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Chapter 1

"Why am I even here? I'm a weatherman, not a—Good afternoon, Amity Park! This is Lance Thunder bringing you live to what looks like a ghostly tug-a-war with our own town hero, Danny Phantom, as both the rope and opposition. Is there anything you'd like to say, Mr. Phantom?"

"Dude, you seriously need to quit your job," Danny Phantom muttered into the mike that was thrust into his face, wishing death on it for interrupting his concentration.

The scene playing out was…very interesting, if nothing else. Danny Phantom, protector of Amity Park, enemy of ghosts, and savior of tree climbing kittens, was hugging a tree as if his afterlife depended on it. His face was set in a mixture of determination, fear, and a large quantity of defiance. But, even Amity's greatest hero hugging a tree wasn't as startling as the full picture.

"I know! I—"

"Stay on topic, Lance!" a female's voice warned from his earpiece.

"Uh." He coughed. "Well, yes. Do you mind explaining why these ghosts are…trying to pull you away from a tree?"

Danny looked over his shoulder, scowling. Fifteen or so ghosts were behind him, currently taking a break as they tried to come up with ideas on how to capture the halfa, still holding onto Danny to ensure he wouldn't escape. A little while ago, they had been pulling Danny for all they were worth, not really making Danny release his grip, but the tree looked like it wasn't too happy with the treatment. Its trunk was bending and it looked like its roots were starting to rise out of the ground. It was a bad day to be a certain oak tree.

Three ghosts—Ember, Youngblood, and Skulker—had a strong grip on his ghost tail—going with legs was a bad idea, since these were his enemies and they found the thought of him unwillingly doing the splits hilarious. They and their fellow ghosts created a long ghost body pyramid. All in all, it did indeed look like a tug-a-war; one Danny was determined not to lose easily.

"Because they can't take no for an answer," he answered the weatherman through clenched teeth.

"Just give it up, Whelp," Skulker growled, once again trying to yank Danny away from the tree. "You're going even if I have to sedate you!"

"Ha!" Danny shouted back at him. "Yeah right. You need me awake for the next few hours, Skulker!"

"Urgh! Just paralyze him already, you metal head," Kitty hissed impatiently from her place behind Ember.

"I…can't…" Skulker reluctantly told them.

"What was that?" Ember asked, her eyes narrowing on her boyfriend.

"He…uh, he built up a tolerance against them…"

"WHAT?" all the ghosts hollered. Skulker winced.

Danny threw him a triumphant smirk. In response, Skulker gave his tail a strong pull, putting his whole body into it. Danny let out a surprised yelp and almost lost his grip before regaining it.

"You idiot!" Ember yelled, giving her boyfriend a death glare and removing one arm from Danny to whack Skulker on the helmet. "How could you have paralyzed him so many times that he became immune and yet still be unable capture him?"

The metal suit seemed to pout a little before glaring and growling, "He keeps getting help from his meddlesome allies."

"Oh, and you can't take on a couple of human children, O' Great Hunter?" she mocked.

Skulker was about to retort—bad choice—but Danny spoke up before he could. "I seem to recall you losing to just one of them before, Ember."

She glared at him. "She had help."

Danny rolled his eyes. "Uh-huh…"

"Enough bickering!" Johnny yelled from the back. "On the count of three we all pull. One, two, three, PULL!"

"Gah!" Danny yelped, hugging the tree with all his might and cracking the bark more. The tree seemed to sway back a little from the pressure, but didn't uproot. The ghosts stopped pulling as a unit for a moment to regain their strength. "I'm not going!" Danny yelled. "Give up!"

"Oh yes you are going, dipstick," Ember said menacingly. "We did not spend two hours trying to capture your butt just so you could slip through our fingers."

"Gee, Ember. Two whole hours and all you've managed to do is corner me against a tree," Danny said in mock pity. "And it takes me what? One hour to capture you all in the Fenton Thermos? That's bad. That's really bad."

"PULL!" she shouted.

Danny squeaked and dug what little bit of nails he had left into the tree's remaining bark. Sam's going to kill me for this, he thought, looking at the torn bark anxiously.

"Are you getting all this?" Lance whispered to Controls, holding his earpiece closer to his ear.

The woman on the other end cackled. "Loud and clear, Lance. The audience is loving it."

"When did he get to be so strong?" Johnny demanded, exasperated. "Wasn't he, like, a geek before?"

"It was kind of inevitable, Johnny," Danny replied, rolling his eyes as he caught his breath. "You brought it on yourselves, too."

"Just let go of the stupid tree, twerp," he growled.

