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Chapter 7
Dressing up


Dani—or Danielle—spun around, her silky dress flowing outwards to twist around her legs as she turned. She scanned the room, trying to find who shouted her name. Movement from the doorway caught her eye and she quickly looked in that direction. For a moment, her green eyes connected with identical eyes filled with horror and rising protectiveness. One clear thought ran through Dani's mind at that moment; Danny does not look pleased…

Then someone ran into Danny's back and their eye contact was broken as he and a group of ghosts fell to the floor in a heap. A human—someone Dani vaguely recognized as the underpaid weatherman from Amity Park—stood over them with a camera, looking guilty and more than a little fearful. The ghosts struggled to untangle themselves, yelling at each other to get off.

Walker shouted something about imprisonment for assaulting an officer. Ember yelled at Skulker to watch where he put his hands. Her boyfriend yelled back he wasn't even near her. Youngblood continued screaming about a plank. Princess Dora lost her visage of a proper lady by yelling out curse words even Dani never heard before. Wulf wasn't too bothered, but didn't look pleased about being in such close proximity to his jailer. Cujo ran free around the pile, barking excitedly and adding to the overall confusion. Danny growled, a green glow steadily enveloping his body. The weatherman trembled, too scared to help but worried they would be angry with him if he didn't.

Some of the toughest ghosts in the Ghost Zone were reduced to nothing more than a squirming pile of insults and violated space issues. Dani couldn't help giggling at the sight, especially when her 'cousin' got his face shoved into the floor. I wish I had a camera...Her eyes landed on the crazy weatherman with a camera and giggled again.

Back at the ghost pile, Danny growled in annoyance when an elbow jammed him in the ribs again. He tried to hit the offending specter back, but a hand suddenly pushed down on his head and introduced his face to the floor. He closed his eyes, trying to reign in his aggravation so he wouldn't do something he might regret later. But an image of Dani in a way too revealing dress flashed through his mind and all thoughts of restraint left the castle.

Another growl ripped its way out Danny's throat and the half ghost's eyes snapped open, this time glowing brighter. Shrieks of surprise came from above him, but Danny ignored them. He got to his feet with very little resistance and marched his way into the room, intent on giving his grinning 'cousin' a piece of his mind.

Lance gaped up at the floating ghosts. They were thrashing in midair, trying to get back down, their faces scrunched up in shock. He guessed they weren't the ones doing the levitating. He brought the camera back down; capturing Danny's straightened back while the ghost hero walked further into the room with a purposeful, determined stride. He had a green aura around him, much like the ghosts unwillingly being suspended in air.

"Wow," the boss woman said in awe.

Lance nodded wordlessly, still staring wide-eyed at the focused ghost teen.

The glow disappeared and the specters dropped to the floor. They whined out in protest, but Danny ignored them. Lance took a step back, worried they would blame him for their tumble before. The ghosts picked themselves up, mumbling unhappily, but seeming to forget his presence altogether.

"Darn punk," Walker groused. "I'll add another thousand years to his imprisonment. No one levitates me without my consent!"

"I'm sure he has a perfectly reasonable explanation," Dora said softly.

"What?" Ember demanded. "He didn't like us touching him?"

Dora shook her head. "He seems concerned about Danielle," she pointed out.

"Danielle?" Ember questioned. Her face lit up in understanding, a smirk coming to her blue lips. "Oh yeah. Heh, I guess the rumors about the dipstick are true."

Lance perked up, leaning forward eagerly. Rumors in the media business world were like verbal gold (lol, I like the verbal part.). He didn't want to draw attention to himself—especially with Danny so far away—but he knew his boss would be on him if he didn't get every last piece of information he could. "E-excuse me," he began slowly, "but what rumors?"

Ember looked at him in surprise. "You mean you humans don't know?"

Lance frowned. "Um..."

"Of course not," Desiree cut in. "Phantom tends to keep secrets from his chosen species."

Lance pursed his lips. He was aware that Amity's ghostly hero was secretive, but it seemed Danny didn't keep such secrets from the ghosts. He wondered why it was all right for his enemies to know, but not humans—the beings he chose to protect.

Dora looked at him thoughtfully, making him a little uneasy. But then, as if she could read his mind—which was possible when dealing with ghosts—the medieval princess said softly, "Human ghost hunters are dangerous too. Especially to Sir Phantom."

"What do you mean?"

Dora shook her head, unwilling to explain further.

"The whelp is one of a kind," Skulker said, smiling evilly.

