her own formula on him to convince him to help her defect. By the time they were done with their plans, he had successfully secreted her out of Russia and to the Gotham City Hall where they were married, thereby officiating her legal citizenship.

"That's so romantic... kind of," Dinah said.

"Yeah, in a perverse sort of way," Helena added.

"They continued their research and eventually gave birth to their first and only child- a daughter we all know so well as Milyka Cox," Barbara concluded.

"So, what, Milyka's a meta-human with special pheromone powers," Helena asked.

"Actually," replied Barbara, "she's a normal human who just followed in her parents' footsteps, moved to New Gotham, made incredible advancements in pheromone research, and used that knowledge to become a not-quite-so-super villain.

"That's a bit of an anti-climax," Helena said, disappointed.

"Perhaps, but that didn't make her any less dangerous. Let's not forget the army of men you fought," Barbara said.

"I won't anytime soon," Helena said, rubbing her shoulder.

"So, you're saying that we were just sprayed with a pheromone," Dinah asked.

"That shouldn't be a problem, right," Helena added.

"Not a long term one, at least," Barbara assured.

"So, we just take showers and get on with our so-called lives," Helena said.

"Not exactly," Barbara spoke slowly.

"What's that supposed to mean," Helena asked.

"Based on your description of the liquid, according to what was left in Milyka's journal, and the results of my tests, the pheromone is not simply on the skin like perfume. The pheromone actually works like a virus. It's absorbed through the skin, into the bloodstream.

"The virus is designed to remain active for only a limited amount of time, but for the time that it is at work, it causes its host to produce the super-pheromone instead of the host's normal pheromones. The journal also suggests that this was a slightly more advanced solution, but it says nothing to indicate exactly what the advancement might be."

"So, what does this mean? When I go to the club tonight, I shouldn't get too close to any guy," Helena asked.

"What it means is that none of us are going anywhere. At least not until morning," Barbara said.

"No way." Helena turned and started towards the door. "I haven't had any down time in a week. I need some non-ass-kicking fun, or I'm gonna go insane."

Barbara shouted to stop her. "If you go within ten feet of any male, he's going to be all over you." Helena stopped, none too pleased at the sudden thought of droves of men pawing all over her. "You'll have to literally beat them off with a stick. And that's just the known effects. Add to it all that the virus was designed based on Milyka's specific biology. I can't be sure what degree of difference that will make in our personal reactions. We might all react the same, or we might each react differently."

Helena turned walked back towards them. "So, we're all stuck here for the night. That's just great."

Dinah looked at Helena and smiled. "It won't be so bad. It'll be like a slumber party." Helena rolled her eyes and walked to the other side of Barbara. Dinah's smile dropped and she added, quietly, "I never got to have any slumber parties."

"So, exactly what time in the morning are we talking about, here," Helena asked, perturbed.

"Actually, the normal course of the virus is about twenty-four hours."

"But it's almost dark, now. You're not making any sense," Helena said.

Barbara was silent and apprehensive as she looked from Helena to Dinah and back again. "There seems to be an interesting attribute of the virus." She was silent for a few more seconds. "According to what I read in the journal, it seems that we might be able to shorten the active length of the virus."

"So. Let's do it. What do we need? More blood for an antidote?" Helena extended her arm and pushed up her coat sleeve. "Take it."

"No. It's not like that."

"What is it like, then?" Helena grew increasingly upset.

"I'm not sure exactly how it works, yet -I'll need to do more tests- but Milyka's notes suggest that the virus can be eliminated more quickly with..."

"With what," Helena asked.

Barbara held her breath, and then finally said it. "Orgasms."

Helena raised her eyebrows and Dinah gasped and said, weakly, "What?"

"What," Helena echoed more strongly. Barbara only made a face. "Are you kidding," Helena asked. Barbara shook her head. Helena turned and stomped across the room, stood behind the sofa, crossed her arms and stared at the translucent colored glass of the clock tower's windows.

Dinah, still stunned, looked down at Barbara and said timidly, "I can't have sex yet." She paused. "I'm a virgin," she said, thinking Helena would not hear her. "I'm not ready."

Helena turned and spoke. "She didn't say you had to have sex, just an orgasm.

Dinah took a few seconds to understand what she meant, and then looked back at Barbara. With her voice unchanged, she said, "I've never done that either."

"Why am I not that surprised," Helena said as he walked back towards them. Dinah frowned a little at the comment. Helena continued to speak. "So, basically, it's masturbate here, tonight, or stay cooped up here until tomorrow night. Either way, I'm still stuck here with you two."

"I can't miss school tomorrow. I have three tests," Dinah said, still a little shocked.

"Look," Barbara said, rolling her chair away from her desk and turning, slowly rolling away from the two ladies. "We all have places we need to be tomorrow morning," she turned and looked at them, "so why don't we just each go to our separate rooms and... deal with it?"

She started rolling towards her bedroom and added, "We're all in the same boat, so let's just... deal with it." She passed by them. "We can be mature about this. She rolled into her room without looking back and muttered, "We can deal with this," before shutting the door.