"No. Never."

"Please let go of the tree, Sir Phantom," Princess Dora called somewhere at the base of the pyramid. "Even Sir Plasmius has agreed to go."

"He's going? That's more reason not to go!"

There was a collective groan from the assembled ghosts.

"Come on, Kid!" Johnny complained. "Just give up!"

"I'm not going anywhere that crazed-up frootloop is," Danny growled, his eyes flashing.

"You practically share the same territory with him, ghost child," Skulker reminded.

"Yeah, but not willingly!"

"You're being even brattier than me, Phantom," Youngblood commented.

Danny stuck out his tongue at him. "Like I care. I'm not going."

"Fine," Ember said. "If he wants to act like a child, we'll treat him like one. Somebody! Tickle him!" Danny's eyes widened.

"Are they seriously…?" the TV woman asked, suppressed mirth in her voice.

Four ghosts flew over and immediately made the hero start cracking up.

"I can't believe he's ticklish," Lance muttered, his eyebrows raised.

After about a minute had passed, the ghosts stopped. "It's no good, Ember," Poindexter told the singer. "He won't relinquish his hold."

Danny, gasping for air, managed to say, "Of course it didn't work. I have an older sister, remember?"

"He does?" Lance and the voice asked—along with all of Amity.

"This is getting tiresome!" Technus shouted, levitating above all the ghosts. "I, Technus, Master of all technology, shall shock him until he is paralyzed and crispy!" He somehow got some wires to appear out of the ground next to Danny. Said boy went cross-eyed as they came closer.

"You idiot!" nearly all the ghosts shouted, some of them even throwing ecto-blasts at Technus. "We want him paralyzed, not barbequed!"

"Yes, and we need him to look his best," Kitty said, looking critically at Danny. "He won't be with his hair standing every which way."

Danny huffed, blowing his hair out of his eyes. He started to rub his head against the bark of the tree, effectively messing his hair up and covering it in fractured bark.

"Stop that!" many female voices cried. They pulled on his tail again and forced him to stop.

He laughed until they gave him another tug. "I'm not going, so what's it matter?" he asked.

"You are going!" the ghosts yelled, pulling as a unit again.

"Gah! Lemme go already!" he cried, squirming against their hold.

"No! You let go!" they shouted back.





"NO! I am staying right here!" he shouted.

There was grumbling from the ghosts as they allowed themselves some rest time.

"What is so bad about going anyway?" Dora asked. "There will be dancing," she added dreamily.

"One, Plasmius is going. Two, I don't even like them…well, at least not him, anyway. She's okay… somewhat. Three, Plasmius will be there. Four, I have other things to do."

"Oh yeah?" Johnny asked. "Like what? You don't have a girlfriend, your friends are out of town, and we're not going to be here to fight against. What could there possibly be for you to do?

Danny flashed him a wide smile. "That's exactly it, Johnny. I get the whole day to myself. That hasn't happened since…well, since the day after Pariah invaded. No wait…yeah. That's about it."

"We haven't attacked you for two years straight," Ember disagreed, rolling her eyes in disbelief.

"Oh year? My friend kept a schedule of it…don't know why…but he did. If you want proof, just go ask him."

"Alright everyone!" Youngblood yelled. "Ready? Heave!" The ghosts pulled back. "Hoe!" The ghosts took a break. "Heave!"

"Hey! I'm not a ship, Young-Butt!" Danny cried, squirming again.

"Heave! Hoe! Heave! Hoe!"

"Stop it!"

"Urgh! This isn't getting us anywhere," Ember proclaimed, letting go of Danny's tail and crossing her arms.

Danny started struggling with renewed vigor.

"EMBER!" the ghosts cried. She sighed and latched onto his tail again. Danny groaned and hit his head against the tree.

"Where are ghost hunters when you need them?" Danny grumbled.

"Well, the adults are at a convention and the girl is on vaca—" Youngblood started.

"I know that," Danny interrupted. "It was a rhetorical question."


"Look guys," Danny said, looking over his shoulder at the assembled ghosts. "I'm not going to go willingly. This is a test of will and we all know I have more will power than you all." They grumbled a bit, but didn't deny it. "And I refuse to go. Even if you somehow made me to let go of the tree, you still wouldn't be able to get me there on time since I'd struggle the whole way." Most nodded in agreement while others—Skulker—smiled evilly. "So you should all just give up and get going before you're late." The ghosts shifted and looked at each other questioningly. Danny smiled, seeing his plan working. Until…

"Hurry! Ask them where they're going!" the voice in Lance's ear hissed.

