Scenario #3

Major Owen Hunt walks out of Seattle Grace, lost in thought. He rubs his lips and smiles - that was a gamble, kissing that young resident, but what a payoff.

He flags down a taxi, so he can go back to the scene of the accident and deal with his car. He settles into the back seat and loses himself in his thoughts. What a crazy night...

He's shaken out of his thoughts by the blare of a car horn, as the taxi sails through an intersection as a truck slides towards them. Oh shit...


He briefly wakes up in the ER. Dr Webber is leaning over him. "Couldn't stay away from us, could you, Major Hunt?"


He's damn lucky to have survived the crash, but he doesn't feel lucky. He can't keep track of time. His mother is there. People in uniform appear and leave.


Callie checks in on Cristina the next morning.

"Hey you know that Army guy from last night? He got into another accident after he left. Bad luck, huh?"


Cristina visits, as soon as she returns to work. His face lights up when she enters his room, and he doesn't care that she notices.

"How's your side?" Owen asks. "Stitches holding up okay?"

She smiles and gently pats her torso. "I had a very good doctor. How are you?"

"Crappy. I'm dizzy and hopped up on drugs."

There's an uncomfortable silence. They never expected to see other again.

She picks up his chart.

"Don't do that," he says.

She looks at him curiously.

"Don't be a doctor," he smiles. "All of my visitors are doctors and nurses. Except my mother."

She smirks and puts the chart down. She sits down in the chair beside his bed. "So how are you really?"

"Bored, frustrated, hating being stuck in bed." He gestures at his broken legs.

Cristina nods. "I know the feeling. I wasn't supposed to come back until tomorrow but I couldn't wait. Any idea on when you'll be walking again?"

He shrugs. "Not soon enough."

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Come visit me when you can," he grins. "I'm going crazy sitting in here by myself."


Cristina drops by on her breaks, even eating her lunch in his hospital room. She brings him medical journals and tells him about her cases. They laugh and share stories. Childhood adventures, medical school mishaps, broken engagements. They discover they have much in common.


Beth arrives one afternoon, all weepy, after having run into his mother at the bank.

"At least you're safe," she manages, before dissolving into tears again.

Owen sighs. His time in Iraq has changed him in ways that Beth is incapable of comprehending. She speaks wistfully of him going back to the way he was, and it just makes him want to vomit.

Their conversation turns ugly. Beth wants another chance. She swears she can change for him. She swears she can change him back. He tries to make her understand it can't happen. It goes badly.

Their argument is interrupted when Cristina arrives at the end of her shift, with two cups of coffee. She raises an eyebrow at the weepy blonde woman in front of her.

"This is Beth Whitman, my ex-fiancee," he explains. "And this - is Cristina Yang."

Cristina hands him his coffee and then shakes Beth's proffered hand. She sits down in the chair by Owen's bed with a possessive air.

He raises an amused eyebrow at Cristina. They've been strictly platonic while he's been trapped in the hospital bed. But you wouldn't know it from the twinkle in her eyes as she looks at him.

Beth lingers, until it becomes apparent that Cristina is not leaving. She picks up her purple jacket and bids him a sad goodbye.

Owen exhales in relief and looks at Cristina. "Thank you."

She smirks and sips her coffee. "So that was Beth."

"That was Beth."

She looks at him thoughtfully. Then she stands up, closes the blinds and locks the door.

"What are you doing, Dr Yang?" He tries to appear cool but a grin escapes.

"Don't call me that, I'm not your doctor," she says smoothly. She goes to the side of his bed and lowers the rail. Then she leans over, grabs his face, and proceeds to kiss the hell out of him.


Cristina is tipped off by a nurse that Major Hunt has received bad news. She rushes to his room.

He's sitting alone, face carefully closed off. She locks the door and closes the blinds.

"My whole unit," he says. "Ambushed. Gone." He stares at his hands in his lap.

"I'm sorry to hear that." She walks over to his bed, lowers the rail, and climbs onto the bed with him. He reaches out and pulls her closer. She lays her head on his shoulder and waits. Eventually, he starts to shake.


Cristina stands on the tarmac. She watches the plane land. She watches the honor guard from afar, as the flag draped coffins are unloaded. She can't watch any more. She goes inside the terminal.

She sits down and stares at the floor. Eventually, a pair of dusty boots steps into her field of vision. She looks up.

Owen smiles down at her, tanned and tired. She leaps up and he grabs her and lifts her. She wraps her legs around his waist, grabbing at his fatigues, burying her face in his neck. He holds her tight, breathing in the smell of her hair.

"I'm done," he says. "I'm home."