"Until recently, that is," Ember added, "if the rumors are true, anyway."

"What rumors?" Lance demanded, impatience overcoming his fear temporarily.

Skulker smirked, amused. "Oh, just a rumor floating around about the Ghost Child being 'related' to another ghost child who happens to share his unique condition."

Lance blinked. "What?"

"They say they're cousins," Ember whispered, as if it was confidential, "but we have our suspicions."

"What kind of suspicions?" Lance whispered back, caught up in the mood.

"That the dipstick was—"

"Don't you have anything better to do than gossip?" Dora interrupted coolly.

Ember's eyes widened a fraction before they narrowed on the princess. "No, actually, I don't. If it means causing trouble for the dipstick, you better believe I'll rock the boat."

Dora turned to Lance, apparently disinterested in what Ember had to say. "If you want to know who Danielle is, you should ask Sir Phantom himself. She is, after all, very important to him."

Lance hesitated. While the viewers would like to know who Danielle was, they also liked juicy gossip—whether it was true or not. Lance weighed the pros and cons for a moment before he remembered these ghosts regularly attacked Amity Park…and his protection from them wasn't there.

He nodded his thanks to the kind princess then rushed after his town's hero.

'Ghosts believe Dani and Phantom are lying about being cousins,' Valerie scribbled messily in her notebook. 'Dani and Phantom share a unique condition…If they aren't cousins, what could they be? And if they share a unique condition, what is it?'

"Is that necessary, Valerie?"

Valerie smiled at her father, her eyes sparkling. "Of course, Daddy! This is gold!"

Damien crossed his arms and gave his daughter a stern look. "You're on vacation, Valerie," he reminded.

More like grounded, Valerie thought grouchily while pouting at her father.

After a ghost fight landed her in the hospital a week ago, Damien put his foot down and 'suggested' she take a vacation. She couldn't hunt ghosts, she couldn't leave the house after eight, she couldn't discuss ghosts, and worst, she couldn't watch ghost shows to get further insight on her enemies. This suggestion of a 'vacation' was backed up by a threat to tell the Fentons about Valerie's awesome ghost hunting skills if she didn't take it. It was a scary thought because they might try to make her their apprentice. Not only did she prefer working alone, an apprenticeship would mean getting close to Danny again.

Valerie had agreed after some haggling, but was beginning to wish she hadn't. The so-called vacation was torture. Not only was she unable to hunt ghosts when they were harming the town, they also knew. They bloody knew. Just yesterday, Phantom had the audacity to smirk at her when he saved her from a ghost. Oh, how she wanted to shoot the smug look off the ghost's face…

The disguised torture had been going well until Damien turned the news on. To Damien's chagrined surprise and Valerie's wicked amusement, the picture that came up was Danny Phantom, greatest known ghost, and Valerie's personal arch enemy hugging a tree for his dear afterlife.

The following hour was spent with father and daughter arguing, making deals, and haggling. The end deal was Valerie could watch the show, but she would have to tack on another two days of 'vacation'.

I finally get to focus on what the ghosts are saying, Valerie grumbled inside her head, and Daddy bans note taking. Where is the justice here?

"But I have to write it all down, Daddy," Valerie pleaded. "If I don't, I might forget it."

Damien shook his head and leaned against their rickety couch. "You have a good memory, Val. You can remember."

"But, Daddie—"

"No, Valerie!" Damien cut off. "You're lucky I'm letting you watch this at all. Now put that notebook away and just. Watch. That was the deal."

Valerie sighed in defeat and set her notebook on the coffee table. "Yes, Dad." She looked back at the television, determined to remember everything.

Lance Thunder had reached Danielle and Phantom by this time. The two continued to glare stubbornly at each other, but for what, Valerie didn't know. Dani and Phantom seemed close the last time she saw them.

They must have gotten into an argument, she thought.

"Who…" Lance panted, "Who is…"

Phantom sighed, closing his eyes tiredly. He waved a hand at Dani and said, "Mr. Thunder, Amity Park. Meet my cousin, Danielle Phantom. Or Dani."

"With an 'I'," Dani added quickly. She smiled at the camera. "Hello."

"What a polite child," Damien remarked. He studied the little ghost's green eyes and long white hair curiously. "They do look remarkably similar."

Valerie pursed her lips together and nodded. The thought of the sweet little girl being related to Phantom still gave her a bad taste in her mouth.

"Ah," Lance mumbled intelligently. "Well, uh, I think I speak for all of Amity Park when I say it's nice to meet you, Danielle."

