Scenario #1

Pen trach, Cristina thinks. That is so bad ass.

She follows the stretcher into the Pit, eyes on the soldier with the bloody pants leg. Doctors close in around the patient.

"What do we have there?"

Cristina turns and speaks to the doctor coming up from behind her. "Middle-aged male with improvised tracheotomy. You should see what this guy did!" Burke nods and goes to the patient.


She finally gets the Army guy - Major Hunt - into an exam room. He obediently drops his pants so she can examine his wound. They discuss how she will treat the wound - he turns out to be a natural teacher. And a little bit crazy - he starts to suture his own wound shut before she can numb him.

As she helps him close his wound, she realizes that he's flirting with her. She flashes back to the argument she had with Burke that morning and grimaces. She stands up, intending on informing Major Hottie on a few things. He's watching her, vivid blue eyes amused.

The door opens. Burke and Callie enter. They have questions about Hunt's suggestion of freezing another patient.


"Cristina, what the hell?" Burke charges into the exam room. Meredith, the Chief, and Major Hunt look up.

They argue about the icicle. She wants them to pull it out, everyone else wants to leave it in. They finally persuade her to wait, convincing her that she's not in any immediate danger.

"Only you could slip and fall in the path of a falling icicle," Burke chuckles. "I knew you'd do anything to get out of supper with my parents tomorrow night." Cristina notes the flash of surprise on Hunt's face as his eyes flicker to the rings on her left hand.

"I didn't do this on purpose!" Cristina protests. "I was planning on making up an emergency appendectomy or something."

Burke turns to Hunt. "Thank you for bringing her in. We're going to be freezing the patient soon, if you'd like to observe."

Owen smiles quietly and nods to Cristina. "Take care now." He leaves the room.