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After Edward is killed by the homunculus Envy, Al attempts to bring his brother back to life. However, instead of going to the Gate like he expected, he and Ed are transported to the Great Hall of Hogwarts, at the end of the Sorting Ceremony.

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Note: I want to remind you that this fanfiction is based off the anime of Fullmetal Alchemist, not the manga. Starts off at the end of episode 51.



The Power of the Stone

"Do you really want to see it?" Envy snarled at the State Alchemist above him.

Ed drew back his fist as he replied, "Show it to me!"

"You asked for it!" A light flashed and Envy's face molded over to a replica of Hohenheim.

Ed's fist shook as he stared down at Envy in shock. "No . . ." he murmured, eyes wide with disbelief. "Father?"

Dante spoke from further away, "Envy is the first homunculus that Hohenheim created. Our child died of mercury poisoning and he tried to resurrect him, but failed."

"He abandoned me," Envy continued. "Do you see why I hate him? I never did like being replaced."

Without warning, Envy transformed back and thrust his arm through Ed's unprotected chest, piercing straight through the alchemist's fragile heart.

Ed stared blankly ahead in shock, choking on his own blood. He spit it out on the ground, turning to look briefly at Alphonse before Envy tossed him to the floor. As the puddle of crimson fluid spilled out across the ground, staining his hair and clothing dark red, the light in his eyes died. Edward Elric was dead.

Rose awoke from her stupor and screamed, "EDWARD!"

Alphonse looked up from where he lay in shock. "Brother? No, you can't die!" he shouted. "It's . . . it's supposed to be me . . ."

Envy stared down at the dead alchemist with a cruel look of satisfaction on his face. "That was too easy," he laughed condescendingly. "Humans are so pathetically weak!"

Wrath glanced up from where he was, whispering, "He's dead . . ."

Envy smirked triumphantly at the other homunculus. "Yes, he's dead. He'll set an example for all humans, until only homunculi are left. Ha-hahaha-haha!" Again he laughed.

"No," Alphonse panicked. "He can't be dead. He wouldn't let that happen! Ed? Ed!"

Dante's cold smile flitted across her face. "See? There is no equivalent exchange. Everything he has done, and got nothing in return. You can give all you want, it will never be enough," she said.

Gluttony ran towards Alphonse, saliva spewing from his mouth. He grabbed hold of Al's armor and began to eat the essence of the Philosopher's Stone. Eventually he stopped and urged Al back on to his feet.

Dante narrowed her eyes at him. "Stupid child," she muttered, handing the baby back to Rose. "Look at the damage you've caused yourself! Sit down before you –"

"SHUT UP!" Alphonse roared. "You can't make me do anything!" He began to walk towards Edward's body.

"And what do you think you're doing?" she hissed.

Alphonse knelt next to Ed's body. "My brother hasn't been dead for long," he said softly, caressing Ed's cool cheek gently. "Look . . . his face still has some color left in it. His soul must still be at the Gate."

"Fool! You realize what will happen to you when you –" Dante began, but Al interrupted her with an outburst of his own.

"I know! So many people died to make this stone, and now it's time I do my job," he said harshly.

Envy leaped at him, screaming wrathfully. Alphonse murmured, "This is for you, Ed. Goodbye, Rose."

His hands glowed bright blue and activated the multiple transmutation circles around the hall. Envy shrieked as the world spun on its heel and everything went black.

Alphonse reached the Gate and saw Ed's transparent soul standing in front of it. Before he could revive Ed and pull the soul back into its proper shell, both of them glowed red and vanished in a burst of light.

"Zeller, Rose!"

A terrified young girl sat on the stool. The hat made its usual small chat and confirmed her as a Hufflepuff.

Dumbledore stood up from his chair at the staff table was about to present his usual "Welcome-back" speech when he was interrupted.

The entire Hall glowed bright luminescent blue as mysterious runes covered the walls and even the bewitched ceiling. The light flared brightly and everyone was forced to shield their eyes. Something strange appeared, that even bewildered Dumbledore to an extent.

A giant suit of armor whose body was covered in glowing red runes appeared, kneeling next to something.

The light died momentarily, allowing everyone to see what the suit of armor was kneeling next to. Some students turned green and attempted to hold down their vomit. Students' stomachs churned uneasily. Some of the newer students screamed in horror while others fainted from shock.

In front of the suit of armor was the body of a boy who had a hole in his chest, his eyes staring up lifelessly, small, leftover drops of blood staining the stone floor.

The suit of armor cried out in anguish, a desperate wail that had some of the teachers cringing from the raw emotion, "Brother! Don't leave me! Please . . . you can't . . ."

He hugged the cold body close to him and activated the runes again.

"Please, Ed. Come back . . ."

It was cold. It was black. And it turned white. He was standing in front of the Gate. Didn't Envy kill him?

"He can't be dead. He wouldn't let that happen! Ed? Ed!"

Oh. Alphonse.

A bright glow. A little flash.

Alphonse. He was here? His little brother appeared briefly before everything went dark again.

It was too cold.

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