Dani grinned and nodded back to him.

"Oh sure," Phantom grumbled. "You use her first name."

Dani put her hands on her hips and glared at her cousin. "And what's your problem, Mr. Grumpy attitude? You've only been here for like, five minutes, and already you're sucking all the fun out of the party."

"Me?" Phantom asked indignantly. "What's my problem? My problem is you!"


"Yes! Just what the hell are you wearing, Danielle?"

Dani looked down at herself then raised an eyebrow at Phantom. "A dress…"

Phantom growled and ran agitated hands through his hair. "Yeah, I noticed, but why are you showing so much?"

Valerie frowned and gave Dani's dress an appraising look. The dress was made of green silk that matched Dani's eyes perfectly, even going so far as to shine when the lights hit it just like when the ghost girl's eyes lit up. It reached past Dani's knees, but was slit on both sides to mid thigh. It hugged her hips and chest, showing off her developing curves. However, the most objectionable part for Phantom was probably the absence of sleeves of any kind.

Valerie had to admit, it was a very grown up dress, and felt herself become mildly protective of Dani as well. After all, the girl was half human and currently surrounded by ghosts.

"What's wrong with it?" Dani demanded, narrowing her eyes.

"Wha—don't—urgh—Everything!" Phantom shouted. He waved his arms around in the air comically and Valerie clamped a hand over her mouth to keep from snickering. "Where are the sleeves? What's with the slits? And it's too tight on you! We need to get you a new dress!" He reached for Dani's hand, but she pulled away quickly.

"What?" Dani cried. She wrapped her arms around herself and glared fire at Phantom. "No! I like it!"

"You're only twelve!" Phantom argued. "You can't wear that!" He pointed accusingly at the dress.

"Why not?" Dani demanded. "Auntie said I looked great and I've gotten a lot of compliments from the other ghosts!"

"So guys older than me hitting on you isn't a problem at all?" Phantom crossed his arms over his own chest and glared at the ghosts watching them. "We're getting you a new dress."

Dani huffed and shook her head. "You're not my dad, you can't make me." Phantom opened his mouth to shout something, closed it, and raised an eyebrow at her. She scowled. "And don't start that!"

"Father or not, you can't wear that."

"Yes I can."

"No, you can't."

"Can too!"








"WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE!" an accented voice screamed over Dani's and Phantom's shouting match.

Both Phantoms turned around quickly and the camera followed their gaze. A large woman ghost stood in the doorway of another room. She had scissors inserted in her white hair, which was stylized in a bun atop her head. Smaller ghosts peeked around her to stare curiously out into the room.

"Just a family reunion between ghost children, Lady Hairdresser," a voice off-screen answered. It sounded like Skulker.

"Auntie!" Dani called, flying over to the large ghost. "Auntie, Danny doesn't like the dress you made for me! He said it's all wrong!"

"If they're cousins," Damien said thoughtfully, "and Danielle calls that woman 'auntie', does that mean she's Danny Phantom's mother?"

Valerie gaped at her father and then the television. The woman had white hair and green eyes like the two Phantoms, but she had a Russian accent, too. Could Phantom be of mixed orientation? I'll have to keep my eyes on the two, Valerie decided.

"He did, eh?" the woman asked dangerously, giving Phantom a nasty look. "And what is wrong with it?"

"She's twelve!" Phantom shouted, throwing his hands into the air. "Am I the only one who sees the problem here? There's cleavage, and, and, just no! She can get another dress!"

"I am afraid she cannot," the woman replied, not sounding apologetic. "You see, I tailored that dress and I would have to make a new one if she were to wear a different dress."

"Can't you?" Phantom pleaded desperately. "Make a new one for her, I mean?"

The woman's green face suddenly turned purple. "NO!" she shouted. Valerie and Damien jumped back in shock and Lance nearly dropped the had a voice like a drill sergeant. "Miss Danielle's dress is perfect!"

Phantom took a step back and held up his hands in a placating motion. "Uh, you're right. It's a very nice dress…but maybe you could add sle—"

"NO!" Phantom's hair actually flew back at the shout and he stumbled back a step. "NO SLEEVES!"

"Um…o-okay…" Phantom mumbled, smiling nervously. "You know best…"

The compliment seemed to appease Lady Hairdresser, if only slightly. Her skin returned to its normal color, at least. Dani smirked at her cousin and held up two fingers, victory style. Phantom glared at her and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Wow," Damien said. "That was…interesting."

