Warning: Slash.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Eyeshield 21.

Pairing: Hiruma/Harry

Notes: This is for making my self, unstated goal—to write ten drabbles for this crossover. ^-^

Word Count: 438 (only actual Drabble)


Sipping at his soda distractedly, Harry sighed and circled an answer on his test, bored completely and wondering why he had wanted to go back to muggle school in the first place. And why the hell had it been in Japan, anyway?

Shaking his head, Harry circled another two answers—C and D—and silently thought over how such a small decision had made such a big impact on his life.

Well, one may not call traveling to Japan from England after a war to finish muggle school 'small', but it was much smaller then most things, for Harry at least. Anyway, that wasn't the point: ever since having come over, Harry had gained more things then he wanted. A boyfriend had been one of them.

Hiruma Yoichi being said boyfriend, in fact.

Harry didn't know exactly when it started, but after a while he had noticed the blond stalking him. It hadn't been that bad at first, Harry had been used to worse, so he hadn't done much when Hiruma had started to follow him home. Now, he wished he had listened to the brunette girl that had warned him against the blond who turned out to be the devil himself.

Anyway, the next thing Harry knew he was being tricked into a date. His mind still spun with how fast Hiruma had managed to get him on a date, and then six dates later, get him in bed.

Harry still wasn't sure how that happed, and he still wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Shaking his his head again, Harry restarted on his test just as the door slammed open to reveal said blond from his thoughts.

"Where are you, fucking cute ass?!"

Students immediately started either jumping for the window or under their desks (the teacher following their example) as Hiruma stormed into the room, rifle in one hand, immediately tossing Harry over his shoulder when he spotted his boyfriend for six months.

"Happy fucking anniversary, fucking cute ass," Hiruma smirked at Harry, who by now was used to Hiruma's antics and just sighed.

"Hi-Hiruma-san! Potter-san has a"

The teacher tried, wincing away as Hiruma turned a frightening glare on him.

"Well I'm going to fucking borrow him—and he's going to get a fucking A," Hiruma smirked, his rifle held up a little higher. The teacher nodded, shaking so hard Harry could hear his teeth clanking together from the door.

Rolling his eyes at the blond, Harry hid a smile.

Well, if he had to tell the truth, he didn't mind so much. Hiruma was his favorite stalker, after all.