"Excuse me, Mr. Phantom," Lance said, bringing the mike back into a wide-eyed Danny's face. "But where do they want you to go?"

Before Danny could answer, Skulker let go of Danny's tail and started 'cracking' his metal knuckles. Danny raised an eyebrow at him, then felt all the other ghosts suddenly let go of him too. He released the tree and traded his legs back, landing softly on the ground. If this had happened a few seconds earlier, Danny would have been out of there before they could say "whelp," but now they had…evil looks on their faces.

So Danny stayed.

"We've tried doing things nicely, Ghost Child, going against our nature," Skulker said slowly, messing a little with his wrist. "But I see that's not going to work." He glanced at Danny out of the corner of his eye and smiled wickedly. "We're ghosts. We should act like the no-good spirits we are." His glowing green blade shot out of his wrist. Danny instinctively got into a fighting stance. "You're a hero. Act like it."

He heard a yelp from his right and whipped around to see Lance held at dagger point by one of Youngblood's henchman. Danny sighed and slumped in defeat.

"We shoulda thought of this much sooner!" Youngblood said, grinning triumphantly.

Danny shook his head, glaring at them. "That's low. You cheated."

"Oh, please," Ember said, rolling her eyes. "You're just being a sore loser."

"Now, hold out your wrist," Skulker ordered, bringing out glowing green cuffs.

Danny's eyes narrowed, and he crossed his arms. "I am not being cuffed to you, Skulker. I may be clueless at times, but I'm not stupid."

"Very well then." Skulker made a hand motion at Youngblood. The kid ghost pushed Lance into Skulker's arms. Skulker clamped one end of the cuffs to his wrist and motioned for Danny to hold out his. Danny glanced at Lance. "You better take these cuffs off when this is over," he warned Skulker.

Skulker waved his hand nonchalantly. "Of course, of course."

Danny bit his lip and sighed. He held out his wrist. Skulker snapped the cuff on, the sound a resounding click like a death toll. The gathered ghost let out a loud whoop and started cheering and shouting. "FINALLY!"

Danny just rolled his eyes, rubbing around the cuff.

"Lance? Lance? What's happening?" the voice in his ear called.

"Can't you see?" Lance squeaked.

"No. Our cameraman dropped the camera and ran off. It's only capturing your guys' feet."

"Oh. Well, I'm about to get dragged to wherever these ghosts are going," he informed her miserably as he stared at the cheering ghosts in apprehension.

"What? Really? That's great!"

Lance chocked. "Excuse me?"

"Pick up the camera quick before they fly you away!"


"I'll give you a raise. A big one."

Lance snatched the camera off the ground and pointed it two inches from Danny's face. Danny squeaked and pushed it away a bit. "So where are we going, Mr. Phantom?" Lance asked with false cheer.

"You're not seriously agreeing to this, are you? And it's Danny."

"It's my job, Mr. Phantom," Lance replied, still falsely cheerful.

Danny blinked. "Right…"

"So where are we going?"

Danny sighed. "We're going to a wedding, Mr. Thunder. The Box Ghost and Lunch Lady are about to be bound in holy matrimony…or as close to holy as ghosts get. Specifically? We're going into the Ghost Zone." He cocked his head to the side. "Most likely somewhere near Pariah Dark's castle."

"Oh! This is great!" the annoying voice crowed in Lance's ear. "I'm switching this over to another station so we can continue broadcasting!"

Lance stared at the ghost teen who was rubbing his neck and smiling apologetically.

I need a new job, he thought despairingly.

Yup. And it's only going to get worse )

So how was that? I guess I have a warped sense of humor, but I found it funny.

Summary: Take a weather reporter, a boy with too many secrets, a couple hundred hostile ghosts forced to play nice, and toss them all into the same room during a wedding. If Danny survives the day with all his secrets intact…there is always tomorrow.

I just thought it would be fun to see how Amity reacts to the ghosts, and for them to see how the ghosts and Danny Phantom interact. And yes, that means we're going to be seeing it through their eyes too, which means Paulina, Dash, Sam, Fentons - out in the ghost convention thing -Valerie, Lancer, Jazz, ect.
This isn't a Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom revealing story, not technically. It's all about the ghosts. Sorry. I may change my mind, but I like it the way it is; uncomplicated. There's enough of those stories, anyway.

Sorry for the oocness. Hope you'll enjoy the story! Review if you can! Thanks for reading!

P.s. The ghosts didn't turn the tree intangible because they didn't think about it. Their nerves and such were up, and they weren't thinking straight. Besides, it wouldn't be as interesting :P