Valerie shrugged. "Most ghosts are like that when defending or announcing their obsession."

"Phantom's not like that," he observed, his lips twitching when Valerie's self-satisfied look vanished.

"He doesn't have an obsession so he doesn't count!"

Damien cocked his head to the side and stared at the ghost teen on the screen. "But I thought all ghosts had obsessions."

Valerie frowned. She huffed and looked away. "We just don't know his obsession, is all. He's probably obsessed with fighting or those stupid puns of his."

"…are you anyway," Phantom was asking the ghost woman. "Are you related to the Lunch Lady? Because…um, never mind."

"That is my tailor, Sir Phantom," Dora answered off-screen. "We hired her after my brother was removed from power. She's called Lady Hairdresser."

Lance turned the camera to the group of ghosts still standing in the doorway of the waiting room.

"She is also your tailor for tonight, Dipstick," Ember informed smugly. "Won't that be fun?"

Danny groaned, his shoulders slumping. Cujo ran over to him and jumped into his arms, licking his face to try to cheer him up. He laughed and scratched his dog's ears. "Thanks, Cujo."

And he said it wasn't his dog, Valerie thought angrily, glaring at the mutt.

Before the ghost dog could get another licking session in, a green hand grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and yanked him away from Phantom. The ghost teen gasped in surprise and reached out for his puppy, but Lady Hairdresser held Cujo out of his reach.

"No dogs in my workroom," she announced. An assistant rushed to her side just in time to catch the puppy. The tailor glanced over Phantom's appearance and sniffed, turning away. "Come, we have much work to do."

Phantom scowled at her back until a gentle shove from Dora made him follow along behind her. Lance and the other ghosts trailed them, chortling the way only ghosts could. Lance shook, making the image blurry. Phantom smiled over his shoulder at him, and seemed to calm the weatherman down.

Valerie scoffed and rolled her eyes. It was ridiculous how much faith Lance had put into the ghost teen.

"You've got to be kidding me!"Danny shouted.

"I do not kid, boy,"Lady Hairdresser said menacingly, glaring at the stalling hero. "I cannot measure you when you are clothed! Now remove that ridiculous outfit so I may make you a more appropriate one for my fat cousin's wedding!"

"But this suit is skin tight!"Danny continued to protest. He pinched some of his suit and pulled at it away from him. "See?"

"No I don't see. Strip, boy, before I make you!"

Danny's eyes strayed to the camera, pink tinting his cheeks clearly. "But…B-but the other ghosts don't have to see!"

The familiar group of ghosts who had retrieved Danny still needed to get their own clothes changed. They were getting fitted for their own suits now, and stood—fully clothed—a little ways away, watching the show as Lady Hairdresser's assistances measured them. They seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. Ember and Skulker were even openly laughing.

Danny gazed at them enviously.

The tailor's hair suddenly burst into white fire and she got a crazy look in her red eyes as the irises expanded. "STRIP NOW, BOY!"the ghost yelled.

Danny let out a yelp and jumped back. He turned intangible, allowing all but his boxers to fall to the ground. He sulkily crossed his arms over his chest before the camera could get a good look at it, but if his toned stomach was any indication, there was no reason to hide it. However, the Ghost Boy seemed to be the modest type since his face was once again imitating a tomato. He absolutely refused to look in the camera's direction.

"Is this revenge for earlier?"he demanded of the ghost.

Lady Hairdresser calmed down immediately and smiled sweetly at the embarrassed boy. "What makes you think that? You only insulted my pride and joy. It's nothing to get upset about. Now remove your arms from your chest."

It seemed impossible, but even more red flooded into Phantom's face. Some even migrated to his neck. He glared at the tailor ghost. "I don't like you…" he grumbled.

"The feeling's mutual, boy, now get on with it! I have other things to do than coddle a boy's wounded dignity."

Phantom sighed and raised his arms to the side, leaving himself exposed to the cameras.

Lance's boss wolf-whistled through his ear piece. He flinched and rubbed his sore ear.

"Good boy."The tailor took out a measuring tape rope and advanced on Phantom—who seemed fascinated with the cracks littering the wall.

"Nice bod…" the boss said.

He's only sixteen! Lance shouted in his head. Honestly, woman. You're over thirty-five years old!

"Stand up straight, boy!" Lady Hairdresser hollered. She grabbed his shoulders and forced them back. "You slouch as if you're being marched to the gallows!"

Danny grunted in annoyance, but stood up straight. "I am."

"Ha, ha! Good one, boy!" The tailor woman laughed and slapped Danny on his bare back. He flinched.

"The phones are ringing like crazy, Lance!" Boss shouted. "Mind relaying some questions to Phantom from the audience?"

"Actually-" Lance started.

"What am I thinking? Of course you will! That's what I'm paying you for!"

Lance hesitated a moment longer before calling to the ghostly hero.

Danny looked uncertainly in his direction. "Yeah?"

"This is my job," Lance whispered 'secretly' to him, a hand covering a side of his mouth from view of the camera. "I have to do this. It's nothing personal."

Danny sighed. "I don't like the sound of that."

Lance cleared his throat and straightened. "Right, well, would you mind answering some of the viewers' questions?"

"Do I have a choice?"

Lance paused. "Um…"

Danny sighed and rolled his eyes, resigned to his fate. "Go ahead, Mr. Thunder," he said.

Lance hesitated a moment. Danny didn't seem comfortable with the idea of answering questions—especially when he was striped to his boxers in front of live television. He appeared to be very modest about his body, too. The weatherman had to admit the scene was like an interrogation.

All the same, he had a job to do, and Danny had already agreed so…

Lance cleared his throat and pressed his earpiece closer to his ear. The earpiece beeped and a static-y voice asked after a pause, "How long have you been a ghost? Oh, and this is Timmy Grant."

Well, that one's not so bad, Lance thought. "Timmy Grant wants to know how long you've been a ghost."

Danny's face seemed to mirror Lance's thought before he smiled a little wistfully. "Two years."

"Was it hard? Adjusting to being a ghost, I mean."

The hero laughed. "Well, I fell through a lot of things, I'll tell you that."

"I'm Max! What's the best part of being a ghost?"

"Definitely flying. I can fly over a hundred miles per, too."

Lance coughed at the next question, but his lips twitched upward. "Amanda wants to know if your sexy scars are a result of what killed you, or your hero work.

Danny flushed. "Uh, no, I got them all from hero work…"

Skulker laughed viciously. "Half of those are results of the Hunt!" he boasted.

Danny glared at him.

"And your muscles? Are they the result of protecting our town, too, or were you always that handsome?"

Danny blanched and blushed from the roots of his hair to base of his neck. "Um, uh, um…next question?

Ember and Desiree sniggered

Danny's face somehow became redder.

Lance ignored the next question about Danny's muscles and instead relayed, "Max wants to know about Cujo."

The ghost hero seemed to appreciate the change in topic. His blush faded—though a tint of red stubbornly remained—and he smiled fondly. "Well, Cujo was a guard dog working at Axion Labs until they decided guard dogs aren't as reliable and they, uh…yeah. I first met Cujo when he was searching for his squeaky toy. He couldn't remember where it was so I helped him find it and we've been friends ever since…I always wanted a dog, though he isn't quite what I had in mind at the time…"

"Katherine Anderson. What's your obsession?"

Danny shrugged unhelpfully.

"Don't move!" Lady Hairdresser scolded.

"This is Tiffany Snow, Lance. How're you holding up? Oh, why do you protect the city, Mr. Phantom?"

Lance rolled his eyes and asked the question, leaving out the first one.

Danny raised an eyebrow at the name. "Uh, it feels like the right thing to do, most of the time."

"Most of the time? What about the others?"

"The others are when Skulker, Walker, or some other ghost targets me and the city gets caught in the crossfire."

Lance flinched at Tiffany's next question. "So you're a danger to have around?"

Danny frowned and opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the other ghosts.

"Will you chase him out of town if he is?" Youngblood asked excitedly.

"It would make things a lot easier if they did," Desiree remarked, placing a finger on her chin.

"Yeah, a little too easy!" Ember complained. "Where's the fun in total world conquest if we can't rub it in the dipstick's face?"

Danny groaned. "Are you trying to help me?"

"As if, baby pop."

"The hunt would be a lot more successful if his friends weren't there to help him," Skulker mused to himself.

"Hey!" Danny shouted. "No plotting at the wedding!"

"It's not against the rules," Walker pointed out.

"Well it should be…"

"Mathew Lancer. What did you do to earn a thousand years in ghost jail?"

"It is more than a thousand now," Walker said before Danny could respond. He gave the hero a hateful look.

Danny scoffed and rolled his eyes. "A lame reason, really. I apparently brought illegal 'contraband' into the Ghost Zone and was sentenced a thousand years for it."

"Yes," Walker growled, "but afterwards you staged a riot, led a breakout of all convicts, and resisted arrest countless times!"

"And all at the tender age of fourteen…" Danny hummed to himself, looking pleased.

Walker scowled.

"This is Dash Baxter, star quarterback of Casper High. Danny Phantom knows me. What was the Fright Knight incident?"

The other ghosts leaned in, curious about the answer themselves.

Danny's eyes widened and he chuckled weakly. "Um, uh, my friends said I couldn't be scary to save my afterlife, so I went here to get the Soul Shredder…and accidently awoke the Fright Knight when I did."

Ember laughed. "Wow, dipstick. No wonder you're a good ghost. You must fail as a bad one."

"Hey! I won the contest! Or I would have…if we hadn't resealed the Fright Knight…lost the bet, too…"

Lance raised an eyebrow. "Contest? Bet?"

Danny's eyes widened. "T-the contest of with my friends to see which of us was scarier!" he shouted. "The, uh, loser had to do something…uh, distasteful…"

"Which was...?"

Danny looked away, looking a little queasy. "Um, no comment…"

"Must have been something terrible," Skulker whispered gleefully to Ember.

"This is Damien Gray. Is—"

"Daddy, no! I have some questions I need answered!"

"You are on vacation."

Lance frowned and held the earpiece closer to his ear. It seems the caller was having a discussion with his daughter?

"But, Daddy! This is—"

"Is Lady Hairdresser his mother?" Damien shouted.

Lance yelped, jerking his head away instinctively. He rubbed his wounded appendage as he relayed the question.

Danny gaped at him then shouted, "Hell no!"

"I would disown the brat," Lady Hairdresser added with a scowl towards Lance.

"Not before I disowned you!"

Lance sighed. His ear had finally stopped ringing, just in time to pick up the next caller's voice.

"Exactly how many times have you stolen our specter speeder?" a female's voice demanded in a reprimanding town.

Lance's eyes widened. "Uh, Maddie Fenton wants to know how many times you have stolen the specter speeder."

Danny's eyes widened. "Aren't you supposed to be at a ghost hunter's convection thing?"

"Answer the question, Ghost Kid."

"'Steal' is too harsh a word," Danny said evasively, looking at random directions as if he was looking for an escape. "I returned it, so borrowed would be more accurate…"

"How many times have you 'borrowed' it then?"

"Um…" Danny looked thoughtfully up at the ceiling. "I don't know…Technically, my friends did most of the borrowing, and they're humans, so you can't get too mad at—"

"How. Many."

"I only borrowed it twice! Once was an accident and this…well, does this one really count?"

"Don't you dare touch our stuff again, Phantom."

Danny paused a moment before smirking at the camera and saying cheekily, "Yes, mother."

The connection broke with a loud click.

Lance sighed then gave Danny a reproving look. "Are you sure it's alright to antagonize her like that?"

Danny chuckled. "No, but it's hard to resist."

Lance couldn't help smiling a little. He pressed his ear piece again. He frowned curiously and repeated the question. "A caller wishes to remain anonymous and also asks when you planned to tell your friends you'd gotten so built."

Danny, raised an eyebrow, then smirked at the camera again and said, "I was afraid you'd get jealous again."

"As if! Oh, and we heard what you had to say about your girlfrie—Ow!"

"Knock it off, Tucker!"

The connection went dead. Lance frowned and pressed his earpiece closer to his ear. Was that just his friends? They sounded familiar with him. Tucker…

Lady Hairdresser stepped back and put her measuring tape away. "All finished."

Danny sighed in relief and bent down to pull his clothes back on, but the tailor grabbed his arm and pulled him back up. "What?" he whined.

"You are filthy," Lady Hairdresser scolded, pulling a twig out of Danny's hair. "You must take a shower." She began pushing the unwilling hero towards another room. "Your suit will be ready when you are done."

"That fast?" Danny asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

"That fast, now wash!" She shoved him through the door and closed it. She pointed a finger at Lance and shouted, "You!" Lance jumped, backing up a step. "You disturb my workers. Out, out!"

Lance hesitated looking at the door Danny had disappeared through. "But…"


Lance gasped and quickly fled the room. He turned to give one last longing look inside before the doors slammed shut in his face.

"Lance Thunder of Amity Park, I presume?" a smooth voice asked from behind him.

The weatherman spun around, the camera shaking.

A vampire-looking ghost smiled, revealing sharp canine teeth, and held out a blue hand to Lance. "Vlad Plasmius, Danny Phantom's father."

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